Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 10th thru June 16th

June 17th, 2013

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 10th thru June 16th. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul on FNC's America's Newsroom: Benghazi an outpost in arms running? (6/9)

(5:45) Slate Magazine: Rand Paul Threatens to Sue Feds Over NSA Leaks . (6/10)

(6:48) Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show: Obama is “the world’s biggest hypocrite.” Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/10)

(15:55) Sen. Rand Paul Wants a Lawsuit Against Phone Taps - FBN’s Eric Bolling says he would join on Varney & Co.. (6/10)

(20:21) Sen. Rand Paul calls NSA spying an 'utter, frank hypocrisy' on Fox News' Hannity. (6/10)

(30:11) Mr. & Mrs America Turn in Your Phone Records - Infowars' David Knight on Rand Paul's idea for class action lawsuit. (6/11)

(39:54) Glenn Beck talks with Bill O’Reilly about the NSA, Rand Paul, and more. (6/11)

(47:39) Is the NSA monitoring emails? Senator Rand Paul on FNC's O'Reilly Factor. (6/11)

(54:28) Roger Hedgecock: Rand Paul says a place will be found for illegals. (6/12)

(1:02:30) Steve Deace: Libertarians were right, conservatives should have listened to their warnings. (6/11)

(1:23:23) Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Dr. Charles Krauthammer and John Boehner all react differently to the NSA Whistleblower. KIRO 770 AM's (Seattle, WA) David Boze talks about what should happen next. (6/12)

(1:28:49) Rand Paul explains to Michael Medved how NSA snooping violates your 4th Amendment rights. Video compliments of YouTube User:  bxtidre7. (6/12)

(1:43:23) Michael Savage: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will flame out just like Michele Bachmann. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/12)

(1:45:07) Rand Paul  on CNN's The Lead - "There's A Credibility Gap With The Intelligence Agencies They LIED To Us!" Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/12)

(1:54:33) Sen. Rand Paul speaks about the war against Christians at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Luncheon - Video archived at C-SPAN . (6/13)

(2:11:42) Michael Savage goofs on Rand Paul for being short: “Elevator shoes” - Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/14)

(2:12:47) What are the Chances Rand Paul Could Be Elected President? Charles Goyette joins Stansberry Radio. (6/13)

(2:30:39) Senator Rand Paul discusses individualism, freedom, and national security on the Hoover Institution's Uncommon Knowledge. (6/14)

(3:10:05) Will Rand Paul's Amnesty Support Cost Him 2016 ? J. Russell George and William Gheen in Infowars Live with Alex Jones. (6/14)

(3:28:53) Senator Rand Paul Keynote Speaker at Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. Video by YouTube User: BLWarriors. (6/14)

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Congressman Ron Paul Speaks at the Victoria College (10/13/2012)

October 14th, 2012

After participating in Saturday's "Parade That Never Was" honoring all Vietnam War veterans, the Congressman Ron Paul spoke to a small gathering at the at the Victoria College Student Center in Victoria, TX. Dr. Paul talked about the nation's economic woes, US foreign policy, and his career in politics- and finished his remarks with some audience Q-and-A. This speech could turn out to be one of the last times the Congressman will address his constituents in-district as a sitting member of Congress. Video compliments of YouTube User: Bexar Liberty.


Ron Paul Addresses Guests at San Antonio Fundraising Luncheon (4/12/2012)

April 13th, 2012

Dr. Ron Paul spoke to his supporters at the Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio, Texas- as the campaign held a lunchtime fundraiser with the Congressman. Rep. Paul spoke about the ongoing campaign, a bit about his life in politics, and the cause of liberty. The Congressman talked about his support among the youth in this country, and then answered questions from the audience. Intro by Mrs. Carol Paul! Admission cost about $350 per person ($250 for students and military). Video compliments of YouTube User: Bexar Liberty.


Ron Paul Hosts Town Hall in St. Charles County MO (3/10/2012)

March 14th, 2012

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted a remarkable 2,500-plus voters at a massive town hall meeting held in St. Charles, Missouri (a northwest suburb of St. Louis).. The standing-room-only  Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Paul and thousands of voters took place in the Hyland Arena at Lindenwood University. Dr. Paul asked the crowd to consider economic and civil liberties as inseparable, a state of affairs that would result in a freer, more prosperous society.  The Congressman then took questions about subjects like homeschooling, Israeli security, the birth control controversy, and more! Video compliments of YouTube User: thenewsurvivalist (Part 1 and Part 2).


Youth for Ron Paul Town Hall at the University of Kansas (3/9/2012)

March 14th, 2012

Ron Paul drew a remarkable crowd of 2,100 voters to his University of Kansas Town Hall Meeting held on Friday night.  Students and supporters filled the KU Lied Center to see the Congressman speak and answer questions, with an additional 100 others filling public entryways. Dr. Paul’s KU Town Hall Meeting, co-sponsored by ‘Youth for Ron Paul,’ took place at the University's Lied Center in Lawrence, KS.  Congressman Paul outlined his ground-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America,’ an oft-praised fiscal blueprint designed to put the nation’s economy on track to rapid but sustainable growth. Video compliments of YouTube User: kcvideodotcom.


