Rand Paul 2016 Watch - August 12th thru August 18th

August 20th, 2013

It may be summer recess for the US Senate, but Rand Paul continues to make the media rounds to support the relaunch of Government Bullies- the paperback version of which was released earlier this month. The Senator continues to be a prominent voice in the national dialogue, weighing in prominently on foreign aid to Egypt reforming the mandatory nature of the nation’s drug laws. The dust has begun to settle following the war of words between Dr. Paul and Gov. Chris Christie, although the press is not particularly interested in letting the issue go. Also, the Senator is receiving scrutiny over his ongoing support for the reelection of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell (R-KY). The alliance is arguably hypocritical for a man who rode in on the 2010 tea party rebellion. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Caller Dave Tries Convincing Anthony Antonello to Support Rand Paul on Silence is Compliance radio. (8/7)

(15:26) Will Iowa Mean Anything for 2016 Hopefuls? Elizabeth Hagedorn reports for Newsy.com. (8/11)

(17:32) Lofty goals for McConnell, Paul alliance. Coverage by WHAS 11’s (ABC – Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold. (8/11)

(19:00) WEKU 88.9 FM (NPR - Richmond, KY) Listener Feedback: John from Pikeville says On Point Host Showed Disdain for Rand Paul. (8/12)

(20:10) Senator Rand Paul stops by The Jerry Doyle Show to talk about getting rid of mandatory minimum Sentences for low-level drug offenders. (8/12)

(30:19) Sen. Rand Paul calls out Lois Lerner's latest blunder on Fox News’ Hannity. (8/12)

(38:56) Comedy Central’s John Oliver on 2016 Presidential Election Coverage : Can't You at Least Wait Until Jon Stewart Gets Back? (8/12)

(42:14) Rand Paul talks presidential run, GOP infighting on CBS This Morning. (8/13)

(48:42) Sen. Rand Paul In-Studio on FNC’s America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer.  (8/13)

(55:23) Rand Paul 'considering' a presidential run -- overplayed? Jackie Kucinich for Washington Post TV’s  In Play. (8/13)

(56:28) Rand Paul on CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett - "I'd LOVE An Endorsement From Sarah Palin!" Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (8/13)

(1:03:19) Mark Levin: "I like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul" for 2016. Audio archived at Mofo Politics. (8/13)

(1:05:51) WMAL’s Brian Wilson talks Mandatory Minimums and Obamacare with Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show. (8/15)

(1:18:46) Sen. Rand Paul talks with Fox News’ contributor Alan Colmes about reforming Minimum Drug Sentencing. (8/13)

(1:28:57) WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold - Paul reasserts McConnell Senate endorsement yet spares Bevin. (8/15)

(1:30:32) Rand Paul's thoughts on Chris Christie's dismissal of libertarians, "big mistake." David Boze’s ‘Rapid Fire’ segment on AM 770 KTTH (Seattle, WA). (8/14)

(1:31:47) More ‘Rapid Fire’ The David Boze Morning Show: Rand Paul's thoughts on AG mandatory sentencing. Audio archived at MyNorthwest.com. (8/14)

(1:33:11) ABC’s Stephanopoulos Hits Back at Rand Paul for Suggesting He Colluded with Obama on The Laura Ingraham Show. Audio archived at Mediaite.com. (8/15)

(1:37:31) NAACP leader, Paul differ on need for ID laws laws. Coverage provided by WHAS Channel 11. (8/15)

(1:39:39) Sean Hannity to Rand Paul: “You were right, Republicans and Democrats were wrong” on foreign aid to Egypt. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (8/15)

(1:47:33) Rand Paul urges Obama to cut funding to Egypt - RT's Reema Abu Hamdieh has more. (8/16)

(1:53:39) MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough attacks Rand Paul, praises "extraordinarily conservative" Chris Christie. Video archives at MofoPolitics.com. (8/16)

(1:57:10) 104.1 KSGF’s (Springfield, MO) Nick Reed: Why Rand Paul is beginning to resonate with Americans. (8/16)

(2:12:42) Rand Paul talks with Lars Larson about the President's statement on the violence in Egypt. Audio archived at SoundCloud. (8/16)

(2:20:38) GOP Republican activist Doug Gross talks with Newsradio 1040 WHO’s (Des Moines, IA) Jan Mickelson about Iowa's political future. Revealing discussion about Republican factionalism. (8/16)

(2:42:06) Rand Paul to Congress: “How Does Your Conscience Feel Now?” Katherine McPhee reports for Alex Jones’ Infowars Nightly News. (8/16)

(2:46:55) 98.9 FM WGUF host (Naples, FL) Jared Grifoni discusses Rand Paul’s stance on foreign aid to Egypt on Resistance Radio. (8/17)

(2:52:23) NBC News’ Meet the Press roundtable panel - Christie, Paul conflict hits RNC stage. (8/18)

(2:54:47) Rand Paul talks with Fox News’ John Roberts about the growing NSA surveillance scandal on FNS. (8/18)

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Rand Paul 2016 Watch - August 5th thru August 11th

August 14th, 2013

Despite the Congressional recess which began this week, Rand Paul continues to remain in the headlines and as a popular topic of conversation in the media. The Senator’s ongoing war of words with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appears to be coming to end…for now. But the ramifications for the identity of the Republican Party will be felt in the coming months. Sen. Paul’s interview with NPR- in which he chastised host John Harwood for dwelling on Jack Hunter’s foibles and reading insults from ideological foes- raised eyebrows and made news. Particularly lame attack pieces continue without respite. Some of us have been disappointed by Rand’s tactical and political decisions since he was elected in 2010. But the entire establishment is teamed up against him. He can only withstand the barrage of negativity if his support base stands with him! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Senator Rand Paul talks with The Capitol Hill Show's Tim Constantine about Obama's violation of existing law, Chris Christie’s attacks on Tea Party News Network Radio. (8/1)

(4:44) Rand Paul v. Christie? What 84 WHAS’ (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell fears about a potential Rand Paul/Chris Christie election. (7/31)

(12:51) Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss discuss the Paul/Christie feud on AM870 KRLA’s (Glendale, CA) The Morning Answer. (7/31)

(26:05) Is the Chris Christie/Rand Paul schoolyard brawl good for the Party? - Stephen F. Hayes and Bill Krystol talk about it for the neocon rag of record, The WEEKLY STANDARD. (7/31)

(32:55) More on Christie vs Paul on AM870 KRLA’s (Glendale, CA) The Morning Answer. (8/1)

(37:54) Republican Vs. Republican: Rand Paul Vs. Chris Christie. Richard French and panel debate the consequences on Regional News Network (Video Part 1 and Part 2). (8/1)

(55:48) Rand Paul: Paleocon or libertarian? Jim Antle and Jordan Bloom discuss Sen Paul’s philosophy and the Southern Avenger on The Matt Lewis Show. (8/2)

(1:19:41) Sen. Rand Paul discusses the NSA, Christie and Peter King on 89 WLS (Chicago, IL). (8/2)

(1:26:26) The Cato Institute’s David Boaz discusses Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul on CNN’s Newsroom. (8/3)

(1:35:46) Fox News’ Panel discussion: The GOP divided - How will a divide in the party affect the 2016 election? (8/4)

(1:41:52) WHAS11 TV (ABC - Louisville, KY): Rand Paul makes first stop in Ky. since bacon debate with Chris Christie. (8/6)

(1:44:34) Rand Paul tells WHAS11 TV’s Maggie Ruper – “Chris Christie makes my blood pressure go up.” Video archived at Mofo Politics. (8/7)

(1:46:45) Senator Rand Paul comes on 84 WHAS’ Mandy Show to talk about defunding Obamacare and other issues. (8/7)

(1:59:41) President Obama decides to cancel his trip to Russia this morning! Geraldo discusses why with Senator Rand Paul on News Talk Radio 77 WABC (New York, NY). (8/7)

(2:07:36) The Coming Sea Change in American Politics – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and the shifting political landscape on Coffee and Markets. (8/7)

(2:32:09) Senator Rand Paul talks about his book, Government Bullies, on The Sean Hannity Show. Linked audio archived on The Ron Paul Forums. (8/7)

(2:48:08) Steve Deace: Rand Paul gets a taste of what a presidential campaign might look like. (8/7)

(2:58:20) Why the GOP Will Go Hard Right in 2016. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews declares: Sen. Paul will be the 2016 GOP nominee. (8/7)

(3:00:16) Is It Rand Paul For GOP Nominee? MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel discusses recent poll results in New Hampshire. (8/8)

(3:18:02) “Rapid Fire” on 770 AM KTTH’s (Seattle, WA) The David Boze Morning Show: Rand Paul on Paul vs. CNBC's John Harwood former aide's ‘racist’ past. (8/8)

(3:21:22) Dennis Miller talks to US Senator Rand Paul. The Miller Time Podcast by PodcastOne. (8/8)

(3:31:06) WGSO AM Radio 990’s (New Orleans, LA) Jeff Crouere talks about Chris Matthews prediction for the 2016 Republican nomination.  (8/8)

(3:36:18) MSNBC’s Alex Wagner attacks Rand Paul for claiming the deficit is $1 trillion when it’s ONLY $640 billion. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (8/9)

(3:39:33) Portions of Rand Paul’s remarks in Manchester, Kentucky  at the Clay County Community Building. Video by YouTube User: Ron Curry. (8/9)

(3:48:23) Sarah Palin on Fox News: “I’m on Team Rand” – Video archived at Mofo Politics. (8/9)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - July 29th thru August 4th

August 9th, 2013

Welcome to this week’s Rand Paul 2016 media watch update. I apologize for falling behind a bit as of late- I’ve been putting in long hours on the job. Sen. Paul continues to thumb his nose at the leadership of both parties- namely, the advocates of the so-called “bipartisan consensus” on foreign policy. The Senator staged an attempt to defund foreign aid to the Egyptian government. He has also begun his formal advocacy for school choice. But the most significant storyline of the week continues to be the media-fueled war of words between Sen. Paul and Gov. Chris Christie. Check it out! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul in TN says Republican Party must expand its base. Video posted by The Tennessean. (7/29)

(1:28) Christie, Paul spar over national security. Reason Magazine’s Matt Welsch joins MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. (7/29)

(8:49) News and Views with Steve Deace - On the Paul/McConnell alliance and the GOP’s multiple personality disorder. (7/29)

(22:11) Ted Cruz with Foxnews.com’s Chris Stirewalt: Ted Cruz: “I am proud to stand side by side with Rand Paul.” Video archived at Mofo Politics. (7/29)

(24:06) Chris Christie calls Rand Paul "another Washington politician" – Video posted at nj.com. (7/30)

(25:37) The war between isolationism versus interventionism within the GOP. Political analysts David Corn and Jonathan Alter on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews. (7/29)

(31:13) Sen. Rand Paul on talks his spat with Christie, school choice and drones on WMAL AM 630’s Mornings on the Mall (Washington, DC).  (7/30)

(39:30) Rand Paul responds to Chris Christie. Jeffrey Kuhner engages the AM 680 WRKO (Boston, MA). (7/30)

(57:50) Dr. Rand Paul’s Chris Christie Comments on The Mike Huckabee Show. (6/30)

(1:10:10) “Success for Our Children: A Forum on School Choice”-Hosted by Sen. Rand Paul. (7/30)

(1:20:18) Sen. Paul Appears on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Video Part 1 and Part 2. (7/30)

(1:29:18) Rand Paul and Chris Christie duke it out over potential GOP presidential nomination. The Young Turks guest host Mark Thompson and panel discuss. (7/31)

(1:32:31) Dennis Miller Time : Rand Paul vs Chris Christie on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor. Video by Youtube User: Steven Laboe. (7/31)

(1:35:10) Is Rand’s Buddy Mitch threatened by Matt Bevin in primaries? Carl Cameron weighs in on Fox News about the upcoming primary. (7/31)

(1:43:33) GOP Catfight: Chris Christie vs Rand Paul vs Peter King. Ana Kasparian, Dave Rubin, and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. (7/31)

(1:50:21) Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment, Urges the Senate to End Illegally Aiding Egypt. Video Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). (7/31)

(2:20:05) Sen. Rand Paul on war of words with Gov. Christie. Kentucky lawmaker speaks out on FNC’s Neil Cavuto. (7/31)

(2:33:05) Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul a ‘tough choice’ for playful McCain. Report by WHAS-TV 11 (ABC – Louisville, KY) .(7/31)

(2:33:36) Newt Gingrich Decides to Join the Winning Team - “I’m on Team Paul-Cruz.” Audio archived at POLITICO. (8/1)

(2:34:09) POLITICO Rand Paul vs Chris Christie - 2016 GOP Dream Ticket?

(2:35:39) CNN Report - War of words Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie. (8/1)

(2:37:26) Roland Martin Talks With Senator Rand Paul About The Benefits Of Charter Schools Over Public. (7/30)

(2:46:27) Libertarianism 101 Rand Paul edition - The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty talks about the rise of libertarian leaders. (8/1)

(2:49:37) 2016's first debate Rand Paul vs- Chris Christie – Reuters TV gives viewers a peek at what a debate between the two might look like. (8/2)

(2:52:32) George Will sides with Rand Paul over Chris Christie. Video compliments of YouTube User: mudihah hadeen. (8/4)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - July 22nd thru July 28th

August 1st, 2013

While Senator Paul took something of a back-seat to Justin Amash in the hearts and minds of liberty activists last week , he did continue to lay the groundwork for the presumed 2016 campaign. Rand Paul was back in Iowa once again, meeting with evangelicals at the Pastors and Pews in Des Moines. It is noteworthy that Sen. Ted Cruz- who was also at the Iowa Renewal Project event- is quickly coming on par with Senator Paul, as another prospective candidate for the GOP nomination. Will the liberty wing of the party actually have a choice of Republican candidates next time around? The establishment continues its attack against libertarians within the Republican Party, as Gov. Chris Christie has assaulted proponents of less intervention in foreign affairs as ‘dangerous.’ Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Conservative Elizabeth Crum and former Ron Paul delegate Chris Dyer talk with News3 KSNV’s (NBC – Las Vegas, NV)  Jon Ralston about Rand Paul's future . (7/12)

(19:33) CBN’s David Brody reports on the ‘Pastors and Pews’ event in Des Moines, Iowa for The 700 Club. (7/31)

(25:08) Rand Paul gives speech to hundreds of pastors at the Iowa Renewal Project’s Pastors and Pews event. Audio has been compiled, compliments of CBN and YouTube User: anoldnightengale. (7/20)

(39:55) Exclusive Brody File Video: Pastors Pray for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz in Iowa. Audio courtesy of CBN News. (7/20)

(40:23) Iowa Could Pose Problem For GOP Outreach – NPR’s Don Gonyea reports from Iowa for Morning Edition. (7/22)

(45:36) Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Praying for Spiritual Revival In America. William J. Sturm, from the Berean Baptist Church reports for ‘News In Focus’.  Archived at sermonaudio.com. (7/21)

(53:29) Steve Deace and Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader look at Rand Paul and Ted Cruz coming to Iowa to woo voters. (7/22)

(1:17:25) Senator Paul talks with CBN’s David Brody for The Brody File. (7/23)

(1:23:05) Rand Paul Has GOP Outreach Idea – Abby Huntsman and Zach Carter discuss on HuffPost Live. (7/24)

(1:27:29) Senators McConnell, Paul speak at National VFW Convention. Bethanni Williams reports for WHAS11 (ABC – Louisville, KY). (7/22)

(1:27:55) WHAS11 News - Rand Paul addresses Syria crisis at VFW convention. (7/22)

(1:28:31) Sen. Paul talks about the nightmare that is Obamacare on The Mike Huckabee Show. (7/24)

(1:42:17) Rand Paul: I'm not encouraging or discouraging Matt Bevin from challenging Mitch McConnell. Video by YouTube User: Omarosa Morgan. (7/22)

(1:43:06) US Senate primary challenger Matt Bevin on Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitch McConnell. Video compliments of YouTube User: Gabe Bullard. (7/24)

(1:44:09) Rand Paul on FNC’s Hannity: 'ObamaCare Will Cause States to Go Bankrupt.' (7/24)

(1:50:51) Rand Paul: Obama's plan to arm Syrian rebels means siding with terrorists! Report by RTAmerica. (7/25)

(1:52:25) Sen. Rand Paul Interviewed By Bill Bennett. Video compliments of YouTube User: GPHconsulting. (7/25)

(2:05:06) TJ Walker - PPP Poll Rand Paul leads GOP primary, but Christie best bet against Clinton. (7/26)

(2:08:08) Stephen Hayes talks Chris Christie, Rand Paul with Fox News Radio’s John Gibson. (7/26)

(2:09:24) Mark Levin addresses NSA spying, Gov. Christie’s bashing of Rand Paul! (7/26)

(2:25:00) Chris Christie, Rand Paul spar over national security – Steve Kornacki and panel discuss on MSNBC’s Up. (7/27)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - July 15th thru July 21st

July 24th, 2013

The left and the neocon right are both on the attack against Rand Paul, as the Senator continues to poll well in early caucus states like Iowa. Sen. Paul continued his travels, returning to Des Moines along with Ted Cruz for the American Renewal Project’s Pastors and Pews event. Dr. Paul also made his annual appearance at Freedom Fest 2013 in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, video of these events has not popped up as of yet. Sen. Paul  had a relatively light media week, as I’m sure he didn’t feel like talking about the Jack Hunter situation- a talented young man who now is likely blackballed for life in Washington. There is, however, a lot of interesting discussion included in this week’s audio file. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Is Rand Paul is trying to be too many things to too many different groups? Guest host Jeff Smith on XM/Sirius’s Polioptics with guests Peter Hamby and Dave Catanese. (6/29)

(19:41) Eric Harley and Gary McNamara host Red Eye Radio: Rand Paul says he's thinking of running for President. (7/12)

(21:25) Sen. Rand Paul stops in Las Vegas to address GOP – Krista Hostetler reports for KTNV Channel 13 Action News (ABC – Las Vegas, NV). (7/14)

(22:09) Sen. Rand Paul appears on Fox News Radio’s John Gibson Radio Show. (7/16)

(32:36) Rand Paul talks with Michael Graham about his libertarian Republican view of ObamaCare, Egypt and the NSA scandal. (7/16)

(40:04) Sen. Paul speaks at Press Conference Regarding Military Justice Improvement Act. (7/16)

(42:24) Sen. Paul threatens to block FBI nomination over drones on FNC’s Your World with Eric Bolling subbing. 7/16)

(48:42) Sen. Gillibrand (D-NY) Explains Hows She Got Rand Paul And Ted Cruz To With Her On Military Sexual Assault on MSNBC’s Hardball. (7/16)

(55:55) Jonah Goldberg talks with 660 The Answer KSKY’s (Dallas, TX) Mark Davis about ‘Rand Paul’s Paleo Problem’. (6/17)

(1:01:27) Rand Paul on putting a hold on FBI director – The David Boze Morning Show on 770 AM KTTH (Seattle, WA). (7/17)

(1:03:53) What a Liz Cheney senate run means for Rand Paul and the GOP. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes talks with Reason Magazine's Matt Welch. (7/17)

(1:12:28) Mark Levin: Rand Paul only endorsed Mike Enzi because “he hates Cheney.” Video archived at Mofo Politics. (7/17)

(1:15:35) FreedomWorks On Tap Exclusive Interview with Senator Rand Paul, interview with Reid Smith & Jackie Bodnar. (7/18)

(1:41:55) Sen. Rand Paul Commission Needed to Reconsider Gold Standard – Real Liberty Media News Show. (7/18)

(1:44:44) Senator Rand Paul talks NSA Scandal & Military Sexual Assault on WNYC Radio’s The Takeaway. (7/18)

(1:55:16) Reid Epstein hosts a new edition of POLITICO's The Scrum podcast - Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz's impact on military sexual assaults bill. (7/19)

(2:01:11) Senator Rand Paul gives his take on Detroit's bankruptcy on WHO Newsradio 1040’s (Des Moines, IA) Mornings with Mickelson. (7/19)

(2:10:59) GOP TALK: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Visits With Iowa Voters. Erik Wheater reports for WHO-TV (NBC – Des Moines, IA). (7/19)

(2:13:24) Steve Deace and the Amen corner review of Sen. Rand Paul’s speech at American Renewal Project. (7/19)

(2:27:45) Peter King: Hillary Clinton would destroy an isolationist like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Video compliments of YouTube User: bxtidre7. (7/20)

(2:29:23) Radio Free America – Rand Paul: Obama will bail-out Detroit “over my dead body.” (7/20)

(2:32:58) Sarah Posner and Betsy Woodruff discuss Cruz's and Rand Paul's recent visit to Iowa to speak to evangelical pastors. Can Paul keep his libertarian base while pandering to the religious right? (7/22)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - July 8th thru July 14th

July 15th, 2013

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - July 8th thru July 14th. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Paul with FNC's Eric Bolling: US continuing to send aid to Egypt is a 'mistake.' (7/8)

(7:26) Is Obama ignoring the law to continue aid to Egypt? Rand Paul on Fox News' America's Newsroom. (7/9)

Rand Paul on Fox News' On the Record: President Obama thinks he's above the law. (7/10)

(18:07) The Daily Beast: Like Father, Like Son: Ron Paul Passes the 'Neo-Confederate' Baton to Rand. (7/10)

(19:30) Rand Paul and 'the Southern Avenger' - MSNBC's Chris Hayes takes a look at Senator Rand Paul's staffer. (7/9)

(23:27) Top Democrat: McConnell should condemn Paul's 'Southern Avenger.' WHAS11's (ABC - Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold reports. (7/10)

(26:23) MSNBC's Alex Wagner with Wendy Weiser and Rep. Keith Ellison - Rand Paul employs 'neo-confederate activist.' (7/10)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - July 1st thru July 7th

July 10th, 2013

Rand Paul had a fairly low-key week as far as interviews and press coverage were generally concerned- but that doesn't mean that the attack dogs were kept leashed. The nature and frequency of personal attacks against the Senator have been ramping up, as he continues to show as a top tier candidate going into 2016 (perhaps even the favorite/frontrunner). While nearly all conservatives had shown superficial support for the Senator and his stands against the Obama national security state, many are relapsing into their old Bush-era ways of supporting anything in the name of 'national security'. The Hannity's and Limbaugh's of the world were too clever to come out directly against Sen. Paul during the drone filibuster and the announcement of the NSA lawsuit, but they have primed their respective audiences for their tacit support in the days and weeks after. Yes- the establishment right and left are on the attack- so the Senator must be doing something right! Dr. Paul had been doing so many interviews over the last few weeks, that I missed alot of coverage that is compelling and worth listening to. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Gabe, Drew M. and Andy discuss Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and the early moves being made for 2016 on The Ace of Spades HQ podcast. (6/7)

(16:54) Do you support Rand Paul’s legal action over the NSA’s surveillance program? FM News 101 KXL's (Portland, OR) Lars Larson and Sheila Hamilton Faceoff. (6/13)

(19:20) Karl Rove insults Sen. Paul on The Sean Hannity Show: Everyone on Earth is a potential GOP candidate... except Rand Paul. AYFKM, Rove? Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/13)

(20:50) Rand Paul vs NSA coverage on KRLM AM 870's (Glendale, CA) The Morning Answer with Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss. (6/14)

(50:00) Sen. Rand Paul on The Michael Medved Show: Too Much Data, Not Enough Constitutional Protection? Audio archived at Townhall.com. (6/17)

(1:01:14) Why Black Voters should consider Supporting RAND PAUL in 2016 - Laurel hosts The Black Political Buzz on BlogTalkRadio. (6/18)

(1:19:52) Simon Conway has a conversation with Sen. Rand Paul on Newsradio 1040 WHO (Des Moines, IA). (6/19)

(1:37:56) Sen. Rand Paul talked with Dennis Miller about the latest developments in the pending immigration bill. (6/20)

(1:44:59) Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced that he will not support the Senate immigration reform bill. Coverage by AM 560 WIND's (Chicago, IL) Big John Howell and Amy Jacobsen. Audi posted at Townhall.com. (6/24)

(1:50:07) Bill Cunningham and Rand Paul talk different issue on AM 700 WLW (Cincinnati, OH). (6/26)

(2:06:07) Senator Rand Paul joins Christian Talk 660 WLFJ (Greenville, SC) with Josh Kimbrell on Common Cents. (6/26)

(2:22:13) Glenn Beck on The Rand Paul Walkback Express. Video compliments of YouTube User: tharpdavenport. (6/27)

(2:34:58) Rand Paul Wants You to Abolish the IRS! Peace News Now #141. (6/28)

(2:38:56) Heartache: Rand Paul won’t make an issue out of Rubiocare in 2016. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (7/1)

(2:39:40) Sen. Rand Paul makes stops in Western Kentucky - Brandon Bartlett reports for 14 News WFIE ( NBC - Owensboro, KY). (7/1)

(2:41:04) Rand Paul speaks at Luncheon hosted by Henderson, KY Chamber of Commerce and the local Lions Club. Video by YouTube User: ItIsNot1984. (7/1)

(2:48:32) Why does Pat Gray think Rand Paul is a communist? Tune into The Glenn Beck Program, audio archived at Sound Cloud. (7/2)

(2:57:07) Jewish Task Force embraces their hatred for Paul's - Sen Rand Paul is "Leftist Nazi like Daddy." Video by YouTube User Abe Foxman. (7/4)

(3:08:17) Rand Paul stands with Lamar Alexander - "Protect Our Freedom to Fish." Had to find a non-controversial freedom issue!


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 24th thru June 30th

July 3rd, 2013

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 24th thru June 30th. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Chamber of Commerce launches pro-immigration reform ad featuring Rand Paul, who opposes Senate bill. Video archived at MediaSilo.com. (6/24)

(0:30) Rand Paul tells Newsmax's Kathleen Walter: Bad If Snowden 'Cozies Up' to Rogue Nations. (6/25)

(11:43) "Rapid Fire" segment on KIRO Radio 710's (seattle, WA) David Boze Show - Rand Paul says reform should start with security, without it he can't support the bill. (6/24)

(17:10) Boehner must stand strong on immigration bill in House! Sen. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show. (6/25)

(32:05) Senator Rand Paul on WRVA 1140AM (Richmond, VA) with Leland Conway. (6/25)

(41:58) Why will Sen. Rand Paul vote against immigration bill? Fox News' Sean Hannity asks him. (6/26)

(49:52) Rand Paul thanks you for helping him reach 100,000 Facebook Followers  - Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (6/26)

(50:32) Sen. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program: Gang of 8 bill ‘dead on arrival’ in House. (6/26)

(1:04:39) Senator Paul talks to News Radio WORD's (Spartan, SC) Bob McLain about DOMA and Prop 8 Sup Court ruling and Immigration. (6/26)

(1:18:06) Is Rand Paul Libertarianism Compatible with Republican Ideology? Elaine Chao, Karl Rove, Vin Weber, and Michael Gerson at 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival session. (6/27)

(1:22:25) Arming Syrian Rebels Receives Bipartisan Opposition - Rand Paul, Walter Jones and Rick Nolan speak at Press Conference. Audio archived by Talk Radio News Service. (6/27)

(1:24:54) Icelandic Patriot and Parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir on U.S. Sen. Rand Paul and Edward Snowden. Video compliments of YouTube User: StormGenerationFilms. (6/27)

(1:27:43) Rand Paul clarifies same sex ruling comments, animals won't get married. WHAS-TV's (ABC - Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold reports. (6/27)

(1:29:36) Sen. Rand Paul joined Jonathon and Kelly on FM News Talk 100.1 WVOC (Columbia, SC). (6/28)

(1:42:03) Senator Rand Paul On NewsRadio 630 WLAP's (Lexington, KY) The Matt WalshShow Before The Senate Immigration Vote. (6/27)

(1:53:55) Senate passes immigration reform bill - Sen. Rand Paul reacts to the vote on FNC's Your World. (6/27)

(2:01:26) Abolish the IRS - Senator Rand Paul and Citizens United are leading the charge. (6/28)

(2:02:27) US Senator Rand Paul's interview on immigration, Syria, privacy with the Agence France-Press (AFP). (6/28)

(2:04:00) Ted Cruz at the National Right to Life Convention: "Rand Paul filibustered to save lives, Wendy Davis filibustered to TAKE lives." Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/28)

(2:05:15) Chris Stirewalt talked to SEN. RAND PAUL about immigration reform on Fox News Radio's Kilmeade and Friends. (6/28)

(2:10:49) Rand Paul 2016? Senator Visits South Carolina, Attempts To Broaden Message. Mike Sacks and Dave Jamieson on HuffPost Live. (6/28)


(2:22:56) Sen. Rand Paul visits SC to fund raise for SCGOP - Ashley Daley reports for WHNS-TV (Fox - Greenville, SC). (6/28)

(2:26:14) UNCUT Rand Paul talks with Greenville Media. Video courtesy of Fox Carolina 21 (Greenville, SC). (6/28)

(2:32:37) Rand Paul at South Carolina Republican Barbecue: "We Should Audit The Pentagon" - Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/28)

(3:00:26) Sen. Rand Paul talks issues in Greenville. Video by News 19 WLTX (Columbia, SC). (6/28)

(3:03:31) Sen. Ron Paul in SC, the first-in-the-South presidential primary. Video compliments of YouTube User: SCRNvideo. (6/28)

(3:05:58) Rand Paul talks spending cuts and Republican empowerment on visit to the Midlands - Coverage via WACH Fox 57 (Columbia, SC).  (6/28)

(3:08:01) Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills on the Senate Floor. (6/29)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 17th thru June 23rd

June 28th, 2013

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 17th thru June 23rd. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) US Senator Rand Paul Visits Jewish Talmudic Study Halls of Beth Medrash Gevoha in Lakewood, NJ. Video compliments of Vimeo User: Simchavision.com. (6/10)

(11:07) Sen. Rand Paul questions Obama's leadership, calls for a 'bigger Republican party' on Fox News' Hannity. (6/17)

(18:48) CNN's Jim Acosta: "Senator, Are You Saying The General And Other Officials Are Liars?" Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/18)

(28:11) Sen. Rand Paul talks with PBS' Ray Suarez about Immigration Reform and Border Security. (6/18)

(38:28) Sen. Rand Paul talks about administration scandals and public skepticism of government on Fox & Friends with Brian Kilmeade. (6/18)

(42:12) Sen. Paul discusses the news of the day on WMAL AM 630 (Wshington, DC) with KT McFarland and guest host Lt. Col. Allen West. (6/19)

(49:20) Rand Paul Discusses Immigration Reform On The Mike Huckabee Radio Show. (6/19)

(56:20) FYI - Charles Hurt reports: Rand Paul is “a terrible baseball player”. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/19)

(57:58) Rand Paul: I am 'offended' by illegal IRS audits! Video produced by Campus Reform. (6/19)

(58:20) The Wetumpka Tea Party catches up with the Senator at the Tea Party Patriots  'Audit the IRS Rally' in D.C.. (6/19)
(59:45) Senator Ayn Rand Paul? 'Progressive' Thom Hartmann bemoans influence of Free-Market extremism! (6/19)

(1:03:20) Thom Hartmann Show Caller: How can Christian Republicans Follow Ayn Rand? (6/19)

(1:06:26) Senator Rand Paul talks about the amendments to the immigration legislation with Sean Hannity. Audio archived via Mofo Politics. (6/19)

(1:22:08) Rand Paul on CNN's Out Front: The Most Important Rules For The Use Of Surveillance Is The Bill Of Rights. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/19)

(1:29:12) Joe Scarborough's Establishment Hackery: Rand Paul isn’t ready to be President…but Jon Huntsman is. Audio archived via Mofo Politics. (6/19)

(1:29:55) Rand Paul discusses immigration, FBI drone use, and staying out of Syria with Andrea Tantaros. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (6/20)

(1:43:01) Newsradio 1040 WHO's (Des Moines, IA) Jan Mickelson interviews Dr. Paul about the state of the scamnesty bill. (6/20)

(1:55:48) Sen. Rand Paul takes on IRS at Tea Party rally - FNC's Bill Hemmer interviews the Senator. (6/20)

(2:01:14) Sen. Paul: Intelligence Director Lied to Congress in NSA Claims. Amy Goodman reports for Democracy Now. (6/20)

(2:02:27) Rand Paul: Party leader or demagogue? MSNBC host Toure and The New Republic’s Julia Loffe debate. (6/21)

(2:08:09) Rand Paul helps out at food pantry - Report for WDRB 41  News  (Louisville, KY). Vido by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (6/21)

(2:09:08) Rep. Peter King on Fox News: Rand Paul's Support Of Snowden Is "Absolutely Disgraceful." (6/23)

(2:14:15) Sen. Paul Appears on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (6/23)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 10th thru June 16th

June 17th, 2013

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 10th thru June 16th. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul on FNC's America's Newsroom: Benghazi an outpost in arms running? (6/9)

(5:45) Slate Magazine: Rand Paul Threatens to Sue Feds Over NSA Leaks . (6/10)

(6:48) Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show: Obama is “the world’s biggest hypocrite.” Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/10)

(15:55) Sen. Rand Paul Wants a Lawsuit Against Phone Taps - FBN’s Eric Bolling says he would join on Varney & Co.. (6/10)

(20:21) Sen. Rand Paul calls NSA spying an 'utter, frank hypocrisy' on Fox News' Hannity. (6/10)

(30:11) Mr. & Mrs America Turn in Your Phone Records - Infowars' David Knight on Rand Paul's idea for class action lawsuit. (6/11)

(39:54) Glenn Beck talks with Bill O’Reilly about the NSA, Rand Paul, and more. (6/11)

(47:39) Is the NSA monitoring emails? Senator Rand Paul on FNC's O'Reilly Factor. (6/11)

(54:28) Roger Hedgecock: Rand Paul says a place will be found for illegals. (6/12)

(1:02:30) Steve Deace: Libertarians were right, conservatives should have listened to their warnings. (6/11)

(1:23:23) Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Dr. Charles Krauthammer and John Boehner all react differently to the NSA Whistleblower. KIRO 770 AM's (Seattle, WA) David Boze talks about what should happen next. (6/12)

(1:28:49) Rand Paul explains to Michael Medved how NSA snooping violates your 4th Amendment rights. Video compliments of YouTube User:  bxtidre7. (6/12)

(1:43:23) Michael Savage: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will flame out just like Michele Bachmann. Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/12)

(1:45:07) Rand Paul  on CNN's The Lead - "There's A Credibility Gap With The Intelligence Agencies They LIED To Us!" Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/12)

(1:54:33) Sen. Rand Paul speaks about the war against Christians at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Luncheon - Video archived at C-SPAN . (6/13)

(2:11:42) Michael Savage goofs on Rand Paul for being short: “Elevator shoes” - Video archived at Mofo Politics. (6/14)

(2:12:47) What are the Chances Rand Paul Could Be Elected President? Charles Goyette joins Stansberry Radio. (6/13)

(2:30:39) Senator Rand Paul discusses individualism, freedom, and national security on the Hoover Institution's Uncommon Knowledge. (6/14)

(3:10:05) Will Rand Paul's Amnesty Support Cost Him 2016 ? J. Russell George and William Gheen in Infowars Live with Alex Jones. (6/14)

(3:28:53) Senator Rand Paul Keynote Speaker at Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. Video by YouTube User: BLWarriors. (6/14)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - June 3rd thru June 9th

June 12th, 2013

After his fabulous performance at the Reagan Library last week, Senator Rand Paul heard the call for the defense of civil liberties again with the NSA/Verizon whistle-blower's revelations. The Senator is once again pitted against the necons, represented by John McCain and Lindsay Graham, as the federal government scandalous policies continue to come to light. Once again, conservative voices who once gave the administration the benefit of the doubt in all things "national security" seem to be solidly in the civil libertarian camp- save the usual suspects: Bill Krystol, Charles Krauthammer and Ann Coulter. Will neoconservative militarism still be attractive in a Republican primary? Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) The Mighty 1290 KOIL's (Bellevus, NE) Tony Stiles talks about Rand Paul’s run for president in 2016 with Mike Salvi. (3/30)

(14:56) Senator Rand Paul speaks at Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park, CA. (6/2)

(33:47) Rand Paul aggressively courting Evangelicals to Win Over GOP Establishment. Biggets Bogon Emitter on the Bogosity Podcast. (6/3)

(36:55) Rand Paul pushes for legalization of industrialized hemp in new farm bill. David Knight reports for the Infowars Nightly News. (6/3)

(39:25) NewsRadio 740 KTRH's (Houston, TX) Michael Berry talks about comments from Senators John McCain and Rand Paul on opposite sides of the invade every country debate. (6/4)

(1:08:17) Romney In Utah For Economic Summit In Park City with Chris Christy, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul. Report by KUTV2 (CBS - Salt Lake City, UT). (6/5)

(1:10:39) Rand Paul says He Wanted to Like Obama - HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks talks with Sam Stein. (6/5)

(1:12:41) Liberal Pundit TJ Walker: Rand Paul Says He Wanted to Like Obama. Really?? (6/5)

(1:14:27) Susan Rice promotion: Sen. Paul questions Obama's judgment on Fox News' America's Newsroom. (6/5).

(1:19:57) KPRC AM 950 (Houston, TX) / SiriusXM host Janine Turner talks with Rand Paul. Audio archived on SoundCloud. (6/6)

(1:35:12) Rand Paul says the president has been struggling and Rice is another example of bad choices - KIRO Radio's David Boze with "Rapid Fire" segment. (6/6)

(1:39:20) Sen. Paul talks about Susan Rice, Immigration, and the Obama Scandals on The Mike Huckabee Show. (6/6)

(1:47:44) Yahoo News interview: Rand Paul says NSA phone records seizure saps Obama’s ‘moral authority.’ (6/6)

(1:50:35) Do Politicians All Agree Wiretapping Is In the Peoples Interest? Cenk Uygur for The Young Turks. (6/7)

(1:55:21) John McCain: Rand Paul Already Proved Wrong On Terrorism By Boston Bombings. Video by YouTube User: Les Grossman. (6/9)

(1:56:11) Government surveillance programs unconstitutional? Rand Paul Reacts on Fox News' FNS. (6/9)

(2:09:01) Patriot Act under fire on Capital Hill - Kaity Tong for PIX11 News (New York, NY). (6/9)

(2:10:50) GOP lawmakers split on supporting NSA surveillance. Discussion on MSNBC's Weekend with Alex Witt. (6/9)

(2:13:15) The Huffington Post's Abby Huntsman covers Rand Paul's reaction to the NSA scandal. (6/10)

(2:20:28) Steve Deace on Leadership and Why is the ruling class attacking Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee but not Marco Rubio? (6/10)

(3:19:54) John Smart and Anita Finlay discuss Rand Paul and his attempts to court the Libertarian vote as a means to wooing the left. (6/4)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - May 27th thru June 2nd

June 3rd, 2013

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - May 27th thru June 2nd - Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) James T Harris discusses Rand Paul defending Apple on KQTH 104.1 FM (Tuscon, AZ). (5/23)

(13:10) Rand Paul Declares Everywhere is a Scandal - Video compliments of YouTube User: tjwalker. (5/24)

(15:23) National Security Roundtable discusses Rand Paul interview on ABC News' This Week. (5/26)

(24:57) Obama Care - Rand Paul the Comic! Hannity Video of the Day  - Video by YouTube User: brolance.

(26:48) ObamaCare - New Physician codes presented by Rand Paul on Texas Overnight KRLD (Dallas, TX). Video by YouTube User: RadioShotsSports. (5/28)

(29:25) MSNBC's Martin Bashir:  Paul, Cruz, Gohmert proving Bob Dole right on state of GOP. (5/28)

(34:43) Steve Deace - why it’s hard to coalesce the conservative base in a Republican primary: starring Rand Paul. (5/28)

(50:21) The fact-checking is in and Rand Paul wasn’t even making fun of Obamacare in the comedy routine we played yesterday! KIRO-AM's (Seattle, WA) The John Curley Show with Andrew Walsh. (5/29)

(54:08) Helping Syrian rebels a dangerous risk - CNN Column by Rand Paul, as read by Bill Burroughs. (5/30)

(1:02:19) Reason Magazines' Matt Welch Discusses Rand Paul vs. John McCain on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes. (5/30)

(1:14:59) Sen. Rand Paul Heads to Silicon Valley - WSJ.com's Danny Yadron reports. (5/30)

(1:18:39) An Interview with Rand Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: ReaganFoundation. (5/31)

(1:24:47) A Reagan Forum with Rand Paul - Video compliments of YouTube User: ReaganFoundation. (5/31)

(2:16:15) CFR Wants Rand Paul to Join Them - Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt. (5/31)

(2:20:58) All things 2016 - The Daily Rundown’s guest host Luke Russert on MSNBC. (5/31)

(2:27:07) Rand Paul - What good is he? The Pizza Guy calls in, defends Rand on Free Talk Live. (5/31)

(2:36:51) Big Al Korelin and Jeff Deist discuss Rand, Hillary and 2016 on Liberty Express Radio. (6/1)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - May 20th thru May 26th

May 31st, 2013

Senator Rand Paul has become a media sensation- he's a conservative Republican spokesman for virtually any policy issue that is raised. He has maintained his massive media presence since the drone filibuster by being one of the top attack dogs against the Obama administration's growing list of scandals. Where Congressman Paul was the point man for criticism of the Federal Reserve and Keynesian economic policy, his son is a go-to-guy for cirtuall This past week, Sen. Paul made an impassioned argument against the US Senate's adversarial stance against Apple, an American success story that happens to pay very little in corporate taxes. The right-wing media covered this favorably- as you will hear in this update. The Senator also continued his pre-campaign visits to early primary states- having spoken in Concord, New Hampshire. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Rand Paul says GOP must embrace diversity - WMUR-TV's (ABC - Manchester, NH) James Pindell breaks down the Senator's visit.  (5/21)

(2:15) Sen. Paul Defends Apple at Homeland Security and Government Affairs Subcommittee - Part 2. Transcript and Video at Paul.Senate.gov. (5/21)

(8:43) Sen. Paul on Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto: 'Someone has to be fired' over IRS scandal. (5/22)

(10:55) AM 680 WRKO's (Boston, MA) Howie Carr: Sen. Paul Stands Up For Apple. (5/21)

(37:36) Rand Paul calls out Congress during Apple’s hearing on it’s corporate taxes - The Michael Berry Show on NewsRadio 740 KTRH (Houston, TX). (5/21)

(48:38) Rand Paul signals opposition to Rubiocare on The Mark Levin Show: “How do you expect us to vote for it?” Video archived at Mofo politics. (5/21)

(56:13) Sen. Rand Paul: 'Audit the Fed' on CNBC's Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo. (5/22)

(1:05:10) Tip of the Hat Wag of the Finger - "Senators Mitch and Chong." Comedy Cental's Stephen Colbert being a Establishment Stooge. (5/22)

(1:07:38) Rand Paul On Gitmo, IRS Scandal, Debt Ceiling, Immigration And Tax Reform - Hannity Radio. Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp.  (5/23)

(1:23:08) Sen. Rand Paul: Obama's speech is a 'misdirection campaign' - FNC's Eric Bolling in for Hannity. (5/23)

(1:31:15) Hemp Legalization - Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul Gang Up On GOP. Report by HuffPost Live. (5/24)

(1:34:07) Sen. Rand Paul talks with Aaron Klein about IRS, AP, Benghazi scandals. (5/27)

(1:41:45) Rand Paul on Benghazi, Drones - KIRO 97.3 FM's (Seattle, WA) David Boze Morning Show. (5/28)

(1:52:05) Parody Song - "Stand By Your Rand" - David Boze from AM 770 KTTH in Seattle. Video b YouTube User: mynorthwest. (5/29)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - May 13th thru May 19th

May 20th, 2013

Rand Paul seems to be working right past the coalition to win the Republican nomination, onto to a national coalition to win the Presidency! Unfortunately for us lowly rEVOLutionaries, this does not appear to be a particularly libertarian revolution- particularly when addressing evangelical audiences. The Senator has been a prominent voice for answers in the wake of the Benghazi, IRS and AP government surveillance scandals. Sen. Paul will next be visiting New Hampshire in hopes of gaining support above and beyond the 2nd place (23%) finish his dad received. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) C-Span Road to the White House - Open Lines on 2016 Candidates, coverage of Rand's speech in Cedar Rapids, IA. (5/10)

(12:39) Senator Rand Paul Addresses Iowa GOP - Coverage via KGAN-TV CBS 2 (Cedar Rapids, IA). (5/10)

(14:11) Rand Paul tells Johnson County Republicans both parties for sluggish economy. Video by the Des Moines Register. (5/11)

(14:59) David Letterman's Stooge of the Night - Rand Paul (R-KY) 1st Two Time Winner. Video by YouTube User: Scott Manley.

(16:55) Sen. Rand Paul on KET's One to One with Bill Goodman. (5/14)

(45:13) Rand Paul says AP Phone Spying Proves Obama is "Drunk on Power" - Video compliments of YouTube User: tjwalker. (5/14)

(47:45) Rand Paul talks with Michael Medved about IRS and DOJ abuses of power, failure and cover-up in Benghazi. (5/14)

(57:54) Rand Paul answers Sean Hannity's stupid questons. Video compliments of YouTube User: Omarosa Morgan. (5/15)

(1:13:25) Sen. Rand Paul tells Glenn Beck:  “Somebody needs to go to jail for this.” (5/16)

(1:27:11) Alex Jones: "I want Rand Paul to be President" - Video compliments of YouTube User: mfprex. (5/17)

(1:30:16) Rand Paul talks with Mike Huckabee about the Obama Scandals: "Level of mistrust in Obama administration is rising exponentially." (5/16)

(1:40:52) Sen. Paul Appears on CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (5/16)

(1:48:30) Rand Paul on FNC's Huckabee: I guarantee there is a paper trail approving IRS targeting of conservatives. Video by YouTube User: mudihah hadeen. (5/18)

(1:51:29) Rand Paul on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley. Video compliments of YouTube User: MrCensorMe3. (5/19)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - May 6th thru May 12th

May 15th, 2013

Rand Paul has certainly traveled around to early primary and caucus states in years past, but his latest trip to Iowa marks perhaps the kickoff of the unofficial 2016 campaign process. Senator Paul may be the first prominent contender to headline a state GOP function in the crucial first in the nation caucus state. And he has other trips already scheduled for New Hampshire and South Carolina in the next four-to-six weeks. This weeks coverage update contains in-depth discussion about the issues, as Sen. Paul engages the Iowa media and meets with potential voters. This file also includes the Senator's remarks at the 2013 Iowa Republican Party Lincoln Dinner- a fertile ground to kickoff his early campaign activities, given the prominence of Ron Paul 2012 campaign activists within the state GOP. In other news, the Senator has again called out Hillary Clinton for her negligence in light of the latest testimony regarding the State Department's failures in Benghazi. The Senator also continues the trend of moving much more towards the supposed center on issues this writer would never had expected. And this rhetoric has not gone unnoticed! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) KET's Bill Goodman and his guests- Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY)- discuss the 113th Congress and issues of the day on Kentucky Tonight. (5/6)

(55:18) U. S. Senator Rand Paul speaks with Iowa Public Radio Host Ben Kieffer about his views on immigration reform, drones, and bridging the warring factions within the GOP. Analysis and listener calls follow. (5/8)

(1:34:55) Newradio 1040 WHO's (Des Moines, IA) Simon Conway has a conversation with Senator Rand Paul about Benghazi, more. (5/8)

(1:54:19) Rand Paul is Lars Larson's odds on favorite for the 2016 Presidential Race, and he shows why in this interview.... Audio archived at SoundCloud. (5/10)

(2:06:19) Rand Paul visits Private Home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Video compliments of YouTube User: Ajai Dittmar. (5/10)

(2:15:08) Rand Paul’s news conference in Cedar Rapids; audio archived at Radio Iowa. (5/10)

(2:51:10) GOP DINNER: Sen. Rand Paul In Iowa - Sam Hoyle reports for WHOTV.com (NBC - Des Moines). (5/10)

(2:52:45) Steve Deace is getting fed up with Rand's Act: 'Rand Paul gives an interview in our home state…and Karl Rove’s words come out!' (5/10)

(3:10:44) Senator Paul's speech at Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner - Video archive at C-Span. (5/10)

(3:35:20) Rand Paul 2016? Republican Raises Profile With Eye On Election. Video coverage at HuffPost Live. (5/10)


Rand Paul speaks to the Iowa Republican Party in Cedar Rapids, IA (5/10/2013)

May 14th, 2013

I thought I'd re-post this speech in its entirety, since the previous version from last week's Rand Watch had some audio processing problems. Senator Rand Paul was the keynote speaker at the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids.*In his remarks on the investigation into the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on September*11, 2012, he criticized how then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton performed her duties. He also focused on the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Dr. Paul was introduced by the Iowa GOP's chairman David Fischer, a key official in the Iowa Ron Paul 2012 campaign. Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M.


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - April 28th thru May 4th

May 8th, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul had one of his quietest news weeks in the last several months, with most of the coverage being hit pieces linking the Senator to his no compromise stances on civil liberties issues. It seems to me that the Democrats, and the powers that be in general, will eventually orchestrate a scenario wherein the Senator will be forced to side decisively with libertarians or conservatives. No issue can accomplish this like unrest in the middle east that could potentially involve Israel. Dr. Paul's libertarian bona-fides have taken a serious hit with is recent statements regarding drones. If you have been following the coverage, it seems that the liberals have made the Senator enemy #1, social conservatives are becoming increasingly skeptical, and libertarians have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic. I searched far and wide, but the following is all that I found in the way of interviews, speeches, and media coverage. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Rand Paul toasts Henry David Thoreau at the Time 100 Most Influential People in the World Gala. Video archived via Mofo Politics. (4/23)

(1:55) HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski hosts panel on The Black Republican Dilemma after Rand's African American Outreach. (4/24)

(31:52) Rand Paul is AntiDrone and Pro-Drone. Video compliments  of YouTube User: tjwalker.  (4/26)

(33:40) Rand Paul coming to South Carolina! SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly/Sen. Paul announce June 28th fundraiser. (4/29)

(34:20) Marie Stroughter of The African American Conservatives Show interviews Rand Paul. (5/1)

(52:24) Rand Paul Speech At Missouri GOP Fundraiser in St. Louis. Video compliments of YouTube User: Duane Lester. (5/1)

(1:13:23) Senator Rand Paul joins United for Missouri in Fight against Nixon CCW Scandal. (5/3)

(1:14:10) AM 680 WRKO's (Boston, MA) Jeff Kuhner talks with Senator Rand Paul about Boston, Benghazi and impeachment. (5/2)

(1:26:07) Colbert: Rand Paul’s feelings are the real victims of Newtown. Video posted at The Raw Story. (5/2)

(1:31:28) Rand Paul accuses Hillary Clinton of Dereliction of Duty - Coverage by WTRW 94.3 FM's (Carbondale, PA)  David Madeira. (5/3)

(1:39:06) Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky Joined America's News Network to discuss Immigration, Benghazi, Senator Kerry, and more.


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - April 21st thru April 27th

May 1st, 2013

It's really incredible how many of the mainline conservative radio hosts have embraced libertarian thought over the last several months. In fact, many of these pundits have come out critically against Rand Paul for his perceived waffling on the drone issue! Not long ago, the mere mention of due process and civil liberties received scorn from conservative hosts and their radio audiences, who labeled such rhetoric as being soft on terror/soft on crime. Rand should be commended for his intense media schedule, as it seems he must be a regular guest on at least 15-20 different programs (which he appears on each, at least once every week or two)! Senator Paul spent much of the last week on the defensive after his interview with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, in which he gave some viewers the impression that he condoned the use of drones against Americans suspected of committing violent crimes. From what I can tell, the Senator merely made the same argument about law enforcement's use of force against an armed criminal that he has been making since the filibuster. This seems like a media-manufactured controversy, but even Drudge and other right-of-center pundits have called Rand's statement a flip-flop. You'll have to give it a listen and decide for yourself. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Rand Paul speaks at "Freedom to Fish Rally" at the Barkley Dam in Lyon County, KY. Video compliments of YouTube User: LyonCountyJudge. (4/13)

(3:12) Excerpts from Sen. Paul's remarks before a group of conservative Republicans in Nashville, TN. Video by YouTube User: tnreporttv (Part 1 and Part 2). (4/20)

(6:09) Sen. Rand Paul talks with WABC Radio's (New York, NY) Aaron Klein about immigration bill, Benghazi. (4/22)

(13:51) Sen. Paul talks about his objection to the immigration plan JD Hayworth, in for Mike Huckabee. (4/23)

(26:06) Rand Paul talked to Dennis Miller about the letter he wrote to Harry Reid about immigration reform. (4/23)

(28:33) Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Happening Now with Jon Scott & Jenna Lee - Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (4/23)

(32:33) Did Rand Paul Flip Flop on the Use of Drones? James Burns reports for Freedom Files. (4/24)

(47:25) Senator Paul Joins Jerry Doyle to Clarify His Position On Drone Usage - Did He Flip Flop? (4/24)

(59:12) NewsRadio 740 KTRH's (Houston, TX) Michael Berry has an issue with recent comments from Rand Paul over the use of drones. (4/24)

(1:28:18) Rand Paul talks drones, sequestration, and immigration on The Michael Medved Show. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (4/24)

(1:35:57) Adam Kokesh: Rand Paul is STILL right about drones! #standwithrand - Video by YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (4/24)

(1:50:12) Rand Paul on Hannity radio explains position on drones has not changed. Video compliments of YouTube User: bxtidre7. (4/24)

(2:05:12) KPRC AM 950's (Houston, TX) Matt Patrick talks about the comments made by Rand Paul regarding his stance on drones. Audio archived at TuneIn.com. (4/24)

(2:15:42) Dr. Gina Loudon Responds to Rand Paul’s Puzzling Drone Comments on FBN's Cavuto. (4/24)

(2:19:05) Sen. Paul discusses orphan diseases on the Senate floor- Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (4/25)

(2:27:27) Fox News' Special Report: Majority of Americans AGAINST Giving up personal freedom to reduce terrorism! (4/25)

(2:34:10) Who is Rand Paul? - WSJ Opinion from that Warm & Fuzzy Old Lady, Dorothy Rabinowitz. (4/26)

(2:39:05) Senator Rand Paul talks with Fox News Radio's Alan Colmes about Drones And Immigration. (4/26)

(2:49:39) Glenn Beck talks to Senator Paul about immigration reform and drone policy. (4/26)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - April 8th thru April 14th

April 16th, 2013

Rand Paul dominated political talk this week, as he took the message of individual liberty to historically black schools- Howard and Simmons. The left was particularly peeved (and publicly nasty) by the Senator's attempt to reach out to an unconventional libertarian constituency. The MSNBC pundits were particularly outraged by the Senator's divergence from the liberal's ordained version of historical events. Democrats=Good, Republicans=Racist, No? I would be willing to bet that- if they took a momentary truth serum- the Democrat operatives resent the fact that hundreds of black students came out to hear from the Senator. It was a sign that African-American loyalty to the Democrats may not be as impenetrable as previously thought. Rand could have just come to the universities and laid out the non-partisan pitch for liberty in all spheres, as his father did back in February 2012 at the Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit (too bad he didn't receive 1/100th of the media coverage that Rand received). But for better or for worse, Sen. Paul instead made a gesture on behalf of all Republicans. Listen closely to the progressive pundits in the following audio: they have no interest in improving race relations in this country. They thrive because of a political climate of fear, division, and intimidation. Only a culture of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and social tolerance will take race relations to the next level- but then why would we need a massive federal government? Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Talk Radio 1210 WPHT's (Philadelphia, PA) Chris Stigall speaks with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul about his libertarian principles and gay marriage legislation. (4/9)

(15:21) Obama budget better late than never? Sen. Rand Paul on FNC's On the Record with Greta Van Susterein. (4/9)

(21:48) Rand Paul talks Minority Outreach, Immigration Reform and Gun Control on The Sean Hannity Show. Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (4/9)

(36:43) Sen. Paul talks about his plan to filibuster the gun control bill on The Mike Huckabee Radio Show. (4/9)

(46:10) Liberty & Civil Rights speech by Senator Rand Paul Howard University- Video by YouTube User: FreedomWorksAction. (4/10)

(1:38:36) Reaction to Rand Paul's speech at Howard U: Students call him: Tea Party, capitalism, racist. Video by YouTube User: CampusReform. (4/10)

(1:40:58) Sen. Rand Paul tries to get on the good side of African Americans - TYT's Cenk Uygur for CurrentTV. (4/10)

(1:45:16) Rand Paul talks to Michael Medved about his speech at Howard University. Video compliments of YouTube User: bxtidre7. (4/10)

(2:00:57) MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Tears Into Rand Paul For Denying He Questioned Civil Rights Act: "You Did Question It. On My Show." (4/10)

(2:07:28) Bob Beckel and FNC's The Five panel praise Rand Paul's speech at Howard, rip MSNBC coverage - Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (4/11)

(2:10:11) Rand Paul gets Alex Jones’ stamp of approval: I know he's a good man." Video archived at Mofo Politics. (4/10)

(2:11:06) David Brody for CBN's The 700 Club: Does Sen. Paul Have Right Prescription for America? (4/11)

(2:15:37) Sen. Rand Paul Tries To Repair GOP's Image With Minorities - Mara Liasson for NPR's Morning Edition. (4/11)

(2:20:11) Rand Paul discusses his visit to Howard U. on Bill Bennett's Morning in America. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (4/11)

(2:26:11) Michel Martin interviews the Senator for NPR's Tell Me More - Rand Paul And Minorities, 'A Date Or A Relationship?' (4/11)

(2:43:12) Fox News' anchor Brit Hume: Rand Paul 'Gutsy' to Speak at Howard University. (4/11)

(2:45:36) Guess Who's Coming to Howard? Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and correspondent Larry Wilmore clown Dr. Paul. (4/11)

(2:53:33) Talk Radio 1210 WPHT's Dom Giordano speaks with a Howard University student, Keenan Glover, who recently questioned Rand Paul over the philosophy of government. (4/12)

(3:13:19) What was Rand Paul ‘Randsplaining’? MSNBC's Chris Hayes piles on Sen. Paul, gets taken to task on All In. (4/12)

(3:16:44) On Fox News' Hannity, Frank Luntz focus group finds: Rand Paul Has By Far The Most Successful Poll-Tested Platform On Immigration. (4/12)

(3:21:59) Right Side Of History? Abby Huntsman and panel discuss the Senator's address at Howard on HuffPost Live. (4/12)

(3:42:38) Rand Paul tells black crowd at Simmons College of Kentucky that GOP 'is not hostile to civil rights' - Video coverage via the Courier-Journal. (4/13)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - April 1st thru April 7th

April 8th, 2013

So, it looks like Senator Rand Paul has pulled back his media availability significantly over the last week. After all, he's probably talked to nearly every pundit in the business since his historic filibuster. The doctor is under heavy scrutiny from all sides given his sudden media prominence. The liberal media is on the attack, as are the hardcore social conservatives- who were quick to pick up on what they viewed as his soft immigration, marriage, and abortion policies. Moreover, the Senator is not getting a whole lot of love from the libertarians, either. Since there were few interviews over the last week, I've posted some audio that I missed the first time around throughout the month of March. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Republican US Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul talks about guns, sequestration, immigration reform, and more with NewsTalk 800 & 1600 WVHU's (Huntington, WV) Tom Roten. (2/21)

(9:53) Senator Rand Paul speaks at Northwest Suburban Lincoln Day Dinner in Palatine, Illinois. Video compliments of YouTube User: SusieMaui. (3/4)
(35:29) Breitbart's Ben Shapiro Blows Away HuffPo's Ryan Grim re: Rand Paul, on The Sean Hannity Show. (3/8)
(51:20) Yaron Brook from The Ayn Rand Center appears on The Wall Street Shuffle to discuss Rand Paul’s filibuster, egalitarianism, government involvement in the banking system, and more. (3/11)
(1:05:29) Rand Paul appears on The Liberty Education Interview Series with Robert Ringer. (3/12)
(1:19:23) GOP Senator Would Offer Legal Status for Immigrants- Aaron Zitner reports for WSJ.com. (3/19)
(1:23:52) Rand Paul visits with Roger Hedgecock to talk about his immigration plan. (3/20)
(1:33:23) Steve Deace: Rand Paul trips over the life issue...Plus, an open letter to libertarians. (3/21)
(2:01:30) On marriage, Perry, Huckabee, Carson make the cut; Rand Paul does not - AFA's Bryan Fischer. (3/27)
(2:13:35) Rand Paul Q&A at the U. of Kentucky in Lexington - Video compliments of YouTube User: Keith Gilbertson (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). (3/27)
(2:17:06) Rand Paul meets the press at the University of Kentucky on running for president.Video archived at Kentucky.com. (3/27)
(2:20:03) WHAS11's (ABC - Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold - Ky. senator Rand Paul draws crowd at UK campus. (3/27)
(2:21:06) Shooting Down Gun Control in the Senate - William Vizzard on Background Briefing with Ian Masters. (3/31)
(2:37:23) TheBlaze TV: The RNC’s Problem We have a great product, but the people in DC have no idea how to sell it. (4/2)
(2:43:37) WDRB 41 (Fox - Louisville, KY): Gov. Beshear has until Saturday to veto hemp bill.  (4/3)
(2:46:25) The Daily Bret: Fox News' Bret Baier on 2016 frontrunners. (4/4)
(2:47:44) Benghazi kickstarted Clinton versus Paul 2016 chatter - MSNBC's Martin Bashir with David Corn and Joy Reid. (4/4)
(2:53:19) MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: Conspiracy paranoia infiltrates Senate GOP, 'undermines US global authority.' (4/4)
(2:58:36) Greg Newburn joins Ahmed to discuss Rand Paul's bid to get rid of mandatory sentence minimums. Video archived at AOL. (4/5)
Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2013/03/27/2577001/rand-paul-at-uk.html#storylink=cpy

Rand Paul 2016 Watch - March 25th thru March 31st

April 2nd, 2013

Just because Rand Paul cut back on his broadcast interviews this week doesn't mean that he didn't make any news headlines! To the chagrin of the neocons and the advocates of right-wing social engineering, it is becoming increasingly clear that Senator Paul is an early frontrunner for the 2016 Republican nomination. Likewise, the usual suspects on the left are in total demonization/marginalization mode. The media is busy reacting to the Senator's most recent 5 year balanced budget proposal, his pro-life personhood amendment, and his plan for comprehensive immigration reform. But towards the end of the week, Sen. Paul has made yet another splash in the legislative process with a filibuster on the Obama administration's gun control initiatives. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be another old-fashioned talking filibuster, but rather a filibuster of the procedural variety that will require a bill to receive a 60 vote super-majority in the Senate. Ann Coulter (IMHO the modern day female version of Morton Downey Junior) has joined Bill Krytol on the attack against Dr. Paul's foreign policy of moderation, as well as his ambitions for higher office. Sen. Paul also returned to Kentucky to speak at UK in Lexington. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Additional audio from CPAC 2013 - Rand Paul Strategy Explained by Douglas P. Tuck. Video compliments of YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (3/15)

(8:08) Rand introducing personhood amdmt in the Senate - Steve Deace talks with Jen and Rebecca from "The Amen Corner." (3/18)

(14:34) Michael Medved applauds the new GOP, and Rand's proposal for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. (3/19)

(22:53) Rand Paul fuels GOP civil war, according MSNBC's resident snake, Lawrence O'Donnell. (3/19)

(33:04) Kentucky's own Mandy Connell talks a little bit about immigration and some of the comments by Rand Paul about the issue on 84 WHAS (Louisville, KY). (3/20)

(47:10) Rand Paul For President in 2016? Ian Preston reports for ABC36 News WTVQ (Lexington, KY). (3/24)
(47:47) DC Report - Ron Paul a "Liability" to Rand Paul's Ambitions? Gary Franchi reports for WHDT/Next News Network. (3/24)
(49:02) MSNBC’s Touré And Sen. Rand Paul Agree On At Least This One Thing…Marijuana Decriminalization. Video archived at Mediaite.com. (3/25)
(52:19) Rand Paul, Ted Cruz – and, yes, Mitt Romney – take turns playing ‘kingmaker’ - Goldie Taylor and Hogan Gidley on MSNBC's Martin Bashir. (3/25)
(59:32) Ann Coulter trashes Rand Paul on FNC's Hannity: "His two objectives are legalizing pot and amnesty for illegals"- Video by YouTube User: madihah hadeen. (3/25)
(1:00:39) Fox News analyst Bob Beckel praises Rand Paul: "He's a lot smarter than I gave him credit for." Video compliments of YouTube User: andrew yezen. (3/25)
(1:02:05) Discussion about Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul on WAMC's (Northeast Public Radio) Roundtable on The Roundtable. (3/26)
(1:08:35) Slate Magazine: Rand Paul Eyes Gun-Control Filibuster. (3/26)
(1:09:44) Sen. Paul has a second filibuster on the horizon - CNN's Gregory Wallace for The Lead. (3/26)

(1:13:16) MSNBC's Chris Jansing: Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz & Mike Lee Threaten To Filibuster New Gun Control Laws. Video by YouTube User: FirstNewz101. (3/26)

(1:19:29) FILIBUSTER: Rand Paul Take Two - Jacob Soboroff hosts HuffPost Live. (3/26)

(1:26:54) Will the GOP be the party of Reagan, Ryan, or Rand when it comes to budgets? MSNBC's NOW with Alex Wagner. (3/26)

(1:36:26) Q and A at University of Kentucky: Rand Paul on work visas & immigration policy. Video by YouTube User: Keith Gilbertson. (3/27)

(1:37:32) Sen. Paul talks about Gun Control and the Industrial Hemp bill awaiting the KY Governor's signature. Video at courier-journal.com. (3/27)

(1:40:56) Rand Paul Speaks At University Of Kentucky - Report by ABC36 News WTVQ (Lexington, KY). Video archived at ClipSyndicate. (3/28)

(1:41:49) Rand Paul speaks on Faith and the Law  with CBN's David Brody. (3/29)

(1:43:06) GOP senator tells Fox News' Eric Bolling (in for Hannity) he intends to block any legislation infringing on right to bear arms. (3/28)

(1:49:16) ABC36 News WTVQ's (Lexington, KY) Ellen Bryan: Rand Paul Gearing Up For Presidential Election? (3/28)

(1:51:43) DC Report - Gun Filibuster in the Works? Video compliments of YouTube User: NextNewsNetwork. (3/29)

(1:52:49) The Legacy of a Filibuster - Slate's David Weigel joins host Bob Garfield for On The Media. (3/29)

(2:04:44) Rand Paul and Gun Control - Commentary by WNOX-FM's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins. (3/31)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - March 18th thru March 24th

March 24th, 2013

It should not be a surprise that after an incredibly positive week of media coverage for Senator Rand Paul, the doctor is dealing with a bit of liberal/neocon/establishment blowback in reaction to his rapid prominence on the national stage. Of course, someone will always be offended when a US Senator comes out to lead on virtually every debate of national significance! The Senator not only reintroduced his office's five year proposal for balancing the federal budget, he also weighed in publicly on controversial issues like immigration, marriage, and abortion. It seems as if the Senator is not interested in cultivating a narrow, partisan constituency- but rather putting forward solutions for all varieties of national problems. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise us that many of the individuals who held their tongue on the drone filibuster are coming out swinging on other issues of disagreement. Unfortunately, so many voters enjoy being pandered to and being told what they want to hear, rather than being offered actual solutions that could be the cornerstone for bipartisan compromise. We'll all have to wait and see! Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul Tops GOP Straw Poll - Ian Preston reports for ABC36 News WTVQ (Lexington, KY). (3/17)

(0:40) Scarborough Takes On Panelist Over CPAC Criticism: They’re Not ‘Wacko Birds — They’re My Friends.’ Video archived at Mediate.com. (3/18)

(8:50) Yale Professor David Bromwich talks about the Rand Paul “Convergence” on Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon. (3/18)

(38:40) Rush Limbaugh reacts to Rand Paul’s gay marriage idea: “No f-ing way.” Audio archived at Mofo Politics. (3/18)

(42:18) Dr. Ben Carson on Fox News' Hannity: Rand Paul Impresses Me. (3/18)

(45:30) Arch-neocon Bill Krystol blames Barack Obama for the Rise of Rand Paul - Video by YouTube User: WMAL Washington. (3/19)

(51:36) Rand Paul raises immigration reform at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Video by Vimeo User: Zayas Hendrick Mediaworks. (3/19)

(1:09:08) Rand Paul backs path to citizenship for illegal immigrants - Kelly Wright reports for Fox News. (3/19)

(1:11:55) Federation for American Immigration Reform's Bob Dane Reacts to Sen. Paul's Immigration Speech - Video by YouTube User: fairfederation. (3/19)

(1:17:02) Sen. Marco Rubio praises Rand Paul's immigration stance on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper. (3/19)

(1:17:45) SE Cupp on MSNBC's The Cycle: Rand Paul and Marco Rubio need each other. (3/19)

(1:21:35) Steve Deace joins Jan Mickelson to talk about CPAC; reaction to Rand's immigration position on News Radio 1040 WHO (Des Moines, IA). (3/19)

(1:41:00) Rand Paul Calls for Immigration Overhaul - Aaron Zitner reports for WSJ.com. (3/19)

(1:44:42) Rand Paul talks Immigration And Abortion with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (3/19)

(1:57:42) Rand Paul extended interview on The Sean Hannity Show - Video compliments of YouTube User: bxtidre7. (3/19)

(2:28:43) Senator Paul talks about his proposal for Immigration Reform with Mike Huckabee. (3/19)

(2:29:46) Heartache: Michael Savage says Rand Paul is a “fraud” like Scott Brown. Audio archived on Mofo Politics. (3/19)

(2:41:20) Rand Paul’s Pro-Immigration Push - Cato Daily Podcast with Alex Nowrasdeh. (3/20)

(2:47:48) Rand Paul: Can the GOP get behind his foreign policy views? MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski reads Dana Milbanks Washington Post column. (3/20)

(2:51:46) Sen. Paul talks immigration reform and his plan to balance the budget in 5 years with Glenn Beck. (3/20)

(3:07:00) Sen. Paul on FNC's Your World: The country's looking for something different. (3/20)

(3:16:31) Rand Paul: News Flash, What We Have Right Now Is De Facto Amnesty on Fox News' America's Newsroom. Video by YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (3/21)

(3:21:53) Senator Rand Paul Discusses His Filibuster in the Senate and Immigration Reform on America's News Network. (3/21)

(3:27:01) Rand Paul (R-KY) Interview On Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace - Video compliments of YouTube User: Massteaparty. (3/24)


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - March 11th thru March 17th

March 18th, 2013

Rand Paul's star continued to rise last week, as he brought together the liberty movement and the broader conservative base, and walked away with the once-coveted CPAC straw-poll victory! Now, of course, he'll have to prove that his apparent success is more substantial than that of his father. This week's Rand Paul Watch Update picks up where last week's ended, including some closing thoughts on the 13-hour filibuster. While Dr. Ron Paul did not attend CPAC this year, it's clear that the libertarian kids still have numbers and enthusiasm at the annual conservative conference. Sen. Paul showed the world Paul 2.0- no stammering, stuttering or disconnected statements on the stage. This man knows his audience, and he can deliver the message of reason. Most everyone on the right seems to be embracing Rand Paul, except the most hardcore national security chicken-hawks and the most socially intolerant in the GOP. This is a long, content-packed update with many opinions- so, enjoy. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Bill Kristol Podcast for The Weekly Standard: GOP Can Learn From Rand Paul (But Republicans shouldn't follow him on foreign policy). (3/8)

(6:58) Eleanor Clift, liberal panelist for The McLaughlin Group: Rand Paul "Trying To Stir A Revolt Against The U.S. Government" - Video archived at RealClearPolitics. (3/10)

(9:11) Rand Paul talks with Newsradio 1040 WHO's (Des Moines, IA) Simon Conway about drone debate, Awlaki killing, and wacko birds. (3/11)

(23:11) McCain and Graham Got It Wrong! Columnist Mark Steyn analyzes Rand Paul's filibuster on The Hugh Hewitt Show. Audio archived at AM 1590 KLFE. (3/11)

(33:28) Krauthammer Shows True Colors, Mocks Rand Paul For 'Absurd And Ridiculous' Drone Concerns: 'Not A Serious Issue' - Video archived at Mediate.com. (3/11)

(34:53) Glenn Beck: What Do Rand Paul’s Filibuster and Charles Sumner’s Historic Anti-Slavery Speech Have in Common? (3/11)

(43:50) News and Views with Steve Deace includes Donald Trump on Rand Paul’s filibuster. (3/11)

(55:24) Rand Paul on The Steve Deace Show, talks about his post-filibuster future, takes on critics. (3/13)

(1:18:35) Senator Rand Paul talks about issues with Jan Mickelson on Newsradio 1040 WHO. (3/13)

(1:30:05) Rumble with RTAmerica's Thom Hartmann - Yoohoo Democrats...Rand Paul Wants to Break up Big Banks! (3/13)

(1:34:03) Fox News' Alan Colmes interviews Rand Paul, congratulates him for filibuster and doing the right thing. (3/13)

(1:43:51) Mr. Paul Goes To Washington - CBN's The Brody File looks at the impacts of Rand's filibuster. (3/14)

(1:48:20) Canada's Sun News: CPAC starts in Washington. (3/14)

(1:51:37) Rand Paul brings CPAC audience to its feet. CNN's Brianna Keilar reports. (3/14)

(1:53:28) For GOP Hopefuls, CPAC Is The Place To Be This Week - Mara Liasson reports for NPR's Morning Edition. (3/15)

(1:58:07) At CPAC, The Future Looks Libertarian - Zeke Miller for Time Magazine's Swampland. (3/15)

(2:01:39) Talk Radio 1210 WPHT's (Philadelphia, PA) Chris Stigall assesses the speeches of Marco Rubio and Rand Paul at CPAC. (3/15)

(2:10:40) Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul at CPAC - Matt Lewis breaks it down on The Andrea Tantaros Show. Audio archived at Talk Radio Network. (3/15)

(2:28:32) 84 WHAS' (Louisville, KY) Mandy Connell opens up the lines for a Free for All about Rand Paul’s speech. (3/15)

(2:49:52) McCain Apologizes For Calling Rand Paul, Ted Cruz ‘Wacko Birds’ On Fox News: ‘That Was Inappropriate’ - Video archived at Mediaite.com. (3/15)

(2:54:03) Guest Sandy Rios on AFA's Focal Point with Bryan Fischer - has concerns about Rand Paul, Marco Rubio. (3/15)

(3:05:49) Rand Paul the GOP’s Hope for the Future? Former Rep. Allen West joins FBN's Neil Cavuto. (3/15)

(3:09:22) U.S. Conservatives Debate Change - Jim Malone for Voice of America. (3/15)

(3:12:12) Mediaite’s Noah Rothman Talks CPAC, