Politics of Freedom Update - August 10th thru August 16th

August 20th, 2013

It’s getting harder to justify continuing this podcast, seeing as Dr. Paul has both a podcast and a television channel for his supporters. It will be a tough habit to break- as I’ve been continuously updating this site since January of 2010! And truth be told- I enjoy listening to the weekly updates and such. The Ron Paul channel is up and running- and the content is superb! It has received a fair amount of coverage in the media, and many of the people whose shows the Congressman has joined over the years have returned the favor, so Dr. Paul could promote his new endeavor. As always, there's plenty of developments in the areas of civil liberties, government corruption and the national security state! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) It’s Not Right vs. Right, It’s Us vs. Them! WSB Radio’s (Atlanta, GA) Monica Perez talks about the Paul-Christie feud and the neoconservative war against libertarians. (8/4)

(29:15) Rep. Justin Amash surprises Cato University attendees. (7/31)

(35:59) Mike Church: Prepare for the Extermination of the Southern Way of Life! King Dude on the demonization of Jack Hunter. (8/7)

(41:21) Amash speaks about 'Obamacare,' NSA & the open Senate seat with WZZM 13’s (ABC – Grand Rapids, MI) Lee Van Ameyde. (8/8)

(44:31) FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano sounds off on NSA espionage on FBN’s Markets Now. (8/8)

(48:30) Ben Swann talks about truth in media and a little Paulitics on Traces of Reality Radio hosted by Guillermo Jimenez. (8/9)

(1:03:56) Secure e-mail service linked to NSA leaker shuttered – Judge Andrew Napolitano reacts on Fox News’ Happening Now. (8/9)

(1:08:55) Can the NSA Defend Wiretaps? Judge Nap weighs in with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney. (8/9)

(1:13:24) TYT’s Cenk Uygur ~ NSA Twists Words To Fit Agenda, Cites ZERO Terrorists Intercepted. (8/10)

(1:19:38) Lon Snowden & former Ron Paul campaign advisor Bruce Fein on ABC This Week. Video by YouTube User: LeakSourceNews. (8/11)

(1:25:52) Is the Ron Paul Revolution Working? Listen in, as The Freedom Cartel breaks it down. (8/10)

(1:35:45) Ron Paul Channel First Look – Behind the Scenes Free Sneak Peek! (8/11)

(1:41:05) On Russia Today’s The Truthseeker: Did You Know War Propaganda Is BANNED Under International Law? Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (8/11)

(1:52:44) Syria: the Next Militant Haven? JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (8/12)

(2:00:33) Ron Paul: Is the United States is creating more militants than they are killing? Gregg and Daisy Deadhead on the Black Talk Radio Network’s Occupy the Microphone program. (8/12)

(2:04:11) Ron Paul launches his own online TV channel. Jake Tapper reports on CNN’s The Lead. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (8/12)

(2:07:41) Jessie Ventura’s son Takes Rachel Maddow To Task for her domniztion of ‘conspiracy theorists’ on TheLipTV’s Buzzsaw. (8/13)

(2:16:31) Senator Rand Paul picks apart Obamacare and advocates mandatory sentencing reform on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. (8/13)

(2:25:22) A Government of Wolves! John Whitehead talks to Lew Rockwell about the American police state. (8/13)

(2:40:18) The Ron Paul Institute’s Director, Daniel McAdams, Interviewed on Egypt on RT's Prime Interest program. (8/14)

(2:41:50) Ron Paul launches his own online TV channel – Snarky coverage by CW39 NewsFix. (8/13)

(2:43:29) RPI's McAdams on Turning Hard Times Into Good Times radio, With Jay Taylor on VoiceAmerica Radio. (8/13)

(3:28:25) Ron Paul answers viewer’s question about Nullification and Legal Tender – Video archived at The Tenth Amendment Center. (8/13)

(3:31:24) Ron Paul talked about nullification not once, but twice this week! Michael Boldin and Mike Maherey for Tenther Radio. (8/14)

(3:36:10) Rand Paul: Don’t Give F-16’s to Egypt - WSJ’s Simon Constable hosts The Big Interview. (8/15)

(3:52:55) Ron Paul’s Special Dispatch: Hypocrisy of Egypt Policy. Free content via The Ron Paul Channel. (8/16)

(3:57:09) Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at OurSay, Deakin University Google Hangout forum: 'I am a big admirer of Ron Paul' - Campus Reform editor Josiah Ryan asks Assange about the rise of libertarian movement. (8/16)

(4:06:32) Is the GOP worse off heading into 2016? CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks John King and Candy Crowley about the major issues dividing the Republican Party. (8/16)

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Politics of Freedom Update - August 3rd thru August 9th

August 11th, 2013

In this week’s update, coverage continues from YAL’s 5th annual national convention. Rep. Amash continues to be front and center in opposition of NSA spying and the domestic national security state. Rand Paul continues to battle New Jersey Governor Chris Christie- who did clearly start the ordeal. It was the media that inserted Rand’s name- but there’s no doubt who Gov. Bacon was talking about. The Ron Paul Channel is set for launch on Monday, 8/12. Unfortunately, it will be at a cost of $9.99/mo. Not sure what the network will me for this podcast- as together with Ron Paul’s America, it seems that the Doctor is swooping in on the liberty media market share. In other news, the leftists and their minions have apparently manufactured a new scandal, involving Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson. There is no evidence that Dr. Paul had any knowledge or involvement in this- why would one State Senator’s endorsement be worth $200k? Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Young Americans for Liberty Conference Highlights by PJ Media. Reps. Justin Amash, Raul Labrador, Thomas Massie and Mick Mulvaney have discussion moderated by Next Generation TVs own Michelle Fields. (8/1)

(5:51) The Triumverate - Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee met with Ron Paul’s YAL. Mike Sacks and panel discuss for HuffPost Live. (8/1)

(21:40) Greenwald disputes rumors that Snowden sharing intel with Russia on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports. (8/2)

(28:00) Dispatch Radio: Daniel McAdams discusses Iran, Syria, Egypt, Benghazi and foreign policy. (8/3)

(50:48) NSA surveillance targets political dissidents: Prof. James Fetzer on Iranian PressTV. (8/4)

(54:51) Former NSA, CIA Director Gen. Hayden and Rep. Amash debate NSA spying on FNC’s Fox News Sunday. (8/4)

(1:07:53) Author Kevin Jackson talks with Andrea Tanteros about What the NSA is Doing With Your Data. (8/5)

(1:20:48) Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, on The Scott Horton Show. (8/5)

(1:47:56) Freedom Works’ Matt Kibbe on Fox News promoting DemandATownhall.com. (8/5)

(1:54:18) Global Terror Warning! Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert has some fun with Obama administration’s al Qaeda alert. (8/5)

(1:57:48) NSA Map Shows U.S. As Part of North American 'Homeland' - JBS CEO Art Thompson goes behind the headlines in his weekly update. (8/6)

(2:08:04) Justin Amash talks Drone Strikes, NSA Spying on The Andrea Tantaros Show. (8/6)

(2:14:03) Rand Paul And More On Libertarianism – NPR’s On Point with John Harwood in for Tom Ashbrook. (8/6)

(3:00:23) Radley Balko Discusses Militarization of Police Force with Reason Magazine’s Mike Riggs. (8/6)

(3:12:21) Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Gov’t Leaked Operational Details About Al Qaeda To Show ‘Its Spying Works’ – Video archived on Mediaite.com. (8/6)

(3:16:48) Sen. Rand Paul reacts to the latest terror threat on The Glenn Beck Program. Full show on Sound Cloud. (8/6)

(3:32:14) SORENSON SCANDAL: First Caucus Status At Risk. Dave Price reports for WHO TV Channel 13 News (NBC - Des Moines, IA). (8/6)

(3:35:37) MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: E-mails raise new questions about GOP 2012 campaign favors. (8/6)

(3:39:51) Jesse Benton "Chief Negotiator" in 200k+ Sorenson Bribery Scandal – Next News Network. (8/7)

(3:45:05) 84 WHAS’ (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell speaks with Congressman Thomas Massie about Obamacare, budgeting, and leadership. (8/7)

(3:58:24) Rep. Justin Amash on The Laura Ingraham Show: “There's tension between Bush Republicans and newly elected conservatives.” (8/7)

(4:13:35) Ron Paul: Chris Christie, Rand Paul Feud Is ‘Irrelevant' – Alyona Minkovski reports for HuffPost Live. (8/7)

(4:15:17) Judge Napolitano reacts to O-bomba’s statement: "Gov't Doesn't Spy On Americans" – Video by YouTube User: RonPaulCC2012. (8/8)

(4:19:00) Tom Woods and Pat Buchanan talk War, Rand Paul, the Neocons, and More on The Peter Schiff Show. (8/8)

(4:36:46) Town Hall Rage 'We're Dying Out Here Because You Guys Are Being Nice Guys!'  Fox News’ Greta Van Susterein reports. (8/8)

(4:39:22) Coming Soon - The Ron Paul Show. Cenk Uygur reports for The Young Turks. (8/8)

(4:41:40) Mark Levin: “The Ron Paul people LOVE me”- Video clip archived at Mofo Politics. (8/8)

(4:43:58) Judge Napolitano on What's New About the Snowden Revelations – Tom Woods in for Peter Schiff. (8/9)

(4:48:38) Sen. Rand Paul responds to secret recording of former aide – Tanner Hesterberg for WKYT-TV (CBS – Cincinatti, OH). (8/9)


Politics of Freedom Update - July 27th thru August 2nd

August 7th, 2013

While Ron Paul doesn’t make quite as many headlines now that he is ‘retired,’ the increasing influence of Justin Amash and Thomas Massie is making it easier to fill up hours of content for the podcast. All of our favorite elected leaders were together last weekend for the 5th annual Young Americans for Liberty national convention. The festivities went off in the midst of increased 2016 speculation for both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Establishment hacks and liberal Republicans like Chris Christie continue to attack libertarian thought regarding the Anglo-American empire and the domestic national security state.  Also, the Ron Paul Channel is said to be launching this month. Although I’ve heard few details about the schedule or content, it looks as though ripping and reposting content will not be welcomed! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) The Revolution is About to Begin – The Ron Paul Channel Launches Soon!

(0:45) Jesse Ventura Talks 2016 Election, Howard Stern and Government Lies on The Lip TV’s Buzzsaw, with host Tyrel Ventura. (7/28)

(17:28) Mark Levin: “Ron Paul is different than Rand Paul.” Audio archived at Mofo Politics. (7/28)

(25:50) America's next colonies – Russia Today’s Christof Lehmann tells the story of modern US neocolonialism on The Truthseeker. (7/28)

(37:55) Judge Napolitano on Fox & Friends ~ NSA Must Stay! White House Blasts Amendment To Limit NSA Reach. Video by YouTube User: Mass Tea Party. (7/30)

(41:46) Edward Snowden Hero or Villain? John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson's offers up his weekly news update. (7/29)

(51:17) Opposing Bulk NSA Surveillance – The Cato Institute’s Caleb Brown talks with Rep. Justin Amash. (7/30)

(57:03) Sen. Rand Paul fires back at Gov. Chris Christie on Fox News’ Hannity. (7/29)

(1:04:57) Andrea Tantaros: Rand Paul is right on foreign policy, Kristol & neocons are the new fringe! Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (7/29)

(1:07:10) Senator Rand Paul Fires Back At NJ Governor Chris Christie on The Andrea Tantaros Show . (7/30)

(1:15:24) The Andrea Tantaros Show - Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller talks about the infighting within the Republican party and why it's good to have the debate now. (7/10)

(1:19:00) Reclaiming Our Rights in the 21st Century. Sen. Rand Paul is Dinner Guest speaker at Cato University. (7/30)

(1:42:12) Justin Amash appears with Sirius/XM satellite host Andrew Wilkow on The Wilkow Majority. Video by YouTube User:  nicolejpearce10. (7/31)

(1:57:10) Josh Tolley: How dear is freedom to you? Amash vs Marino = Freedom vs Control . (7/31)

(2:16:50) Rep. Justin Amash and Jane Harman discuss their opposing viewpoints toward the NSA's surveillance programs on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. (7/31)

(2:23:55) 'Bloomberg on Steroids' - Judge Andrew Napolitano Warns Against Big Gov't Behavioral Program on Fox News’ Your World. (7/31)

(2:30:09) Worldview Wednesday on The Steve Deace Show  looks at what the Liberty Movement could learn from the failures of the Religious Right. (7/31)

(3:02:55) Glenn Greenwald talks XKEYSCORE on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight- PWNS Toobin AGAIN! Video by YouTube User: YouTube News. (7/31)

(3:15:26) Ben Swann Interviews G. Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, about the need for truth in media. (7/31)

(3:29:04) Jack Heath talks to KY Senator Rand Paul on New Hampshire News Radio WGIR AM 610 (Manchester, NH). (7/31)

(3:42:47) Jabs within the GOP leave the party divided. Jason Sanford and  John Brabender join MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to discuss the Christie/Paul rift. (7/31)

(3:47:26) MSNBC’s Ari Melber: "Rand Paul Is Formidable Unlike His Father Ron Paul!" The Cycle hosts discuss this latest round of infighting within the Republican Party. (7/31)

(3:54:50) Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul - New Jersey Governor and Kentucky Senator trade barbs. Stephen Colbert reports for Comedy Central. (7/31)

(3:57:07) Judge Andrew Napolitano tells FNC’s Shepherd Smith: We Should be 'Grateful' to NSA Leaker. (8/1)

(4:01:01) Tea Party trip clarifies positions on various issues - The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd reports for MSNBC. (8/1)

(4:04:25) World Net Daily CEO Joseph Farah discusses the Obama surveillance grid and the possible contention of conservative libertarian Rand Paul for the GOP's nomination with Alex Jones. (8/1)

(4:19:06) Reps. Conyers & Thomas Massie talk about Bipartisan Campaign Against NSA Spying; Call for James Clapper to Resign on Democracy Now!. (8/2)

(4:46:55) Ron Paul tweaks Chris Christie over war of words with Rand Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: Graham Vyse. (8/3)

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Politics of Freedom Update - July 20th thru July 26th

July 28th, 2013

There’s no doubt that the current superstar of the liberty movement is none other than Congressman Justin Amash, as he nearly led the House of Representatives to defund the NSA! The final vote was 205-217. Now, we all know that the amendment to the 2014 Defense Appropriations bill would have been killed in the Senate, but this development proves that the politicians are aware of the people’s wrath in light of the Snowden revelations. Ultimately, it was the Republican leadership who protected the NSA this time. This must remind us that the GOP establishment is no more an ally than the Obama administration.  If you listen to Rep. Amash speak, you’ll hear that he takes many of his rhetorical cues from Sen. Paul, rather than Ron Paul. Yet, he has clearly proven himself as a competent representative and a defender of liberty.  Elsewhere, Rand Paul has come under attack from another likely 2016 candidate- Gov. Chris Christie. This debate goes on, and I think its notable to point out that Glenn Beck has come out on most every occasion to defend libertarian thought against attack. This is an area where Ron Paul was severely underrepresented during the campaign. Thank you Glenn! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) ‘Live Free or Die’ featuring Ron Paul. Performed by ‘Denali’ from the album, “Topic of Discussion”. Music Video Directed by Todd J. Lajoie for Operation Paul Revere, InfoWars.com Contest.