Ron Paul Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Idaho Falls, ID (3/5/2012)

March 6th, 2012

If his crowds of Idaho voters portend the results of the state's Tuesday caucus- Congressman Ron Paul may just win there! On Monday night,  Dr. Paul addressed another full house at a town hall meeting in the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium. The Congressman spoke about a variety of topics, including returning to the principles of the Founding Fathers, pulling out of the United Nations, reducing the national debt and getting rid of the Department of Education. Video coverage of the event provided by C-Span.


Congressman Ron Paul Town Hall in Anchorage, AK (3/4/2012)

March 5th, 2012

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted a remarkable 1,500-plus voters to a town hall meeting in Anchorage, Alaska - the second of two stops where the 12-term Congressman from Texas drew in excess of 1,000 people. During his speech, Dr. Paul hit on the key points of his campaign platform, touching on topics like fiscal and foreign policy, and the need to reduce the size of government and increase individual liberties. Video compliments of YouTube User: koryhearn.


Congressman Ron Paul at Fairbanks Town Hall Meeting (3/4/2012)

March 4th, 2012

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew more than 1,100 supporters to his Fairbanks town hall meeting, the first of two stops he is made in Alaska on Sunday. The Congressman’s Fairbanks Town Hall Meeting took place in the Gold Ballroom of the Westmark Hotel & Conference Center. Video compliments of YouTube User: Biggimote.


Rep. Ron Paul Hosts King County Town Hall in Seattle (3/2/2012)

March 3rd, 2012

Ron Paul attracted more than 750 voters to his Seattle Town Hall Meeting, topping off a day of campaigning in eastern and western Washington. Dr. Paul’s Seattle event took place at 7:30 p.m. PST at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center.  The crowd greeted the 12-term Congressman from Texas who spoke, and took questions from the audience. Video compliments of YouTube User: gigsplace.


Ron Paul Holds Town Hall Meeting in Spokane, WA (3/2/2012)

March 3rd, 2012

Hoping for a big win in the weekend's Washington caucus, Dr. Ron Paul spent some extra time campaigning hard in the state- returning for a town hall forum in Spokane. According to The Seattle Times, around 1000 people came to the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, WA to hear the Congressman talk about cutting foreign involvements and lowering or repealing taxes. Rep. Paul, wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans, spoke for more than half an hour to an enthusiastic crowd that interrupted him frequently with applause, and then took questions from the audience. Video compliments of YouTube User: JagdtygerII (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).


Ron Paul Hosts Clark County Town Hall in Ridgefield, WA (3/2/2012)

March 3rd, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul rallied supporters in Ridgefield Friday on the eve of Washington's Republican caucuses. Dr. Paul highlighted his signature issues before a crowd of about 500 people at the Clark County Fairgrounds. The Congressman then answered several audience questions during the townhall portion of the event. Full video coverage compliments of KATU.com (ABC affiliate - Portland, OR).


‘Solving Detroit’s Crises’ Town Hall with Dr. Ron Paul (2/27/2012)

February 27th, 2012

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul engaged voters in Detroit’s North End at an intimate town hall meeting where he discussed the rule of law and macroeconomic reforms that promise to renew Motor City, Michigan, and the nation. More than 300 church congregants and community members attended the event at the Little Rock Baptist Church, which resides within the poorest zip code in the state (a place Republican candidates are rarely seen). Congressman Paul took three questions, all from African-American students. Video compliments of YouTube User: sharpsteve2003 (Part 1 and Part 2).


Freedom 101: The Basics with Ron Paul in Williston, ND (2/19/2012)

February 20th, 2012

On Sunday, Congressman Ron Paul visited Williston, North Dakota as a guest of the North Dakota Policy Council to participate in a kind of town hall forum, entitled: Freedom 101: The Basics. Even on A Sunday night, the auditorium at Williston High School was filled with approximately 800 people (according to the Williston Herald). The Congressman laid out the disastrous effects of the Fed's monetary policy, and made the case for drastic cuts in federal spending. Video compliments of Vimeo User: North Dakota Policy Council.


Congressman Ron Paul Speaks in Twin Falls, ID (2/16/2012)

February 16th, 2012

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul spoke before a packed audience at the Roper Auditorium in Twin Falls, Idaho this afternoon. Back on the campaign trail, the Republican candidate is on an Idaho and Washington state tour over the next couple of days. The Congressman spoke about the need to restore individual liberties, and to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget in the first year. Following his remarks, Dr. Paul took a few questions from Twin Falls High School students. Video Compliments of YouTube User: 2NewsBoise. (KBOI 2-TV, CBS, Boise ID)


Ron Paul Speaks to Students at the College of Charleston (1/19/2012)

January 19th, 2012

Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul spoke at the College of Charleston as a part of their Bully Pulpit Series, a non-partisan lecture series which invites presidential candidates to speak with students and faculty on the College of Charleston campus. According to Dr. Paul's Facebook page, as many as 1,050 students coalesced around the Stern Student Center to hear the Congressman's remarks. Following those brief remarks, Rep. Paul was available for audience questions. Video coverage provided by C-Span.


Ron Paul at Personhood USA’s Presidential Pro-Life Forum (1/18/2012)

January 18th, 2012

On Wednesday evening, Congressman Ron Paul appeared live from Washington via satellite at the Presidential Pro-life Forum in Greenville, South Carolina. The town hall event took place at the Hilton Hotel, and was hosted by the national right-to-life group Personhood USA. Four of the five remaining Republican candidates participated in the candidates forum- this file only contains Ron Paul's remarks. Dr. Paul was questioned about his opinions on abortion, and talked about his his experience as a doctor that led him to be pro-life. Ron Paul advocates a states-rights solution to abortion policy. Video compliments of YouTube User: GreatDepressionDeux.


Ron Paul Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Spartanburg, SC (1/17/2012)

January 17th, 2012

On Tuesday, Rep. Ron Paul held a town hall style meeting at the Marriott in Spartanburg, South Carolina. During the event, the crowd cheered and often stood to give Paul a round of applause. Complete audio of the event has now been added (1/18). Video compliments of YouTube Users: Butterflybreakfast and Siriuscaster.


Ron Paul Holds Campaign Town Hall in Hollis, NH (1/9/2012)

January 9th, 2012

Ron Paul spoke and took questions from voters at the Hollis Community Center in Hollis, New Hampshire. The Nashua Telegraph reported that 300 people came to hear the Congressman speak at the Lawrence Barn. The latest Polls have Paul running second to Mitt Romney in the NH primary. Video coverage was provided by C-SPAN.


Ron Paul Holds Town Hall for Employees of Timberland (1/14/2012)

January 9th, 2012

On the day before the New Hampshire primary, Rep. Ron Paul visited the Timberland Corporate Headquarters in Stratham to hold a town hall meeting for employees of that company.  According to SeacoastOnline.com, Dr. Paul talked about the economy, foreign policy and the environment to a crowd of 300 Timberland employees and their families. Audio was captured via the CNN Live stream.


Ron Paul Hosts Town Hall Forum in Meredith, NH (1/8/2012)

January 8th, 2012

Ron Paul continued his tour around the Granite State in a rare Sunday town hall meeting in Meredith, New Hampshire. Introduced by Rand Paul, the Congressman reportedly drew around 300 people to the Church Landing at Mill Falls for the campaign forum- that sounded more like a rally! Dr. Paul delivered his familiar refrain of cutting $1T in federal spending and disengaging from the foreign entanglements abroad. A nice, long question and answered session ensued. Following the audience Q&A, the campaign took a few minutes to answer questions from the media. This entire forum was covered thanks to C-Span. Crazy as it sounds, I think C-Span has become the de-facto television home of the r3VOLution (not that they have much competition)!


Ron Paul Hosts Town Hall Meeting at UNH in Durham, NH (1/6/2012)

January 7th, 2012

Rep. Ron Paul returned to the University of New Hampshire  on Friday in Durham, to hold a town hall meeting with potential primary voters. NHJournal.com reported that 500 people came to the UNH Memorial Union Building for about 45 minutes of Q&A- which was moderated by NH State Sen. Jim Forsythe. Video coverage of the event was provided by C-Span.


Ron Paul Holds Town Hall Meeting in Sioux Center, IA (12/30/2011)

December 30th, 2011

On Friday, Dr. Ron Paul hosted a town hall style event at the Sioux Center Public Library. According to the Sioux City Journal, over 250 came to hear the Congressman speak of reforming foreign and monetary policies. Live video of the event was streamed at CNN Live.

Ron Paul Holds Town Hall Meeting in Council Bluffs, IA (12/29/2011)

December 30th, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul held another town hall meeting on Thursday night at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. According to the Congressman's Facebook page, 800 plus entered the venue, and the campaign sadly even had to turn some people away! Dr. Paul criticized the erosion of due process, and slammed President Obama on his proclivity for approving drone strikes all over the planet. Video compliments of YouTube User: nelibsupgrp.


Ron Paul Holds Town Hall for Employees of GuideOne Insurance (12/28/2011)

December 28th, 2011

As Iowa's new frontrunner, Dr. Ron Paul spoke to employees at GuideOne Insurance in West Des Moines on Wednesday about his broad-based appeal. The Congressman touted his ability to bridge the gap between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall St. movements. Audio was captured via the CNN Livestream.


Ron Paul Hosts Campaign Town Hall in Newton, IA (12/28/2011)

December 28th, 2011

Ron Paul was welcomed with dozens of media cameras and at least 200 voters on Wednesday afternoon at his Jasper County  Town Hall event in Newton, Iowa. The Newton Daily News reported that the Iowa Speedway Media Center was absolutely packed as the Congressman took questions from potential supporters in the audience. Audio was captured via the CNN Livestream.

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