(4:08) Pres. Obama a Face for "Government of Wolves" – N3’s Gary Franchi interviews John Whitehead, founder and President of The Rutherford Institute. (7/11)

(27:07) David Knight interviews independent journalist David Seaman about running for office, and the illustrative case being the Ron Paul 2012 campaign for Alex Jones’ Infowars Nightly News. (7/16)

(41:38) Newsfix: Ron Paul launches his own TV channel. (7/19)

(42:29) Creating a U.S.-Russian Partnership to Deter Terrorism - Art Thompson covers the week’s news for The John Birch Society. (7/22)

(53:07) Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at Veterans of Foreign Wars 144th National Convention in Louisville, KY. (7/22)

(1:11:15) Jack Hunter Resigns - MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow implies: If you’re not for amnesty, you’re racist! (7/22)

(1:28:22) Mike Church: Be Careful What You Say in American Politics... Especially if You Are Pigmentally Challenged. (7/23)

(1:34:36) Judge Napolitano's Take on FNC’s Fox & Friends: Jesse Ventura's Lawsuit Against Chris Kyle Moves Forward. (7/23)

(1:38:09) The Militarization Of America’s Police Forces – Radley Balko talks about his new book on KERA 90.1 FM (NPR – Dallas, TX). (7/23)

(2:24:07) Michigan congressman aims to defund NSA surveillance program. RTAmerica’s Sam Sacks reports. (7/23)

(2:28:05) Brian Baker covers Ron Paul’s recent appearance on CNBC, what Detroit’s bankruptcy  means for gold on Merit’s Gold Standard Radio Show . (7/24)

(2:38:38) Justin Amash talks NSA spying on News/Talk 760 WJR’s (Detroit, MI) The Frank Beckmann Show - “This issue is about the American people vs. Washington political elites.” (7/24)

(2:46:36) Sen. Rand Paul questions Administration Officials at Foreign Relations Hearing on the Crisis in Egypt.  (7/25)

(2:53:49) Rand Paul slams Obama's plans for Syria involvement – Reason’s Matthew Feeney talks about it on Russia Today. (7/25)

(3:01:29) Rep- Justin Amash - Debate on NSA Data Collection, defunding  NSA Amendment, Department of Defense Appropriations bill. Video by YouTube User: LesGrossman. (7/24)

(3:27:26) Rep. Amash talks about his narrow defeat on The Glenn Beck Program. (7/25)

(3:34:47) Glenn Beck scolds Bachmann: “Shame on you!” for supporting NSA/Obama admin. Snooping. (7/25)

(3:49:45) WOOD TV8 (NBC – Grand Rapids, MI): Rep. Amash on NSA bill. (7/25)

(3:53:02) Congressmen Justin Amash and Kevin Yoder (R-KS) debate the merits of the NSA Amendment on KCMO Talk Radio 710 (Kansas City, MO). (7/26)

(4:06:14) 84 WHAS’ (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell speaks to Congressman Thomas Massie about the happenings in Washington. (7/26)

(4:18:40) Judge Napolitano on Fox Business ~ (IRS Scandal) Justice Dept. Is Trying To Deflect Attention From White House. Video by YouTube User: RonPaulCC2012. (7/26)

(4:23:44) Gov. Christie slams Rand Paul, libertarians as ‘dangerous’. Stu Buguiere and Crew at The Blaze react. (7/26)

(4:26:56) Should the GOP be more conservative or libertarian? The panel discuss on Fox News’ The Five. (7/26)

(4:39:10) Senator Rand Paul on Ron Paul: "I'm Not My Father." NO SH!T. Video compliments of YouTube User: BendingRealityTV. (7/26)


Politics of Freedom Update - July 13th thru July 19th

July 23rd, 2013

Neo-Confederate. Isolationist. Conspiracy Theorist. That’s all the statist establishment has got: pejoratives meant to stifle debate and artificially limit the parameters of the national dialogue. As if we must accept their officially sanctioned version of history, and draw the same conclusions we were taught in grade school from now into eternity. Both parties are currently attempting to beat back the surge in popularity of libertarian thought over the last several years. In light of the recent verdict in the Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin case, the progressive media and the Obama administration are deliberately picking at the scabs of bigotry in an attempt to synthetically manufacture a new civil rights movement to champion. As the so called Immigration Reform stalls in the ‘People’s House,’ Jack Hunter’s well known public persona (the southern avenger) has been ‘exposed’ by the neocons, coincidentally as Lynn Cheney and that fat POS Peter King prepare their runs for high office. The liberty movement’s 2012 gains within the GOP are in the process of being turned back in Maine, Alaska, and Nevada. Activism is on the decline, as is financial support for efforts such as Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Project. This doesn’t bode well for Rand in 2016- support should be growing and consolidating, not retreating! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer joins Joyce Riley on The Power Hour to discuss her experience as a U.S. Intelligence Asset. (7/8)

(42:44) What Freedoms Do We Have? Attorney Raymond Daniel Burke joined The C4 Show on WBAL 1090 AM (Baltimore, MD) to talk about his piece in the Baltimore Sun last week: After 150 years, the union is preserved, but what of liberty? (7/8)

(59:53) From Freedom Fest 2013– Michael & John Paul Mendocha on The 405 Radio podcast – It’s a Paul World! (7/12)

(1:11:22) Michael Hastings Cremated, Family Never Requested; Wife Hires Private Investigator. Kimberly Dvorak reports for XETV San Diego 6 (CW – San Diego, CA). (7/14)

(1:14:34) Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum:  A Sample by Dr. Tom Woods Western Civilization I. (7/15)

(1:17:48) Erosion of Private Property Rights - JBS CEO Art Thompson's with his weekly news update. (7/15)

(1:29:07) What's Wrong With Being Proud of Your Southern Heritage? Mike Church discusses the demonization of Jack Hunter. (7/16)

(1:34:41) Commission Needed to Reconsider Gold Standard - Sen. Rand Paul with Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone. (7/16)

(1:36:47) 'Department of Political Justice' Investigating Zimmerman for Hate Crime! Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano analyses the federal response to the jury’s acquittal. (7/16)

(1:40:23) Defund the NSA’s Surveillance Program? Rep. Justin Amash talks with Fox Business’ Charles Payne. (7/16)

(1:43:52) Tom Woods: Want to Advance Liberty? Imitate My Friend, the 10th Amendment Center’s Michael Boldin. (7/16)

(1:48:40) The Obama administration sued over NSA surveillance. Gadeir Abbas, Staff Attorney at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, talks about Rep. Amash’s efforts on RTAmerica. (7/17)

(1:56:32) Glenn Greenwald on MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner: "Never Hear US Media Say Isn't It Odd People Seek Asylum In A Country Known To Torture.” (7/17)

(2:06:19) Maine GOP To Elect New Leadership Saturday. AJ Higgins reports on The Maine Public Broadcasting Network. (7/17)

(2:10:08) Rand Paul grills UN Ambassador Samantha Power at Senate Foreign Relations Hearing: “War can’t make the world a ‘great groovy place’.” (LOL – She does look like an old 60’s retread). (7/17)

(2:17:03) Congressman Thomas Massie joins Brian Thomas on 55KRC (Cincinatti, OH). (7/17)

(2:34:49) Justin Amash, John Conyers introduce NSA bill, Rand Paul 2016? On Power 92.7 WPIQ’s Mornings in Michigan with Devin Lawrence and Doug Sedenquist. (7/18)

(2:46:36) MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and Panel - The Paul’s compete for America’s airtime as The Ron Paul Channel Readies for Launch. (7/18)

(2:50:22) Sen. Rand Paul talks with PJTV’s Michelle Fields: Next Generation Afraid of Oppressive Government! (7/18)

(2:56:40) Activist Adam Kokesh interviewed from jailhouse by FOX 5 WTTG’s (Washington, DC)  John Henrehan,  will run for President to abolish U.S. government. (7/18)

(2:59:41) FBN’s John Stossel tapes at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas ~ Are We Rome? Video by YouTube User: RonPaulCC2012. (7/18)

(3:09:47) Senator Rand Paul is the guest on The Palin Update with host  Kevin Scholla. (7/20)

(3:21:34) Ben Swann joins John B. Wells to discuss how our culture has become truth deficient on Coast to Coast AM.  Video by YouTube User: DisclosureNation. (7/20)


Politics of Freedom Update - July 6th thru July 12th

July 14th, 2013

Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul "We Are Leaving Afghanistan After 12 Years With Nothing But TRILLIONS Of Dollars Lost..."Author and former Islamist Hostage Jere Van Dyke responds on Russia Today. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/27)

(6:25) The UK's Guardian Newspaper releases part 2 of Glenn Greenwald's exclusive interview with Edward Snowden, who on 6 June, predicted that: "The US government will say I aided our enemies." (7/8)

(13:15) Was Michael Hastings Murdered? The folks over at Red Ice Creations do a fine job of laying out the facts we know, thus far. (6/29)

(32:22) CNN reports on Kokesh's armed civil disobedience in DC: Adam Kokesh (not Obama) is menacing! (7/7)

(33:08) Ben Swann talks about his interview with Obama, the war in Syria and his fundraising efforts on The Scott Horton Show. (7/8)

(1:05:25) Putin's Russia Rising - The John Birch Society's CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (7/8)

(1:16:40) Before the latest Police Raid/Arrest, Adam Kokesh Discussed his DC 2nd Amndt Event and the so-called Final American Revolution on Free Talk Live. (7/8)

(1:54:55) Karl Rove accuses Justin Amash of being a RINO: “Far more liberal than any Republican” - Video archived at Mofo Politics. (7/8)

(1:57:02) Karl Rove stirs up feud with local lawmaker, Rep. Amash - Report by WWMT Newschannel 3 (CBS - Kalamazoo, MI). (7/9)

(1:58:05) Rep. Justin Amash ‘most liberal Republican,’ fat establishment hack Karl Rove says. Devin Lawrence and Doug Sedenquist broadcast the Morning Breakfast Radio Show on Power 92.7 WPIQ (Manistique, MI). (7/9)

(2:06:55) Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman: "Pentagon Is Now Monitoring Websites For EXTREMIST POLITICAL Activity!" (7/9)

(2:20:46) "Ron Paul And Rand Paul Are RACISTS!" MSNBC's Rachel Maddow 'exposes racist streak' in Republican Immigration Debate. (7/9)

(2:41:33) Judge Andrew Napolitano returns to Brian Wilson's Libertas Media Project to discuss NSA, spying and the march of statism. (7/10)

(3:06:42) Rand Paul's SOCIAL Media Director, Jack Hunter, At Center Of Controversy. LEX 18 News' (NBC - Lexington KY) Adam Winer reports. (7/10)

(3:08:24) 84 WHAS' (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell comments on a staff member of Senator Rand Paul’s who portrayed a radio character that had some questionable traits. (7/10)


Politics of Freedom Update - June 29th thru July 5th

July 8th, 2013

How I miss the days of the Presidential campaign; the interviews were aplenty, hopes rode high and media coverage was abundant!  The campaign lasted many months- but it all went very quickly in hindsight. The podcast continues to evolve over the months, as I try to balance the coverage of politics with news developments and other activism. Ron Paul announced the rollout of his very own internet television channel at ronpaulchannel.com! Hopefully, it will provide additional content for your listening pleasure here at the podcast. The question is: is Dr. Paul himself trying to take over the market for all things Ron Paul? Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Announcing the The Ron Paul Channel: Turn Off Your TV- Turn On the Truth!

(2:48) Sounds from the  Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) Convention in St. Charles, MO. Video by YouTube User: messengersforliberty. (5/31)

(24:00) Jeremy Scahill Goes Off On MSNBC Pundits For Defending Obama Drone Strikes and the administration's ongoing "Dirty Wars" on The Cycle. (6/5)

(33:25) Rep. Thomas Massie warns House colleagues about damage done to the Constitution by CISPA, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA: "Don't Yield an Inch !"

(34:48) KPFK 90.7 FM's (Los Angeles, CA) Gary Null covers Ron Paul's comments about NSA Spying. (6/13)

(51:19) Michael Hastings and The War on Journalism - Cenk Uygur reports for The Young Turks. (6/23)

(56:10) All Americans are terrorists !? Russia Today's Lori Harfenist (aka 'The Resident') discusses the US government's demonization campaign and anti-terror posture. (6/26)

(59:30) Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe talks with the ACLU's Pat Toomey on Coast to Coast AM with George Norry. Video by YouTube User: CoastInsider. (6/27)

(1:19:19) Award-winning journalist Ben Swann joins conservative radio host Steve Deace to discuss his quest for more truth in media. (6/28)

(1:50:57) JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update: Nelson Mandela's Plush Prison Cell, Bernanke/Lenin imagery. (7/1)

(1:59:56) Real Liberty News Show covers Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on E-Verify. (7/1)

(2:06:18) Edward Snowden - "Obama Afraid Of An Informed, Angry Public Demanding Constitutional Government." Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (7/1)

(2:09:35) ‘Congress looking at US public opinion on Syria’ - Journalist and anti-war activist Don DeBarr comments for Iranian Press TV. (7/2)

(2:12:16) Mike Church: The Events of Today's Independence Day Will Be Much Different From That of 1776. (7/2)

(2:17:05) Judge Andrew Napolitano joins Brian Wilson, of The Libertas Media Project, to talk about Independence Day and our loss of liberties. (7/2)

(2:48:47) Bruce Fein, former advisor to the RP2012 campaign and current lawyer for Ed Snowden's father, appears on Background Briefing with Ian Masters. (7/3)

(3:12:30) TMZ: Vince Vaughn and Wrestling Superstar Kane Chow Down at Ron Paul's Liberty Summit/BBQ! (7/3)

(3:14:01) Vince Vaughn hung with Ron Paul - Radio coverage provided by Armstrong and Getty. Audio at Talk 910 KKSF AM. (7/3)

(3:16:43) Libertarian Rand Paul Looks to the White House. Coverage via the Agence France-Presse (AFP). (7/3)

(3:19:24) Rep. Justin Amash discusses legislation he has introduced this year on communications and technology issues on C-Span's The Communicators. (7/3)

(3:27:52) Robert P. Murphy invites everyone to the August 23, 2013 Night of Clarity conference with RON PAUL. (7/3)

(3:29:04) Curt Schultz, of the Ron Paul Super Brochure fame, Endorses Ben Swann's "Truth in Media" project. (7/5)

(3:34:06) ABC 7 WJLA (Washington, DC): DC residents react to Adam Kokesh's shotgun civil disobedience. (7/4)

(3:37:06) Details of Reporter Hastings' Death Remain Elusive - San Diego 6 News' (CW - San Diego, CA) Kimberly Dvorak reports. (7/8)

(3:40:57) The Bond Market Calls Bernanke's Bluff. Peter Schiff gives subscribers an Economic Update. (6/24)


Politics of Freedom Update - June 22nd thru June 28th

June 30th, 2013

Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi explain why a Texas public school didn’t want Ron Paul to speak to the kids on the Freedom Feens podcast. (6/9)

(8:55) Unrepentant neocon Andy Dean and guest rip Ron Paul, libertarians for defending Snowden against the national security state. (6/12)

(16:02) Is Snowden A Traitor? Michele Bachmann Thinks So - Mike Church discusses that old Bush era neoconservatism that just won't die. (6/19)

(22:02) Judge Napolitano On Edward Snowden Being Charged With Espionage! Video compliments of YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (6/21)

(26:46) Ben Swann "Truth in Media" Kickstarter Video, featuring snippets of his April interview with Dr. Ron Paul. (6/24)

(35:47) What's Behind the Snowden NSA Whistle-blowing Affair? Art Thompson's weekly news update for The John Birch Society. (6/24)

(47:28) Where in the world is Edward Snowden? MSNBC's Chris Hayes discusses the manhunt for Edward Snowden with Glenn Greenwald and Goldie Taylor. (6/24)

(53:04) Ron Paul-endorsed US Senate candidate Paul Broun talks with Peter Schiff about the "farm" bill, the way forward on the IRS scandal, and his campaign. (6/24)

(1:12:09) Jack Spirko on The Survival Podcast: Ron Paul warns about how 'comprehensive immigration reform' will turn your driver’s license into a national id card. (6/24)

(1:28:54) How Far Could U.S. Go to Get Snowden? Judge Andrew Napolitano offers his take on FNC's Fox & Friends. (6/25)

(1:31:47) Ben Swann discusses his July 28th visit to Iowa with Newsradio 1040 WHO's (Des Moines, IA) Jan Mickelson. (6/25)

(1:55:08) Rand Paul questions FEMA bureaucrat about Fusion Centers at the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Emergency Management - Video by YouTubee User: bxtidre7. (6/25)

(2:01:29) Sen Rand Paul at FEMA Oversight Subcommittee: "The United States Is Fighting Terrorism One SNOW CONE At A Time." Video compliments of YouTube user: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/25) 

(2:13:45) Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams is interviewed on Turning Hard Times Into Good Times with host Jay Taylor on Voice America Radio. (6/25)

(2:43:04) Rand Paul talks with Andrew Wilkow for TheBlaze.com: Immigration Reform Bill Can Still Be Blocked or Reformed in the House. (6/25)

(2:46:32) RTAmerica's The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist): All Americans are terrorists! (6/26)

(2:48:25) Senator Rand Paul addresses Reddit's Restore the Fourth Movement. Video compliments of YouTube User: monkeyddn. (6/26)

(2:48:25) Joel Skousen talks about the NSA leaks, Eric Snowden and Ron Paul's comments on the Jeff Rense Show. (6/26)

(3:04:58) Can Congress Stop IRS Officials From Pleading the Fifth at Congressional Hearings? Judge Napolitano on Fox News. (6/27)

(3:08:14) Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill has passed ! Rand Paul reacts with Fox News' Laura Ingraham on The O'Reilly Factor. (6/27)

(3:14:25) Senator Paul Explains not Supporting Immigration Bill to Fox News Radio's Alan Colmes. (6/27)

(3:26:19) HuffPost Live: Young & Libertarian - Conservative Comedian Steven Crowder on Snowden's Ron Paul Support. (6/28)

(3:51:39) Freshman Rep. Thomas Massie Tells TheBlaze's Mallory Factor that Some Fellow GOP Members Want America to Feel Obamacare Pain for Electoral Reasons. (6/28)

(4:08:35) Ben Swann's Full Disclosure - What the Media Isn't Telling You About War in Syria. (6/28)

(4:16:55) Rand Paul 2016? HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks talks with Dave Jamieson about Rand's visit to SC. (6/28)

(4:25:27) Is Big Brother Watching? Rep. Justin Amash talks NSA and civil liberties with FBN's John Stossel. (6/28)

(4:30:57) Rand Paul on his Daily Paul ignorance, the Future of Audit the Fed. Video by YouTube Use: Vots. (6/28)


Politics of Freedom Update - June 15th thru June 21st

June 26th, 2013

There's a major deficit in Ron Paul coverage in the week since he made headlines with his support of the NSA leaks and Edward Snowden, but Rand is still making headlines. And there's no shortage of news of concern for civil libertarians. Pundits continue to react to the news about the federal government's implementation of the Orwellian mass surveillance apparatus, and the concern that these technologies will be turned towards domestic opponents of government policy. News outlets are also beginning to take notice of the pronounced downturn in the economy, as predicted by free-market economists. Only a few short weeks ago, the corporate media were touting government's economic statistics that purported to show favorable trends in financial markets and a bear market for gold. Unfortunately, this was in complete ignorance of actual inflation rates, wage stagnation and continued easing by the Fed. Meanwhile, the Congress continues to work for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (aka amnesty). Senator Paul has sought to be the bridge between the left and right to fix the broken system, that would be fair for both immigrants and taxpayers. But sadly, the majority of politicians in Washington have no intention of halting the flow of illegals and securing the Treasury. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Lana Patton, VP of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of South Florida, talks with Jared Grifoni of Resistance Radio. (6/8)

(15:25) The Establishment Strikes Back! Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks breaks down the response to Ed Snowden's revelations. (6/11)

(27:38) West aims to demonize Iran elections - Mark Dankof cites Ron Paul on Press TV. (6/15)

(41:19) Iran voter turnout excels that of US - Prof. Paul Sheldon Foote on Press TV: "Ron Paul was even excluded from Republican debates." (6/15)

(44:04) News-Talk 98.7 WOKI's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins on Syria... Yet AGAIN !!!!! Rand Paul Dissents. (6/15)

(50:33) Matt Lewis talks about Rand's appearance at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference & 2016 on C-Span's Washington Journal. (6/15)

(57:10) Judge Napolitano on FBN's Tom Sullivan Show: NSA 'Most Outrageous, Extensive, Massive Violation of Constitution'- Video by YouTube User: selfownership1. (6/16)

(1:04:49) Rand Paul kinda sorta signals opposition to Schumer-Rubio. WHOOPS, old audio, already posted. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (5/16)

(1:11:05) Peter Schiff on CNBC's Markets Now ~ Too Big To Fail Banks Will Fail Again. (6/17)

(1:17:41) China's Vast New Program of Urbanization - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news update. (6/17)

(1:27:39) Robert Scott Bell reminds us: Truth is treason in an empire of lies! (6/17)

(1:31:54) MN State Rep. (and Ron Paul 2012 supporter) Jim Abeler running for US Senate - Tom Scheck reports for Minnesota Public Radio. (6/18)

(1:35:26) Rep. Thomas Massie Speaks at Press Conference to Oppose the Internet Tax. (6/18)

(1:37:40) Rand Paul on Bloomberg Television's Market Makers: We Need a Fed Chief Who Stops Meddling. (6/18)

(1:44:51) Is a Police State Possible? Judge Nap talks with FNC's Gretchen Carlson on Fox & Friends. (6/18)

(1:47:29) WOOD TV8's (NBC - Grand Rapids, MI) Rick Albin talks with Rep. Justin Amash and Rep. Bill Huizenga about the government tracking your cellphone records. (6/16)

(1:54:44) Sen. Paul talks NSA, the Constitution and the divide within the GOP on Fox News' On the Record with Greta Van Susterein. (6/18)

(2:01:46) CNN's Piers Morgan Cuts Off Daniel Ellsberg Mid-Sentence To Go To Paris Hilton! Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/18)

(2:15:22) Rand Paul discusses NSA, Syria/Afghanistan, and shaking up the GOP with Jerry Doyle - Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (6/18)

(2:30:14) House Floor Debate on Polis-Massie-Blumenauer Hemp Amendment to Farm Bill. SUCCESS! Video by YouTube User: RepThomasMassie. (6/19)

(2:43:05) Audit the IRS! Rand Paul's Speech at the Tea Party Patriot's Rally. Video compliments of YouTube User: Bruce Majors. (6/19)

(2:46:14) Sen. Paul Unsuccessfully Urges Senate Colleagues to Pass His 'Trust but Verify' Amendment to Immigration Bill. (6/19)

(2:53:00) Rep. Amash talks about the bi-partisan legislation to reform NSA spying on The Mike Huckabee Show. (6/19)

(3:03:58) Rick Santelli to Fed: 'What Are You Afraid Of?' Another epic rant on CNBC. (6/19)

(3:07:40) Ron Paul's Fed Chair Choice, Jim Grant, Speaks with Kitco News about Gold. (6/20)

(3:14:53) NSA’s Criminal Activity - Ben Swann's first official episode of Full Disclosure! (6/20)

(3:23:05) 'None of It Was True!’ Shep, Napolitano Rail Against Claims NSA Thwarted Terror Plot on Fox News' Studio B. (6/20)

(3:28:40) WTF, John? Stossel and Napolitano Face Off over the NSA Scandal on Fox Business' Varney & Co.. (6/20)

(3:34:14) Rand Paul doubts NSA claims, truthfulness in the future- WHAS11's (ABC - Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold reports. (6/21)

(3:36:54) WITI-TV (Fox6 - Milwaukee, WI): Snowden on the run, seeks asylum in Ecuador. (6/23)

(3:38:49) Glen Greenwald Tears Into NBC News' David Gregory: With Newsmen Like You, ‘Who Needs Government To Criminalize Reporting?’ (6/23)



Politics of Freedom Update - June 8th thru June 14th

June 16th, 2013

Ron Paul made waves this week, being among the very first voices to support NSA leaker Edward Snowden and openly admitting his concern for the whistleblower’s life. Senator Rand Paul did not let us down, either, spearheading a call for legal action against the National Security Agency. Snowden’s revelations aren’t a surprise to any of us who are familiar with the nature of the modern national security state. In fact, the media has built a convenient straw-man for the public to debate with the government’s 100 million Verizon subscriber general warrant- ostensibly an extraordinary measure taken in the days immediately after the Boston bombing. The corporate media is admittedly self-censoring in consultation with the federal government. It's been nice to have such a nice excess of audio to choose from for once! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Current TV’s Cenk Uygur responds to the NSA cell phone scandal: ‘Barack Obama is a liar!’ (6/6)

(3:51) NSA Constitutional Violations? Judge Andrew Napolitano with FNC’s Geraldo Rivera. Video by YouTube User: Mass Tea Party. (6/8)

(11:43) The Ron Paul Institute’s Executive Director Daniel McAdams talks with Guillermo Jimenez on Traces of Reality Radio. (6/8)

(39:06) Government Online Spying on Citizens - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (6/10)

(49:54) MSNBC's Tamara Hall: "We Know That Snowden Donated To Ron Paul" (E-VIL!) Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/10)

(1:02:49) Sen. Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show: If Sen. fails to strengthen immigration bill it will be DOA in the House. (6/10)

(1:13:37) AM 680 WRKO’s (Boston, MA) The Kuhner Report – Ron and Rand reactions to NSA Spying. Video by YouTube User: ReallyBigSomething. (6/10)

(1:37:30) DHS Insider: Its about to Get Ugly. Doug Hagmann talks with Glenn Beck. (6/10)

(1:47:19) Author and Researcher Jim Marrs talks with Mike Adams about How to Protect Yourself from The NSA on The Alex Jones Show. (6/10)

(2:04:13) Judge Napolitano on Fox News’ Studio B: NSA Leaker Is an “American Hero.” (6/10)

(2:09:47) Jeff Rense & Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord - NSA, PRISM, & Our Loss of Privacy. (6/10)

(2:26:27) Sen. Rand Paul on CBS News’ This Morning: I'm leaving my phone at home. (6/11)

(2:32:23) NSA: Dark Side of the Government. Mike Church for Founder’s Television. (6/11)

(2:38:50) Rand Paul To Fight NSA In Supreme Court – Cenk Uygur for The Young Turks. (6/11)

(2:45:07) Overcoming The Media's Spreading of Stupidity – Ben Swann on The Peter Schiff Show. (6/11)

(3:05:48) House lawmakers to be briefed on NSA snooping - Rep. Justin Amash weighs in on FNC’s Your World with Neil Cavuto. (6/11)

(3:12:55) Ron Paul says that supporters of the NSA's actions are justifying dictatorship. David Boze reacts on KIRO Radio 770 (Seattle, WA). (6/11)

(3:27:44) Ron Paul on NSA spying – I Told Ya So - Kristan T Harris joins The Rundown Live. (6/11)

(3:33:30) Mike Church: The American Sheeple Have Been Asking For the Surveillance State! (6/12)

(3:37:02) Ron Paul says that NSA leaker Edward Snowden may be the target of a government drone strike – WGSO 990 AM’s (New Orleans, LA) Jeff Croere takes calls and Emails on Ringside Politics. (6/12)

(3:48:07) Judge Napolitano Reacts to Ron Paul's 'Worries' About Snowden Drone Strike on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom. (6/12)

(3:53:29) Glenn Greenwald with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: "The Grounds On Which He Called For My Prosecution Was An Outright Fabrication." Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/12)

(4:07:20) Thomas Massie talks NSA spying and government lying on 55KRC’s (Cincinnati, OH) Brian Thomas Show. (6/12)

(4:25:43) Sen. Rand Paul talks to FNC’s Neil Cavuto about plans to file lawsuit over NSA snooping. (6/12)

(4:34:45) MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Ron Paul is losing his “marbles”, spreading “paranoia”? Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/12)

(4:36:09) Can You Trust Google and Other Companies With Your Private Information? Judge Nap on FNC’s Fox & Friends. (6/13)

(4:39:11) Rand Paul announces legal challenge to NSA surveillance programs at RandPAC press conference in Washington. Video coverage via CBS News. (6/13)

(4:41:24) NECN: Rand Paul's NSA rebukes could help or hurt in 2016. (6/13)

(4:42:37) Alex Jones revisits Ron Paul’s warnings to the House of Representatives from 1984. (6/14)


Politics of Freedom Update - June 1st thru June 7th

June 11th, 2013

There still isn't much going on on the Ron Paul front, but there's always developments regarding the Politics of Freedom. The scandals continue to mount in Washington, as Americans are beginning to realize that their government isn't just dysfunctional, but criminal! The latest NSA spying revelations- thanks to Ron Paul supporting whistle-blower Edward Snowden- are only the tip of the iceberg. But they prove the credibility that Ron Paul has deserved all along for his skepticism of government and the larger national security state/military-industrial complex. Rand Paul and the rest of the liberty movement must be able to capitalize upon this, politically. It is time that real transparency (not PR for public consumption), government reform and anti-corruption measures become the priority for all Americans- left, right and center. Meanwhile, the annual Bilderberg group meeting convened in northwest suburban London, England. Much continues to be made about Paypal founder and Bilderberg member Peter Theil's support for the 2012 campaign- as if this one man compromised the entire operation! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Judge Napolitano: Armed Federal Agents Patrol Tea Party Rallies - Video compliments of YouTube User: xBehindthetruthx. (5/31)

(3:42) Shock Poll for Liberals: People Want Less Government! Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle in the latest edition of PJTV's Trifecta. (5/31)

(8:00) Peter Schiff updates viewers on Economic Developments - Fed's Advisory Council Admits We're Screwed. (6/1)

(28:00) Young Republicans Aim To Revitalize GOP. NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Alex Smith (National Chair for College RNC) on All Things Considered. (6/3)

(32:59) Did Roosevelt Goad Japan Into Pearl Harbor Attack? JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (6/3)

(43:46) Alex Jones: 'US government at war with truth tellers' - AJ talks about the death of Aaron Schwartz on Iranian Press TV. (6/3)

(49:08) Supreme Court: Police Can Take DNA Swabs of People Under Arrest. Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano reacts on Varney & Co.. (6/3)

(53:28) Jesse Ventura Rants On Bradley Manning, IRS, And Suing Navy SEAL’s Widow With A Skeptical Piers Morgan. Video archived at Mediaite.com. (6/3)

(1:05:11) Ralph Nader on Democracy Now: "I agree with Ron Paul [who said] We need more Wiki-Leaks!" (6/4)

(1:18:18) Rand Paul Appeals To Young Voters, GOP Strategist Says. Republican strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson on HuffPost Live. (6/4)

(1:21:27) Sen. Rand Paul talks about the Administration's 'culture of corruption' on FNC's Hannity. (6/4)

(1:29:37) Rep. Justin Amash at The Leadership Institute's Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast - Video by YouTube User: Zavier Bicott. (6/5)

(1:57:21) Congressman Massie Speaks on House Floor. Video compliments of YouTube User: campaignforliberty. (6/5)

(1:58:30) What Does South Carolina's Ground Breaking Nullification Bill Actually Do? Radio host Mike Church analyses for Founder's TV. (6/5)

(2:04:18) Catherine Timms of CampusReform.Org talks with Congressman Justin Amash. Video Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. (6/5)

(2:08:06) Sen. Ted Cruz at 2013 America's Future Foundation Summer Leadership Dinner: "Ron Paul appealed to youth through principle, even though he’s “not Brad Pitt"! Video Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. (6/5)

(2:25:16) Mike Church: The NSA Data Center Demands A Vigilant Citizenry... Forget Concealed Carry, Time For Open Jihad Carry! (6/6)

(2:30:51) Explosive: Glenn Greenwald Reveals To CNN's Jake Tapper How Democrats In Revolt Against NSA Spying. Video archived at Mediaite.com. (6/6)

(2:37:04) Senator Rand Paul joined Glenn Beck to talk about IRS scandal to Samantha Power to the new immigration reform bill. (6/5)

(2:52:28) Andrew Napolitano, Shep Smith Rail Against NSA Spying on FNC's Studio B: 'Slippery Slope Is Covered in Grease.' (6/6)

(2:55:48) Rep. Thomas Massie talks with Reason Magazine's Nick Gillespie about Govt Surveillance, IRS Scandal, and D.C.'s Diet of Turd Sandwiches. (6/7)

(3:39:34) Oliver Knox interview's Sen. Rand Paul in an exclusive interview for Yahoo! News. (6/7)
(3:48:56) Michael Savage covers the Dangers of Bilderberg 2013 and New World Order. Video by YouTube User: MichaelSavage4Prez. (6/3)
(3:50:33) Elitist Mouthpiece Andrew Kakabadse Spins Bilderberg 2013 and How Elite Power Shapes the World for The International Business Times. (6/4)
(4:02:48) AMTV's Christopher Greene: CONFIRMED - Bilderberg 2013's Peter Thiel was Ron Paul's Largest Campaign SuperPAC Donor. (6/6)
(4:07:46) Alex Jones Speaks to thousands at Bilderberg 2013! WeAreChange video at Infowars.com. (6/8)

Politics of Freedom Update - May 25th thru May 31st

June 2nd, 2013

There might not be a ton of Ron Paul related coverage, but there's certainly alot of other interesting news and analysis. This week's update is nearly five hours of liberty news and politics. There's never a quiet moment with all the administrations scandals teaching the American people the nature of big government. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Why Libertarianism Is So Dangerous - By Brett Veinotte From School Sucks Podcast #041. (4/22)

(11:44) The Resident: How 47% of Congress Became Millionaires- RTAmerica's Lori Harfenist reports. (5/13)

(15:30) Rand Paul at Foreign Affairs Committee Syria Legislation Markup: You Will Be Voting To Fund And Send Arms To The Allies Of Al-Qaeda. (5/21)

(32:23) Congressman Walter Jones talks with Al Korelin about the AP reporter situation, Benghazi, and the IRS. (5/25)

(58:38) Dr. Gary North Discusses The Ron Paul Curriculum on The Robert Wenzel Show . (5/26)

(1:36:05) Dennis Tubbergen interviews Congressman Justin Amash on The Everything Financial Radio Show. (5/26)

(1:49:36) Sen. Rand Paul talks drones, the IRS scandal, and immigration on ABC News' This Week. (5/26)

(1:56:55) Sen Rand Paul Claims Obama Is Losing Moral Authority To Lead - Video by YouTube User: Massteaparty. (5/27)

(2:02:45) Rep. Justin Amash addresses Plainfield Charter Township's 10th annual Memorial Day. Video by YouTube User: BC Pizza Belmont. (5/27)

(2:10:40) Who's Behind Media Deceptions? JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses several examples. (5/27)

(2:19:18) 'Seeking Vengeance?' Judge Napolitano Calls Out DOJ Over Gibson Guitar Raid on FNC's America Live. (5/28)

(2:24:42) Glenn Beck on Rand Paul's hilarious Obamacare slam. (5/28)

(2:32:04) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check: Sen. McCain visits rebels in Syria, Congressman questions al-Qaeda ties. (5/28)

(2:35:36) Adam Kokesh talks about his arrest and his plans for July 4th on The Alex Jones Show. (5/29)

(3:07:14) Conservative Activist Phillis Schlafly Advises GOP: Ignore Hispanics, Go For White Voters Instead - Is She right? Video archived at Mediaite.com. (5/29)

(3:08:29) Judge Napolitano on Fox News' Happening Now~ AG Eric Holder Under Investigation. (5/29)

(3:11:49) MSNBC Promoting Conspiracy Theories? Rachel Maddow on the FBI's killing of Ibragim Todashev. (5/30)

(3:30:19) Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup - Posted by Kris Zane for The Western Center for Journalism. (5/30)

(3:43:02) Daniel Larison, senior editor at The American Conservative, discusses Rand Paul’s opposition to US intervention in Syria on The Scott Horton Show. (5/30)

(3:53:36) The Future Of The GOP - The Diane Rehm Show from WAMU and NPR. (5/30)

(4:14:48) Ben Swann on Fox News with Megyn Kelly - Video compliments of YouTube User: djgabrielpresents. (5/31)

(4:20:24) Pressure Points: The Electronic Concentration Camp. John W. Whitehead discussed the emerging police state for The Rutherford Institute. (5/31)

(4:25:30) 84WHAS' (Louisvile, KY) Mandy Connell speaks to Congressman Thomas Massie about GMO’s, and other scandals in Washington. (5/31)

(4:37:32) Rand Paul tells Fox Business' John Stossel: Austerity Doesn’t Pass Smell Test. (5/31)

(4:42:15) The Brainstorm Should Ron Paul Get RonPaul.com? Win the Web internet marketing podcast. (5/31)


Politics of Freedom Update - May 18th thru May 24th

May 29th, 2013

I hope that those of you who continue to subscribe still continue to enjoy the audio I am able to find and post. It is getting harder most of the time to find Ron Paul related audio to post, despite that he has regular speaking engagements and several active organizations in the works. As a result, the weekly update is heavier on Rand Paul audio coverage than I'd prefer- given that the Senator has his own weekly interview, speech and media coverage update that I post. I haven't seen any broadcast interview with Dr. Paul for about three weeks, and the man hasn't been on tv for about a month! In the meantime, I always do my best to follow the news of the day, featuring voices relevant to the liberty movement. Luckily, Reps Amash and Massie continue to impress (although the Western Michigan media market isn't particularly robust). Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Advisor Doug Wead: Rand Paul Now Leads Liberty Movement. (4/9)

(7:15) More Sounds from the Sovereign Man Offshore Tactics Workshop that Simon Black held in Santiago, Chile, featuring Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Jim Rogers. Video compliments of Vimeo User: Ronmamita. March 30 - April 1, 2013.

(14:27) Stossel's Take: War Against The Little Guy. Video compliments of YouTube User: RonPaulCC2012. (5/18)

(19:05) Judge Andrew Napolitano on FBN's The Tom Sullivan Show ~ Can The Government Be Trusted? Video by YouTube User: RonPaulCC2012. (5/18)

(27:12) Mickey Fulp shows off the Mulligan Mint's Ron Paul silver coin at the Metals and Minerals Investment Conference in NYC. Video compliments of Vimeo User: Coins for the Cause. (5/13)

(27:56) Adam Kokesh discusses his armed march on Washington D.C. with Fox News' Juan Williams and Chris Stirewalt. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (5/18)

(32:39) JBS CEO Art Thompson with Weekly News update, Behind the Headlines- IRS Has Long History of Political Harassment . (5/20)

(41:13) Rand Paul & Reince Priebus at Concord, NH Press Conference. Video compliments of YouTube User: Jon Hopwood. (5/20)

(43:14) Rand Paul talks about the New Hampshire Primary before NHGOP's Liberty Dinner. Video by YouTube User: Jon Hopwood. (5/20)

(44:35) Rand Paul speaks at the New Hampshire Republican Party's Liberty Dinner. Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (5/20)

(1:06:45) Rand Paul visits NH for GOP fundraiser - Lauren Collins reports for New England Cable News. (5/20)

(1:10:01) KET's Bill Goodman talks with U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie about the issues topping the congressman's priority list and how they will impact the nation and Kentucky. (5/21)

(1:38:15) Millennials may be growing fed up with politics, period - Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit. (5/21)

(2:15:15) Ken Suitter and Brent Stafford talk about the two party duopoly and Ron Paul's 2012 campaign on Paradigm Shift Radio. (5/21)

(2:28:54) Sen. Paul Calls for Senate Democrats to Pass a Budget Without Procedural Tricks. (5/21)

(2:35:41) Reality Check Exclusive with Ben Swann: Cincinnati agent giving orders in IRS scandal? Coverage at WXIX-TV (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH). (5/21)

(2:40:15) It Wasn't Political, Right? Fox News' Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg criticized Candy Crowley's hatchet-job interview with Rand. (5/21)

(2:46:04) Sen. Paul Defends Apple at Homeland Security and Government Affairs Subcommittee - Part 1. Transcript and Video at Paul.Senate.gov. (5/21)

(2:50:26) Rush Limbaugh gives Rand Paul some love for defending Apple. Video archived courtesy of Mofo Politics. (5/21)

(2:55:42)  NextNewsNetwork: Will Rand Paul Join the CFR? Neocon Jacob Heilbrunn hopes so in The National Interest. (5/22)

(2:56:52) Rep. Thomas Massie Questions Witnesses during Oversight Hearing on IRS Targeting - Video by YouTube User: RepThomasMassie. (5/22)

(3:02:14) Ben Swann Major National Television Debut On Hannity Show! Video compliments of YouTube User: dee spag. (5/22)

(3:04:07) Rand Paul speaks out about possible presidential run - Interview with WDRB 41 Louisville's Lawrence Smith. (5/22)

(3:09:41) MSNBC's Maddow Continues To Go After Alex Jones, the truth movement. Note: Makes No Reference to Banksters, other liberal-friendly conspiracies. (5/22)

(3:13:42) Judge Napolitano on FNC's Fox & Friends ~ DOJ Seized Phone Records Tied To FNC. Video by YouTube User: RonPaulCC2012. (5/23)

(3:17:47) WXIX-TV's Reality Check with Ben Swann: Inspector General may need to interview IRS agents again, This time under oath? (5/22)

(3:20:21) Marine arrested for Facebook posts sues government- Brandon Raub's lawyer, John Whitehead on RTAmerica. (5/23)

(3:27:10) Press TV coverage of Iran's upcoming elections - Prof. Mohammad Marandi on Americas thinly veiled oligarchy. (5/23)

(3:32:56) Mandy Connell recaps her town hall with Sen Paul and Mitch McConnell, then interviews Rand on 84 WHAS (Louisville, KY). (5/23)

(3:46:21) WXIX-TV's Reality Check with Ben Swann: The connection between IRS management Lois Lerner & Cindy Thomas. (5/23)

(3:50:10) Glenn Beck: John McCain isn’t happy with Senators Mike Lee & Ted Cruz. (5/24)

(3:52:29) FreedomWorks On Tap - "The ObamaCare Train Wreck" Austin Petersen & Patrick Hedger speak with Senator Mike Lee. (5/23)

Politics of Freedom Update - May 11th thru May 17th

May 19th, 2013

There's certainly no shortage of news to cover, given the recent emergence of the Obamagate scandals. However, it's certainly notable that one of the government's fiercest critics- one Dr. Ron Paul- has received no airtime (that I could find) to voice his opinions on the matter. On the other hand, Senator Paul is one of the primary respondents to media inquiries requiring a Republican reaction- and this isn't likely to change going into 2016. Ron Paul traveled to New York City this past week, to keynote at the 2013 Metals & Minerals Conference. Unfortunately, there's no video of the speech yet- I guess when speakers get paid $50k+ to address a gathering, their reps aren't amenable to allowing amateur video to show up on YouTube. Given that Dr. Paul is in the post-electoral stage of his life, it shouldn't surprise us that broadcast media coverage of his endeavors become harder to find. Therefore, some of the clips are of an overly critical nature, that I wouldn't otherwise post. But this podcast has always been about laying out the coverage, and letting you make up your own minds. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) The Greater Talent Network releases another clip of  their chat with Ron Paul, on his optimistic view on America’s future. (3/19)

(1:02) Ron Paul homeschool curriculum. John Wilkerson hosts The Wired Homeschool, member of the Tech Podcast Network. (4/15)

(4:35) We Are Change Milwaukee's Mike P. and John K. cover Ron Paul's speech in Chile @ Sovereign Man on The Rundown. (5/3)

(9:50) Urgent Message from Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty: No National ID Card! Video compliments of YouTube User: ByrdAwake. (5/5)

(14:34) Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio - THIS is why DHS stockpiling bullets! (5/6)

(23:42) Charles Goyette takes Alan Butler behind the scenes of the creation of Ron Paul's America. (5/8)

(30:37) Anthony Antonello: Hidden National ID Card in Immigration Reform, Ron Paul Tweets. (5/9)

(31:56) Surveillance After The Boston Attack: Do More Cameras Fight Terrorism or Violate Our Privacy Rights? Reason TV's Paul Detrick reports. (5/13)

(36:01) Ian, Mark and Darryl talk about Rand Paul's pro-drug war, anti-libertarian remarks and The Ron Paul Institute on Free Talk Live. (5/13)

(1:21:29)  Scotty Reid hosts Black Talk Radio News - Republican's outrage over Benghazi is fake, Ron Paul labels scandal a "Sideshow". (5/13)

(1:40:29) The 'United States of Europe' Has Come True! Weekly News Analysis by JBS CEO Art Thompson. (5/13)

(1:49:54) Sen. Rand Paul on FNC's Hannity: Obama is 'Drunk on Power'; calls for IRS agents to be fired. (5/13)

(1:55:01) Judge Napolitano on Fox Business' Markets Now: IRS’ actions may not be criminal, but they are unconstitutional. (5/13)

(1:59:13) Barack Trek: Into Darkness - Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (5/13)

(2:06:02) Big Government bullies? Sen. Paul speaks on IRS scandal on FNC's Fox & Friends. (5/14)

(2:11:04) Rep. Massie tells CN|2's Ryan Alessi his hemp bill picked up 2 more sponsors after Comer's visit to D.C. (5/14)

(2:13:47) Senator Rand Paul discusses industrial hemp with WPSD Local 6's (NBC - Paducah, KY) Todd Faulkner. (5/14)

(2:14:34) Lew Rockwell and Brian Wilson discuss the Boston bombing, the police state and Ron Paul for The Libertas Project. (5/14)

(2:35:14) WXIX-TV's (Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: Obama administration under fire - IRS and AP scandals. (5/14)

(2:38:52) Me Talk Reluctantly One Day - President Obama fields a single question about the IRS' targeting of conservative political groups. The Daily Show with Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. (5/14)

(2:43:45) Rand Paul insults libertarians - Adam Kokesh challenges Rand Paul's definition of libertarian. (5/15)

(2:52:32) Rep. Massie’s Special Order Floor Speech against the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” with Reps. Ron DeSantis (FL-6) and Steve Daines (MT). Video archived at Campaign for Liberty. (5/15)

(3:21:26) Justin Amash Discusses Benghazi and Scandals Facing the Obama Administration on TheBlaze TV's Real News: ‘One of the Least Transparent in Recent History.’ (5/16)

(3:27:07) Sen. Paul calls on Clinton to accept blame for Benghazi - Fox News' America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer. (5/16)

(3:30:59) If Words Could Waterboard - American Public Media's Kai Ryssdal destroys Donald Rumsfeld in interview. (5/16)

(3:37:11) Rand Paul speaks out on outrageous IRS abuses at Tea Party Patriots press conference: "This is profoundly un-American!" Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (5/16)

(3:38:14) IRS Controversy: Judge Napolitano and Mike Santoli comment on the apparent cover-up, and the President's performance on Fox News' Studio B with Shepherd Smith. (5/16)

(3:45:43) Paul visit to NH fuels presidential speculation - Coverage by WMUR News 9 (ABC - Manchester, NH). (5/17)

(3:47:29) UPDATE: FOX19 uncovers 5th local IRS worker allegedly connected to scandal. Ben Swann reports for WXIX-TV. (5/17)

(3:49:33) Al Korelin, Jeff Deist and guests broadcast from the Metals and Minerals Investment Conference in New York. (5/18)


Politics of Freedom Update - May 5th thru May 10th

May 14th, 2013

While Ron Paul has hit a temporary lull in his travel schedule, his former staffers and other colleagues continue to fan out and promote various aspects of the liberty message. When taking into consideration Ron Paul's America, the Campaign for Liberty/Young Americans for Liberty, the establishment of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, the Homeschool curriculum, and all of the Ron Paul inspired pundits, politicians and academics- the message that the former Congressman spent the last 30 years trying to disseminate is now exponentially more widely circulated.  This update is quite a compendium of the many voices who continue to labor for the cause, and will most likely do so many years after Dr. Ron Paul is gone. As a result, both liberals and neocons are back at it trying to smear the doctors name and discredit his distinguished service. Other clips follow the news of the day in voices from the broader liberty movement. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Justin Amash speaks out against The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) on News-Talk 760 WJR (Detroit, MI). Kathy Hoekstra fills-in for Frank Beckman. (4/17)

(6:30) Special Guest Senator Rand Paul is asked about a 2016 Presidential Run on Arise America News with Debbye Turner and Christina Brown. (4/23)

(19:21) WSVA 550 AM's (Harrisonburg, VA) Jimm Britt chides Blogger Joshua Huffman: "Why in the world you thought Ron Paul could be President?" Video by YouTube User: virginiaconservative. (4/29)

(27:36) Ron Paul 2012 Senior Adviser Doug Wead on Creating Wealth with Jason Hartman - Liberty is the Only Path to Prosperity . (5/1)

(47:12) Ron Paul Institute Advisor Lawrence Wilkerson on Current TV's The Young Turks: Syria Evidence 'Pretty Flaky.' (5/2)

(53:40) Michael Medved back on the attack, this time vs. the Ron Paul Institute with James Kirchick of The Daily Beast. (5/2)

(1:24:08) 50 State Laboratories ~ FBN’s economic experts discuss migration within the United States on Stossel. (5/3)

(1:35:41) Fox Business' John Stossel talks about Mercatus Center’s Economic Freedom Index with Will Ruger and Veronique de Rugy. (5/3)

(1:41:45) The GOP Civil War Over Libertarianism: Matt Welch speaks at Reason Weekend 2013. (5/5)

(2:04:24) Tom Woods in Minnesota, talks Nullification, Foreign Policy, Iran, Adam Kokesh Needs Kids! Video by YouTube User: tbmagis. (5/5)

(2:18:23) Russians Using 'Bear' Bomber to Test U.S. Military Response - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news update. (5/7)

(2:30:10) Kentucky Hemp supporters headed to Washington to plead case for waiver. WDRB 41's (Fox - Louisville, KY) Lawrence Smith reports. (5/6)

(2:32:17) Fox News Sr. Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano ~ Hillary Clinton Could Be Prosecuted Over Benghazi Testimony. (5/6)

(2:38:07) Sen. Paul Discusses Rubio Immigration Bill at Homeland Security and Gov't Affairs Hearing: "It's a little bit like Obamacare. I hate to bring that up, but 1,800 references to 'the secretary shall at a later date decide things'." Video by YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (5/7)

(2:45:16) Marco Rubio and Rand Paul Have Home State election problems in 2016 - Video compliments of YouTube User: tjwalker. (5/7)

(2:49:43) Rep. Thomas Massie Questioning During Benghazi Hearing: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage. Video by YouTube User: RepThomasMassie. (5/8)

(2:54:46) Rand Paul and Jason Mattera discuss Hillary Clinton's dereliction of duty on The Jerry Doyle Show. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (5/8)

(3:07:13) WUSA 9 (Gannett - Washington, DC) covers Adam Kokesh Open Carry March On Washington, July 4th 2013. (5/9)

(3:13:30) MSNBC Host Caught Lying About Watertown Martial Law, Slandering Ron Paul! David Knight and Dan Bidondi report for Infowars.com. (5/9)

(3:23:34) Rand Paul tells CNN's Erin Burnett: "Maybe We Were Facilitating Arms Leaving Libya Going Through Turkey Into Syria"- Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (5/9)

(3:28:39) Author Charles Goyette discusses Ron Paul’s radio spots with Scott Horton- Ron Paul's America is now airing on over 125 stations! (5/10)

(3:29:11) WDRB 41 Louisville: Rand Paul appears to be clearing path to seek 2016 presidential nomination. (5/10)

(3:31:11) Iowa GOP's LINCOLN DINNER: Rand Paul Appeals To Iowa Voters - WHO TV Channel 13 News' (NBC - Des Moines, IA) Aaron Brilbeck reports. (5/10)

(3:31:11) Golden State's James Grundler Rocks Out, talks Ron Paul on RTAmerica's Breaking the Set with Abby Martin. (5/10)

(3:38:31) Paul Name Could Be Asset, or Liability, for Rand Paul - Sarah McCammon reports for Iowa Public Radio. (5/11)

(3:41:00) Big Al Korelin discusses the big picture regarding government and a summary of Ron Paul’s current endeavors with former Chief of Staff Jeff Deist and Daniel McAdams, Head of Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. (5/11)


Politics of Freedom Update - April 27th thru May 4th

May 5th, 2013

In his criticism of the police state lockdown in Boston following the bombing there, Dr. Ron Paul pissed off all of the uniform worshipers and advocates of state power last week. As you'll hear in the attached audio file, MSNBC advanced the line that there was no lockdown, there were not heavily armed paramilitary police pointing weapons at people and there were no armored personnel carriers ("tanks") on the scene. Actual investigative reporting from the streets of Boston would prove otherwise (as you'll hear as well). This tragedy has shown that the Democrat Party has no fundamental opposition to living in a police state; at least, not when their guy is in charge. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul + Jim Rogers at The Sovereign Man Conference in Santiago, Chile: "They'll use force and they'll use intimidation..." (3/30)

(3:09) Rising Libertarian Star Rep. Justin Amash Discusses Reforming Social Security and Immigration with TheBlaze TV's Andrew Wilkow!’ (4/15)

(7:35) Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker speaks at the RNC Spring Meeting - Video by YouTube User: TasteTheLiberty. (4/17)

(11:47) Joel Skousen talks with Jeff Rense about Rand Paul's equivocation on drones, cozying up to the establishment? (4/24) *Linked audio requires paid subscription

(23:31) Ron Paul endorses Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) - Broun talks about the endorsement, his platform on News Talk 1340 WGAU (Athens, GA). Audio archived at zpolitics. (4/25)

(31:21) Rand Paul v. Marco Rubio on Foreign Policy - Chris Preble reports for The Cato Institute. (4/25)

(39:30) David Knight and Jakari Jackson talk about Alex Jones' interview w/ Ron Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheLibertydefined. (4/26)

(42:59) MSNBC's The Daily Rundown: Former Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) gets endorsement from Ron Paul. (4/26)

(45:54) Rand Paul on FNC's Cashing In, talks about Drones 'Flip-Flop' and the Push for More Security Cameras. (4/27)

(49:20) Matthew Duss and Robert Farley discuss the neoconservative reaction to Ron Paul's new institute on BloggingHeads.tv. (4/27)

(53:36) Glenn Greenwald Spars With Former CIA Officer On MSNBC Over Whether American Violence Abroad Fuels Jihad. Video archived at Mediaite.com. (4/27)

(59:10) Ron Paul on Syria - Patrick Riggins breaks it down on News Talk 100.3 WNOX (Knoxville, TN). Video by YouTube User: PatrickRigginsShow. (4/28)

(1:07:34) DiLorenzo on Limbaugh: Lies, Lies, and more Decepticon Lies - Audio from Mike Church's Post-Show Show. (4/29)

(1:14:13) Terrorism Leads to Tyranny! The John Birch Societies Art Thompson breaks down another weeks behind the headlines. (4/29)

(1:25:15) Ron Paul: Lockdown After Boston Bombings More Frightening Than Attack Itself   - Sabrina Siddiqui talks with Alyona Minkovski on HuffPost Live. (4/29)

(1:27:45) Mercedes Schlapp talks with Andy Dean about Rand, why Ron Paul decided to blast the Boston Police. (4/29)

(1:36:14) Ron Paul slams Boston 'occupation' saying it was worse than Bomber - Video by YouTube User: tjwalker. (4/29)

(1:38:53) 550 KFYI's (Phoenix, AZ) Mike Broomhead: Ron vs. Rand on the Boston marathon bombing, Could not be further from each-other. (4/30)

(2:00:00) Gov. Gary Johnson joins RT's Meghan Lopez about Boston bombing, Guantanamo Bay and Syria. (4/30)

(2:11:08) TYT Attacks Ron Paul and Bill Maher: Martial Law in Boston. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheYoungTurks. (4/30)

(2:16:50) Lucas & Crip 4 Ron Paul talk about the liberal reaction to Ron Paul's statements on Adam Vs The Man. (4/30)

(2:32:20) MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Ron Paul A "PARANOID LIAR!" Because Of His Oped "Liberty Was Also Attacked In Boston." (4/30)

(2:41:46) Bill Schneider on HuffPost Live: Republicans Should Nominate Rand Paul. (5/1)

(2:43:38) Iraq 10 years later: Mission impossible? RTAmerica Correspondent Meghan Lopez reports. (5/1)

(2:48:48) Rep. Thomas Massie talks about the Internet Tax Mandate on 55KRC (Cincinnati, OH) with Brian Thomas. (5/2)

(3:02:10) So There Was No Paramilitary Lockdown in Boston, huh? Dan Bidondi reports for Infowars.com. (5/3)

(3:16:07) NH State Representative Stella Tremblay talks FBI involvement in Marathon bombing on WEEI 93.7 (Boston, MA). (5/3)

(3:18:45) The CIA is Shoveling Millions and Millions of Dollars into Hamid Karzai's Pockets - Author Douglas Wissing talks with Jerry Doyle. (5/3)

(3:35:07) YOUR THREE CENTS : Do you worry the government will go too far to investigate terrorism, or not far enough? - WEAR ABC Channel 3 (Pensacola, FL). (5/3)

(3:36:36) Question: Would You Vote for Ron Paul or Rand Paul for President? David Pakman and the crew answer. (5/3)

(3:38:42) Ron Paul is a liar? How Dr. Paul Pissed Off MSNBC. The Journalistic Revolution Show at BlogTalk Radio. (5/4)


Politics of Freedom Update - April 20th thru April 26th

April 30th, 2013

Unfortunately, I have to work every other weekend- so the Politics of Freedom and Rand Paul 2016 Watch updates will come a few days later every other week. Ron Paul is no longer seeking elected office, but that doesn't mean that the media smear machine won't be on the offensive. Both the neocons and the liberals have been on the attack following the opening of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, in the hope that their slander will help pull down Senator Rand Paul's ambitions for the highest office in the land. Dr. Ron Paul has been in the news making several endorsements in the past week, including Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) and former Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) for the Congress. I haven't known to what extent to cover the tragic Boston marathon bombings last week, as there are many theories and the official story makes little sense. I tried to post some analysis of the attack this week from people with the liberty perspective. Sen. Rand Paul stepped in it this week, making statements that appeared to be in support of armed drones. However, the examples the Senator used were the same that he's been using since the filibuster in March. Dr. Ron Paul believes that the statements were used to try and form a wedge between Ron and Rand's supporters. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Congressman Thomas Massie talks with News Talk 800 & 1600 WVHU's (Huntington, WV) Tom Roten about gun control, online sales tax, and more. (4/10)

(14:18) Rep. Justin Amash talks to students at American University about the liberty movement's role in the GOP. Video compliments of YouTube User: Define Libert. (4/11)

(53:05) ANNOUNCEMENT: Jesse Ventura to Take on Two Party System! Join in! Video compliments of YouTube User: TheJoshTolleyChannel. (4/15)

(1:03:31) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? (4/16)

(1:07:17) CNN - The Most Busted Name in News. John Oliver and Jessica Williams join Comedy Central's Jon Stewart to talk about shabby reporting at the Boston Marathon. (4/17)

(1:15:59) Ron Paul launches Institute for Peace and Prosperity - RT's Meghan Lopez reports. (4/18)

(1:22:19) Former Rep. Ron Paul tells Campus Reform's Katherine Timpf  the GOP is turning young people away from party. (4/17)

(1:23:18) Stewart Rhodes speaks at OathKeepers Rally on Lexington Green in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Video by YouTube User: TheF4FS. (4/19)

(1:48:53) Behind the Terror: A Look at the Boston Bombing Terror.  JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (4/22)

(2:00:52) Ex-aide to Bachmann,  Sen. Kent Sorenson,  prepares to give evidence on alleged payments - Brett Neely reports for Minnesota Public Radio. (4/22)

(2:04:43) For Rand Paul, All Signs Point to 2016 Run - WSJ's Jerry Seib talks with reporter Monica Langley. (4/22)

(2:09:21) Rand Paul on Fox Business' Cavuto: Not Against Using Drones to Find Criminals. (4/22)

(2:16:18) Campaign for Liberty update: 'NO' to National Internet Tax Mandate! (4/22)

(2:22:03) Libertarianism challenges the old left-right divide - Rachel Smolkin and Matt Welch on Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit. (4/23)

(2:57:56) Robert Scott Bell: Ron Paul launches non-interventionist summer school! Cool! (4/23)

(3:04:43) Sen. Paul questions border security while criticizing immigration reform bill on The Laura Ingraham Show. (4/23)

(3:19:29) Ron Paul Blasts Online Sales Tax Scheme - Rob Dew and David Knight for Infowars Nightly News. Video by YouTube User: TheLibertydefined. (4/23)

(3:22:40) Larry Ward Leads Grassroots Effort To Defund Dept. of Homeland Security, talks to NewsRadio 740 KTRH's (Houston, TX) Matt Patrick. (4/24)

(3:37:05) HuffPost Live's College Week: 'I'm A Libertarian' - Hosted by Mick Sachs. (4/24)

(3:41:27) Judge Napolitano on FBN's Markets Now: CISPA Is A Direct Assault On Privacy. Video by YouTube User: selfownership1. (4/24)

(3:43:55) Slate Magazine - Rand Paul Can’t Decide if He Supports Drones Killing Robbers. (4/24)

(3:44:53) Rand Paul Tells Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano Judge He Has Not Changed His Mind on Drones. (4/24)

(3:49:23) Ron Paul endorses David Gay for Syracuse City Council in 30-second video at Syracuse.com. (4/24)

(3:49:54) Mike Church: The Daily Caller Calls Ron Paul's Peace Institute Board Members "Radicals." (4/24)

(3:54:55) Fox News' Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano Respond's to Sen. Rand Paul's Latest Comments on Surveillance Cameras. (4/24)

(3:59:06) Ron Paul supporters have flipped their lids over Rand's drone sentiments - 84 WHAS' (louisville, KY) Mandy Connell reacts. (4/25)

(4:02:32) Michael Scheuer: The Idea That They're Attacking Us Because Of Our Culture And Freedom Is Insane! Video by YouTube User: Jebby Sanderson. (4/25)

(4:09:23) Phil's Gang radio show host Phil Grande Interviews Senator Rand Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: ThePhilsGang. (4/25)

(4:15:10) WTF!?? Ron, Rand Paul urge Justin Amash not to run for retiring Senator Levin's seat - WWMT Newschannel 3 (CBS - Kalamazoo, MI). (4/25)

(4:15:51) Sen. Rand Paul clarifies his position on drones with Fox News' Sean Hannity. (4/26)

(4:23:03) Former Rep. Paul endorses Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia. MSNBC's Chris Matthews ridicules conservative's faith. (4/26)

(4:24:08) MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Continues To Vilify Those Who Dare Question The Government's Stories- And Now Ron Paul. (4/26)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - April 15th thru April 21st

April 21st, 2013

Rand Paul returned to doing his customary media rounds last week following a few weeks of incredible headline-making. The Senator continued to defend his much maligned speech to the African-American student of Howard University and weighed in on hot-topic issues of the day like gun control, immigration, the Boston Marathon bombing and more. Sen. Paul rightly called out President Obama for blatantly exploiting the deaths of the Sandy Hook children for political gain, and using the parents of the deceased kids as stage props for a gun control agenda. Remember: never let a good crisis go to waste! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Adam Kokesh: Rand Paul's Strategy at Howard University Explained  (Messenger vs. Politician). What About Liberty?  (4/11)

(16:28) Rand Paul and America’s spiritual cleansing… Steve Deace spoke with David Brody of CBN, who recently asked Rand two-day’s worth of tough questions. (4/16)

(40:37) Rand Paul Speaks at the Christian Science Monitor's Monitor Breakfast event for reporters at the St. Regis Hotel. Video coverage archived at C-Span. (4/17)

(1:29:45) Rand Paul talks Immigration, Education, Boston Attack and Filibustering on The Dennis Miller Show - Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (4/17)

(1:38:05) Talk Radio 1210 WPHT's (Phildelphia, PA) Dom Giordano speaks with Senator Rand Paul on the gun background check bill, Drones, the Gosnell trial, and his recent speech at Howard University. (4/17)

(1:47:40) Rand Paul Defends His Howard University Talk - Mike Sacks and Jon Ward discuss for HuffPost Live. (4/17)

(1:59:49) News Talk Radio 77's (New York, NY) Geraldo Rivera disagrees w/ Rand on guns but would totally back him for presidency . (4/18)

(2:05:59) Senator Rand Paul discusses Boston Marathon bombing, gun control legislation with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze. (4/18)

(2:18:42) Rand Paul engaged in war of words with President over gun control - WDRB 41's (Fox - Louisville, KY) Lawrence Smith reports. (4/18)

(2:20:52) PJTV's Alfonzo Rachel:  Rand Paul Needs to Clear the Air About Private Sector Discrimination. (4/20)


Politics of Freedom Update - April 13th thru April 20th

April 20th, 2013

Following the release of his new homeschooling curriculum last week, Ron Paul continued to make news by launching his Institute for Peace and Prosperity. This is an interesting development, as it confirms that core of Dr. Paul's political organizations (Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty) will not focus on foreign policy issues. This was reaffirmed by Rand's conspicuous absence from the Ron Paul Institute's opening press conference- an outrage to the revolution! Regardless, I would have assumed a wave of interviews and media coverage would follow Dr. Paul's recent initiatives, but the media has failed once again. Even most of the reliable allies of the liberty movement have seemingly dropped the ball on the importance of the Ron Paul Curriculum and the Ron Paul Institute for Peace on Prosperity! Likewise, I haven't found any broadcast coverage of the former Congressman's speeches at the U. of Florida, Brown University or the GOP Dinner in Knoxville. Very disappointing. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) U.S. Troops Warned: Freedom of Religion is Terrorism & Police Taught to Attack The Constitution - Video by YouTube User: TheJoshTolleyChannel. (4/9)

(8:20) Confirmed: Obama's drone program killing civilians. Stephen Miles joins RTAmerica's Meghan Lopez to discuss. (4/11)

(14:30) Charles Goyette updates Freedom's Phoenix's Ernest Hancock on the progress of the Ron Paul's America radio spots. (4/12)

(26:06) Robert Scott Bell denounces state coercion and the government-pharma complex, mentions the Ron Paul Curriculum. (4/14)

(31:53) Are Young Libertarians The Key for GOP? Colorado Public Radio's Ryan Warner reports on YAL's CO State Convention. (4/15)

(45:58) Gold Going Down? The John Birch Society's Art Thompson provides another weekly update. (4/15)

(56:38) Rep. Justin Amash speaks at Freedom Works' New Fair Deal Event - Video by YouTube User: FreedomWorksAction. (4/15)

(1:06:20) Peter Schiff with CNBC's Larry Kudlow ~ Is The Gold Rally Really Over? (4/16)

(1:14:58) Israel Anderson reintroduces Rand Paul FLIX. (4/17)

(1:16:09) FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on FBN's Markets Now: Boston Bombing Reopens Privacy vs. Safety Debate. (4/17)

(1:20:55) Sirius/XM Radio's Mike Church: Intervention Is Arrogant And Unconstitutional Whether Foreign Or Domestic. (4/17)

(1:25:55) Sen. Paul Questions Big Sis Napolitano at HSGA Committee Hearing - Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (4/17)

(1:28:44) Alex Jones welcomes former Ron Paul Staffer and Founder of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes to discuss suspicions that a member of the liberty movement will be blamed for the Boston Marathon attack. (4/17)

(1:57:49) Sen. Rand Paul Talks with Jerry Doyle about the Gun Control and Immigration Bills Being Voted on Today in the Senate. (4/17)

(2:08:11) One of Dueling Republican Chairs Says He Didn't Want the Job (but he'll take it from the Paul supporter) - KTVA CBS11's (Anchorage, AK) Bill McAllister reports. (4/17)

(2:10:31) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: Senate moving forward on Internet Tax Mandate. (4/17)

(2:13:38) Rand Paul makes Time 100 Most Influential People cover, Morning Joe liberals disappointed on MSNBC. (4/18)

(2:16:13) Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show: "Yes, Obama, It's Demeaning To Politicize Families' Tragedies." (4/18)

(2:29:17) Sen. Paul Questions Sec. Kerry at Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing - Video by YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (4/18)

(2:37:44) Ron Paul has launched a new Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity - Chance McGee for LarouchePAC Podcast. (4/18)

(2:41:37) A Missouri Ron Paul Delegate Sues Over Caucus Arrest - Coverage on The Angel Clark Show. (4/18)

(2:50:37) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: Internet privacy bill means 'no more privacy'? (4/18)

(2:54:13) Ron Paul Auto-Tune!: The War On Drugs Is a Failure - Video compliments of YouTube User: schmoyoho. (4/19)

(2:57:32) Reason.com piece: Meet Gigi Bowman, Ron Paul-inspired candidate for New York state Senate. (4/19)

(3:02:50) Rand Paul-Mike Lee-Ted Cruz: Did Progressive Stand on Insider Trading Issue Destroy 2016 Hopes? Video by YouTube User: TheJoshTolleyChannel. (4/19)

(3:11:53) Freedom on Tour: Bringing Liberty to the Masses - Tom Woods speech in Dubuque, IA to the Iowa Republican Party. Video by YouTube User: jaxinthebox1 (Part 1 and Part 2). (4/13)


Politics of Freedom Update - April 6th thru April 12th

April 16th, 2013

Last week was another busy one for the Doctors Paul, as both the father and the son were on the road promoting liberty to youth constituencies at universities across the country. Having just spoke at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, former Rep. Ron Paul spoke at Oberlin College outside of Cleveland, OH and took a detour to join his friend Rep. John Duncan at a fundraiser in Knoxville. Sen. Rand Paul brought the libertarian Republican brand to two historically black colleges; namely, Howard University in Washington DC and Simmons College in Louisville. Bust most importantly, Dr. Paul announced the advent of the Ron Paul Curriculum for homeschooling parents and their children along with the creation of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Ron's ideas will clearly continue on long after his time on earth is over! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul to talk Ohio homeschooling at Duke Energy Convention Center - Broadcast by WCPO-TV (ABC9 - Cincinnati, OH). (4/5)

(0:27) Tom Woods Announces the release of the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum! (4/6)

(3:43) Want Liberty in Our Times? Lew Rockwell talks to young libertarians about emulating the great Ron Paul. (4/9)

(19:00) Glenn Beck Goes Libertarian - John Stossel weighs in on the recent conservative evolution. Video by YouTube User: yazchat. (4/7)

(27:07) JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly update: Pentagon Buying Military Helicopters From Russia. (4/8)

(38:28) Ron Paul Curriculum: Introduction with Director Gary North. Video compliments of YouTube User: RonPaulCurriculum. (4/9)

(42:58) Will Ron Paul's Homeschool Currículum Rewrite History? Blogger Ed Brayton joins PaleoRadio on WPRR AM 1680m (Grand Rapids, MI). (4/9)

(1:03:08) Ben Swann Leaving Fox 19 Announcement (Make Your Voice Heard) - Video compliments of YouTube User: Ben Swann. (4/9)

(1:05:07) Rand Paul’s putative rant on gun control - PIX11's (new York, NY) Lionel comments on the situation. (4/9)

(1:06:36) Will The Future GOP Be More Libertarian? NPR's Ari Shapiro reports for All Things Considered. (4/9)

(1:11:13) Libertarianism Rebranded - HuffPost Live's Jacob Soboroff talks with Adam Kokesh and other libertarian panelists. (4/10)

(1:40:08) Our Old Friend Jessie Benton is running PR for his new boss Mitch McConnell on 84WHAS' (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell Show. (4/10)

(1:45:25) Two Alaskans Claim to be Republican State Party Chair- Bill McAllister reports for KTVA CBS 11 (Anchorage, AK). (4/10)

(1:48:00) Judge Napolitano And Shep Smith Take On IRS E-Mail Snooping Without Warrants. Video archived at Mediaite. (4/11)

(1:53:15) Ian, Johnson and Mark of Free Talk Live talk with Gene "the Christian anarchist" about the Ron Paul Speaking Tour. (4/11)

(1:57:47) Rand Paul visits Howard University students - FNC's Hannity and guests debate Party History, CRA, Newsletters. (4/11)

(2:02:52) Reason Magazine captures Reactions to Sen. Rand Paul's Speech at Howard University. (4/11)

(2:05:50) 84 WHAS' Mandy Connell speaks with Senator Rand Paul about the McConnell bugging and his upcoming rally. (4/12)

(2:16:12) Trying to defend Rand Paul - MSNBC's Chris Hayes brings in Melissa Harris-Perry and Ta-Nehisi to bash Rand, while Matt Welch defends. (4/12)

(2:22:55) Larry Pratt on CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: All The Gun Control Polls Are BS! Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (4/10)

(2:33:45) ABC36 News WTVQ (Lexington, KY): Both Kentucky Senators Vote For Filibuster Against Gun Control. (4/11)

(2:34:09) Libertarianism going mainstream? Fox News' Steve Doocy with political analyst Roger Stone. (4/12)

(2:37:29) Rep. Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul speak at Louisville Tea Party. Video archived at USTREAM. (4/12)

(3:12:05) Rand Paul Speaks at Simmons College to Seek African American Support. Video by YouTube: djgabrielpresents. (4/13)

(3:17:22) Journalist Ben Swann interview with Alex Jones of Infowars: Why MSM is A Joke. (4/13)

(3:43:56) Republicans Join with Democrats to Destroy Gun Rights - Prison Planet's David Knight reports for Infowars' Nightly News. (4/14)

(3:54:52) USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold Supports Rand Paul Foreign Policy Over McCain. Video by YouTube User: VoteRonPaul12. (4/12)


Politics of Freedom Update - March 30th thru April 5th

April 7th, 2013

Dr. Ron Paul's itinerary has really began to fill up after a couple of months of rest. The Congressman's radio minute is airing in markets across the country, and he now has several more dates scheduled on university campuses over the next several weeks. Over the last few weeks, the honorary chairman of the Campaign for Liberty has spoke at George Washington University, at the Manning Conference in Ottawa, at Financial Adviser Magazine's Retirement Symposium in Orlando, at the Sovereign Man Conference in Santiago, Chile, the CAL summit in Calgary, and now at the Homeschooling Convention in Cincinnati. Now, Rep. Paul has never gotten the media coverage he has deserved. Unfortunately, he receives even less press now that he is no longer running for President and has retired from the Congress! I haven't had nearly the amount of Ron Paul coverage that I had hoped to post for you all. Luckily, Rand Paul has been a fixture in the headlines, and Reps. Amash and Massie are really worth listening to. Additionally, I will continue to post news analysis and commentary from voices that are prominent to the liberty movement. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Gene Healy of CATO Institute Discusses Problems with Drone Policy on The Jerry Doyle Show. (3/26)

(15:08) Peter Schiff on CNBC's Future's Now: We're Headed To A Currency Crisis One Way Or Another. Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (4/1)

(24:07) Rep. Justin Amash in-depth interview on Debt, Abortion, Immigration & More with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie. (4/1)

(1:03:02) POLITICO Roundtable: Rand vs. Ron Paul, and the new GOP. (4/1)

(1:06:25) Arrogant Bill Kristol is Deaf and Dumb about cultural shift: ‘Pathetic’ To ‘Embrace Views Of Some 26-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Know Anything.’ Video archived at Mediaite.com. (4/1)

(1:08:33) David Stockman on Fox Business' Varney & Co.: "Ben Bernanke Is The Most Dangerous Man In US History." (4/1)

(1:15:06) Mike Church: "Iraq War to Blame for Obamacare" Writes Jonah Goldberg!? (4/1)

(1:20:00) Full Disclosure: "Rand Paul's 13 Hours That Changed Public Opinion" - Video by YouTube User: Ben Swann. (4/2)

(1:24:51) Budget Deficit Exploding Out of Control, Congress Triggers Early Stages of Hyperinflation - Ron Paul's favorite statistician John Williams on USAWatchdog. (4/3)

(1:41:43) Prof. Hunt Tooley talks with Tom Woods (in for Peter Schiff) about Americans' shifting opinions of drones, the TSA, and what the Founders would think of today's security state. (4/3)

(2:02:40) The State That Booed Ron Paul for the Golden Rule Again Chooses Adulterous Mark Sanford for Governor. Mike Church and AG Discuss. (4/2)

(2:07:40) Sun News' Faith Goldy joins Manu Raj to discuss the UN’s gun grab and Hollywood’s gun hypocrisy. (4/3)

(2:15:38) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: One glaring oversight in U.N. Arms Treaty? (4/3)

(2:19:57) Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert samples the RNC Young Voters Survey! (4/3)

(2:23:15) A litany of gaffes sets back Republican plans to make the party more inclusive and electorally viable - Jon Stewart reports for Comedy Central's The Daily Show. (4/3)

(2:30:07) STUDY: What Are the Most, Least Free States in the United States? Judge Andrew Napolitano on FNC's Fox & Friends. (4/4)

(2:32:46) US also to blame for Palestinian prisoner’s death - Radio host and former candidate for US Senate Mark Dankof on Iran's PressTV. (4/4)

(2:41:22) Decepticons Beware: Hagel Hints At Cutting One Trillion Dollars In Defense Spending - The Mike Church Show. (4/4)

(2:46:22) CBN's David Brody spent a couple days with Sen. Paul down at his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. (4/4)

(3:08:11) Outside groups take over where Minn. GOP falls short - Tom Scheck reports for Minnesota Public Radio. (4/5)

(3:12:27) Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America debates MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Hardball. (4/4)

(3:26:21) The Best Of Ron Paul's America features Courtesy of PodcastOne. (4/1)

(3:31:53) SC State Senator Tom Davis on the NDAA, Civil Disobedience and Nullification. Video Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four. (4/4)

(3:41:39) News Radio 84 WHAS' (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell has Cong. Thomas Massie in-studio to talk about numerous issues happening in Washington DC. (4/5)

(4:00:27) Judge Napolitano on FBN's Lou Dobbs Tonight: Connecticut Gun Control Law 'A Wishlist For Those Who Hate 2nd Amendment.' (4/5)

(4:04:41) Uh-oh! Is gold, silver confiscation next? CNBC's Rick Santelli exposes Illinois' Legislation for its Resident's Gold (SB-3341). Video archived at World Net Daily. (4/4)

(4:07:12) So Much for 'The Principled Liberal' - Prick Bill Maher Trashes Libertarians: Movement Went ‘Nuts,’ ‘Intellectually Stuck In Their Teen Years.’ Video archived at Mediaite.com. (4/5)


Politics of Freedom Update - March 23rd thru March 29th

April 2nd, 2013

Sorry for the delay, but here's a huge chunk of audio for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately, its getting harder and harder to find Ron Paul specific news, even when he's out and about speaking to crowds. Very little multimedia of Dr. Paul's speaking engagements have been available since the man signed on with the Greater Talent Network, and there must be a no video policy in place. On Saturday, the former Congressman spoke at the Sovereign Man conference in Santiago, Chile- and no video of this speech seems to exist as of yet. Sen. Rand Paul continues to make waves in the aftermath of his CPAC straw poll victory, and yet snipers continue to come out of the woodwork to bash the Senator. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Short behind-the scenes interview with Ron Paul at GWU - Video compliments of YouTube User: Carlos McKnight. (3/4)

(0:57) Ron Paul's Philosophy in Four Words: "Nothing comes for free" - Video compliments of YouTube User: Scott Vrooman. (3/8)

(1:12) Pat Caddell's electrifying CPAC Speech rips GOP RINO Washington consultancy class. Video by YouTube User: videosciencelab. (3/17)

(10:08) Michigan pundits discussing the 2014 open US Senate seat, and Justin Amash's chances in that race on Off The Record. Video by YouTube User: duncanhunter2008. (3/17)

(15:50) Clifford May says Iraq attacked USA first? Jan Helfeld debates with a neoconservative, national security technocrat. (3/17)

(23:32) Iowa GOP Chair AJ Spiker talks about his state party and Rand Paul's upcoming visit with Newsradio 1040 WHO's (Des Moines, IA) Jan Mickelson. (3/19)

(44:15) Reality Check with WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati. OH) Ben Swann: European Central Bankers want personal savings accounts to pay for bailouts?

(47:29) The Resident -- Military to takeover drones in the US? RTAmerica's Lori Harfenist has more. (3/21)

(50:29) Daniel McAdams, foreign policy advisor for Rep. Ron Paul, joins Scott Horton to talk RP's educational efforts. (3/22)

(1:11:21) Fox News Confirms Alex Jones DHS Ammo Purchases Story - Video by YouTube User: MichaelSavage4Prez. (3/23)

(1:13:50) WNOX-FM's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins discusses Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter's strange thoughts on Freedom. (3/24)

(1:26:07) Conservatives' Fear of Libertarians - Video compliments of YouTube User: PatrickRigginsShow. (3/24)

(1:36:05) Rand Paul Clarifies His Stance On Illegal Immigration with WND's Taylor Rose. Video by YouTube User: VoteRonPaul12. (3/25)

(1:46:00) Peter Schiff tells Russia Today how a US depression can cause a global 'death spiral.' (3/25)

(1:53:46) Rand Paul vs. Paul Ryan? MSNBC's Alex Wagner talks with Heather McGee and Michael Tomasky about this quiet fight on the right. (3/25)

(2:02:47) Glenn Greenwald on Current TV: U.S. Military Continues Torture War Crimes Under Obama's Leadership!  Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (3/25)

(2:10:13) Cypriot Financial Crisis and the Russian Connection - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (3/25)

(2:21:19) RP2012 Campaign Legal Advisor Bruce Fein talks with Jerry Doyle about the Erosion of our Freedoms. (3/25)

(2:38:12) Should we be putting kids in jail for minor drug offenses? WRKO 680 AM's (Boston, MA) Jeffrey Kuhner asks the audience. (3/25)

(2:51:58) Don't Stand With Rand? Cenk Uygur on Gun Control and Pot - Video by YouTube User: TheYoungTurks. (3/26)

(2:58:13) Hemp bill backed by Rand Paul passes KY state legislature, awaits governor's signature! Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (3/27)

(3:00:17) Rand Paul Discusses Passage Of Kentucky Hemp Bill - Video compliments of YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (3/27)

(3:01:35) This ain't your daddy's drone - WND-TV's Molotov Mitchell shares 'a handy tool to have around the house'. (3/27)

(3:06:00) Rick Perry's gold rush: Fort Knox of Texas in the works! Wayne Allyn Root joins RTAmerica's Liz Wahl. (3/26)

(3:12:15) Sen. Mike Lee talks with Fox News' Greta Van Susterein about the latest filibuster threat on Gun Control. (3/28)

(3:17:44) Rand Paul Draws Large, Young Crowd At University of Kentucky Campus. Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (3/28)

(3:18:46) Paul endorsing McConnell, discouraging tea party challenge - WHAS11's (ABC - Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold reports. (3/28)

(3:21:00) 84 WHAS' (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell speaks to Congressman Thomas Massie about the goings on in Washington and Obamacare updates. (3/28)

(3:34:41) Laissez Faire Books' Jeffrey Tucker talks Rand Paul on Unleashed Independence Radio with Erika Grave Davies. (3/29)

(3:57:22) Libertarian wirter Ilana Mercer Talks Rand Paul on The Robert Wenzel Show. (3/30)

(4:21:47) Executive Director of Armed Citizen Project, Kyle Coplen, on CNN - Video compliments of YouTube User: Armedcitizenproject. (3/30)

(4:26:42) Jesse Benton strikes again, blow for Rand Paul - Video compliments of YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (3/30)


Politics of Freedom Update - March 16th thru March 22nd

March 23rd, 2013

Another week of liberty-related news for all the subscribers out there. Senator Rand Paul is coming off of his first victory in the CPAC straw-poll- showing that he has, in fact, taken over the liberty wing of the Republican Party. This week also marked the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq War, which so many of us supported at one time in our ignorance. The question is, does the average Republican voter recognize the colossal failure of the Bush administration's preemptive regime change policy? Ron Paul's America was scheduled to begin airing on stations across the country this week, though I haven't yet seen or heard any confirmation that the radio minutes have been played anywhere. I will certainly post any info that I come across. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) YAL's Jeff Frazee talks with AM 1440 KMED's (Medford, OR) Bill Meyer about the trashing of those "crazy libertarian kids". (3/8)

(7:39) Jeb Bush Seeks Third Bush Presidency - Aaron Dykes reports for PrisonPlanet.com. (3/12)

(9:30) Constant Contradictions: Gov't Says One Thing, Does Another - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (3/11)

(18:19) Attorney & Author Jonathan W. Emord tells Alex Jones about the state of the Republic and his battles vs. the FDA. (3/12)

(45:20) Sarah Palin: Dems Call White Men & The Tea Party Extremist Terrorists. Video by YouTube User: TheALexJonesChannel. (3/14)

(52:25) 2nd Amendment Debate - Kyle Coplen of The Armed Citizen Project on The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur. (3/14)

(1:03:43) Sen. Ted Cruz Reacts to Clash With Dianne Feinstein on Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto. (3/15)

(1:12:05) As RNC reboots, Reince Priebus reaches out to the Ron Paul liberty movement - Audio excerpts from his Remarks at CPAC and the National Press Club. (3/16,3/18)

(1:16:16) NRA President and former ACU Chairman David Keene criticizes disenfranchisement of Ron Paul supporters from GOP, knocks John McCain. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (3/16)

(1:22:14) Adam Kokesh VS CPAC 2013 - Video compliments of YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (3/18)

(1:24:48) Adam & Ron Paul VS Peter Schiff at CPAC - Video compliments of YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (3/18)

(1:31:32) WNOX News Talk 100.3's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins: Libertarianism... The New "Hip" Thing - Video by YouTube User: ThePatrickRigginsShow. (3/17)

(1:43:03) WNOX News Talk 100.3's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins: Rand Paul at CPAC- Video compliments of YouTube User: ThePatrickRigginsShow. (3/17)

(1:53:28) WNOX News Talk 100.3's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins: Ron Paul and The Defense of Marriage Act - Video by YouTube User: ThePatrickRigginsShow. (3/17)

(2:01:39) John Birch Society's Art Thompson: National Popular Vote for President Is Not the Answer! (3/18)

(2:13:23) Mike Church: Military Suicides Are Yet Another Cost Of War. (3/18)

(2:18:23) Pat Buchanan on the Laura Ingraham Show: ‘Rand Paul-Ron Paul-Pat Buchanan’ anti-interventionism is on the rise in the GOP. Audio archived at The Daily Caller. (3/18)

(2:21:06) Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano: Government Can Steal Your Money - Video by YouTube User: djgabrielpresents. (3/18)

(2:24:52) Alex Jones reads some Ron/Rand Paul related headlines. Audio archived at Alex Jones Podcasts. (3/19)

(2:25:31) The Greater Talent Network Presents: Former Congressman Ron Paul gives his advice to the young people of America. (3/19)

(2:26:52) Full Disclosure: Al Qaeda in Syria, the Story You Haven't Heard? Video compliments of YouTube User: Ben Swann. (3/19)

(2:39:57) Mike Gallagher interviews Rand Paul, likes his immigration proposal- Video compliments of YouTube User: bxtidre7. (3/19)

(2:56:48) Freedom Movement Winning! David Ortiz special report on Victories in the Liberty Movement. Video by YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (3/20)

(3:00:10) American Exceptionalism Is Not A Compliment! Mike Church talks with caller George in PA.  (3/20)

(3:05:10) HuffPost Live: GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against Iraq War Stand Their Ground 10 Years Later. (3/20)

(3:14:58) Why did Senator Rand Paul Tell Jerry Doyle 'There Will be a Day of Reckoning' If We Ignore the Debt? (3/20)

(3:29:22) Dennis Kucinich: US an 'Orwellian State' - Talks about Ron Paul, Rand's Filibuster. Video by YouTube User: breakingtheset. (3/21)

(3:37:33) Get This, by Lynn Wolley- "According To Our Schools, The United States Is To Blame For The September 11 Attacks." Blames Ron Paul for CIA's analysis on blowback. Audio archived at News Radio 1400 KTEM. (3/21)

(3:38:33) Paul Legacy Continues - HuffPost's Abby Huntsman with Jordan Page, John Bush among others. (3/21)

(4:04:51) Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Fund Infrastructure Projects by Offsetting Foreign Aid. Video by YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (3/12)


Politics of Freedom Update - March 9th thru March 15th

March 16th, 2013

Congressman Ron Paul finished up his participation in Preston Manning's conservative conference up in Canada, just in time for the CPAC 2013 festivities. While the former Congressman did not attend, Sen. Rand Paul rocked the house for all the youth in the liberty wing of the Republican Party. I'll begin this podcast with some additional analysis of the historic drone filibuster, from other voices around the broader liberty movement. I also came across some great audio from people looking back at the Ron Paul revolution, and where it's stands today. We'll also hear from Congressman Justin Amash, who is being floated for a run for the US Senate, and Congressman Thomas Massie. Enjoy! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) How conservative are Canadians? Matt Bufton of the Institute for Liberal Studies answers for SunNews in light of MNC 2013. (3/8)

(7:33) Jack Blood is joined by radio host and blogger Kurt Wallace: What IS the state of the Revolution? Rand Paul - friend or Foe? (2/27)

(40:37) Rand Paul's Out-Principles Perpetual War - Robert Scott Bell on the Senators filibuster and neocon attacks. (3/8)

(48:16) TheBlaze TV: Was Rand Paul’s Filibuster a Turning Point for the Libertarian Movement? (3/8)

(53:45) The Impact of Rand's #Filiblizzard with Charles Goyette and Gary Franchi on Next News Network. (3/8)

(1:05:40) Mike Church: Drones, Like Nuclear Technology, Can Be Used For Good Or Evil. (3/8)

(1:10:25) A wide ranging discussion with Prof. Walter Block on the importance of Ron Paul. Video by YouTube User: Redmond Weissenberger. (3/10)

(1:39:52) Rand Paul: “One of the Most Dangerous” Politicians of His Generation - WSB Radio's (Atlanta, GA) Monica Perez. (3/10)

(2:24:36) Rand Paul on CNN's The Situation Room: Time To Bring Troops Home, Cut Foreign Aid, And Fix Entitlements! Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (3/11)

(2:30:35) Rumble on RT's The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann - Is Rand Paul Picking up the Ron Paul Mantle? (3/11)

(2:39:57) Rand Paul tells Peter Schiff: The 'Old Guard' Attacking Me Means I'm Winning! Video compliments of YouTube User: SchiffReport. (3/12)

(2:52:11) Rep. Justin Amash takes a look at the Ryan budget on News/Talk 760 WJR (Detroit, MI).  Will he run for Levin's open Senate seat? (3/13)

(3:03:05) Sen. Paul and Colleagues Propose the Defunding of Obamacare at Press Conference. Video by YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (3/13)

(3:04:14) 84WHAS' (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell speaks with Rep. Thomas Massie about his stands in Washington, thoughts on the filibuster and other issues. (3/14)

(3:15:57) Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Sens. Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein - Video by YouTube User: politicalturkey. (3/14)

(3:22:08) Judge Napolitano Analyzes Rand Paul and Marco Rubio’s CPAC Speeches on FNC's Special Report: ‘They Were Superstars’. (3/14)

(3:24:02) Rand Paul, Libertarians Rising at 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference - Matt Welch and Kennedy for ReasonTV. (3/15)

(3:27:07) 3 Problems Rand Paul Faces with His Post-Filibuster Fame - Brian Doherty talks with Jerry Doyle. (3/15) *subscription required


Politics of Freedom Update - March 2nd thru March 8th

March 9th, 2013

The major news this week was Senator Rand Paul's marathon filibuster on the floor of the Senate. This update will cover some of that, but there will be much more specific filibuster coverage to come. The automatic sequester 'cuts' finally went into effect this week, and yet the sky has not fallen! Yet, it seems clear that the administration intends to make the pain felt in very visible ways. Despite the cuts in the rate of government growth, the state continues to push aside the rights of the people at every opportunity. As like-minded patriots try and inform one another, the other side is still touting the threat of homegrown terrorists and anti-government extremists. On the Ron Paul front, Dr. Paul visited George Washington University on Monday (no audio/video available thus far) and had his first speaking engagement outside of the United States (at least as long as I have been doing this podcast) at the Manning Conference in Ottawa. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: VP Biden, “No law abiding citizens fears 2nd amendment infringement.” (2/26)

(3:48) Ted Nugent gives hat-tip to Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show: "I came to Texas where we have genuine statesmen, genuine patriots who understand they serve 'We the People' and the US constitution." (2/28)

(20:33) Big Sis Threatens Terror Attack Over Sequestration Cuts - Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes report for Infowars.com. (2/27)

(28:28) Daniel McAdams, Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Advisor, on The Robert Wenzel Show. (3/3)

(43:05) Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents - Video by YouTube User: StormCloudsGathering. (3/4)

(46:43) Michael Scheuer talks about the Rise of Homegrown Terrorism with Fox Business' Tom Sullivan - Video by YouTube User: Jebby Sanderson. (3/4)

(53:46) Judge Napolitano: Obama Administration Doesn't Understand Economics 101 - Video compliments of YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (3/4)

(57:02) Mike Church: Cutting 0.7% of the Military Budget Is Being Hit Hard? (3/4)

(1:02:39) Senate Votes to Increase Office Funding on 5th Day of Sequester. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (3/5)

(1:07:25) US-EU Free Trade: Free Trade Is Not Trade & It Is Not Free - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update. (3/4)

(1:18:23) Are We Gearing up for a Shooting War With Iran? Reason Magazine's Brain Doherty Joins Jerry Doyle to Discuss. (3/5)

(1:35:30) Rand Paul talks about possibility of drone strikes in the United States on Sean Hannity radio show. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (3/5)

(1:51:44) Charles Goyette talks with Alan Butler about ''Ron Paul Radio'' that he and Dr. Paul are launching later this month. (3/5)

(2:03:05) Top 2: The Biggest Threat To Electoral System You've Never Heard Of with Ben Swann and Christina Tobin of Free and Equal. (3/5)

(2:06:28) Number Of Anti-Government Groups At An All Time Record High! Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (3/5)

(2:14:48) Ron Paul: Sequester Crisis is Government Hype - Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (3/6)

(2:17:04) Canadian Socialists not happy about Ron Paul's visit! Propaganda PSA by the Broadbent Institute. (3/6)

(2:18:33) Sen. Ted Cruz Gets Eric Holder to Admit Drone Policy Unconstitutional on US Soil - Video by YouTube User: JamaicanMon. (3/6)

(2:23:20) Rand Paul stops confirmation of CIA director due to drone killings of Americans - RT's Liz Wahl reports. (3/6)

(2:25:36) Current TV's Cenk Uygur: Rand Paul’s ‘a constitutional hero’ for filibustering Obama’s vague drone policy. (3/6)

(2:29:20) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinnati, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann: Sen. Rand Paul's Talking Filibuster of John Brennan. (3/6)

(2:32:51) Jon Stewart Applauds Rand Paul for Filibuster on Comedy Central's The Daily Show: ‘Worth Kicking Up A Fuss For’. (3/6)

(2:35:54) FULL INTERVIEW: Rush Limbaugh interviews Rand Paul on the filibuster. Video archived at The Right Scoop. (3/7)

(2:54:57) Don't Drone Me, Bro! Mike Church on the Junior Senator from Kentucky's principled stand. (3/7)

(2:59:57) Judge Napolitano Applauds Rand Paul’s Filibuster, Slams Obama: ‘Brave New World Is Not Too Far Off’ - Video archived at Mediate.com. (3/7)

(3:03:58) The Power to Use Lethal Force is the Ultimate Force the State Wields. Mike Church for Founders TV. (3/7)

(3:10:00) Infowars Nightly News: Rand Paul Stands Against Drone Striking Americans on U.S. Soil. Video by YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (3/8)

(3:15:39) Ron Paul National Delegate Running for Chairman of Largest County GOP In The Southeast - Cobb County, GA. Video by YouTube User: Oleg Ivutin. (3/7)

(3:22:34) Tom Woods plays some filibuster clips, talks with caller about the growth of Austrian economics on The Peter Schiff Show. (3/7)

(3:43:19) SunNews coverage of the 2013 Manning Networking Conference (Part 1 and Part 2). (3/8)

(3:47:21) Rand Paul joins Laura Ingraham: Neoconservative view has clearly hurt the GOP. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (3/8)

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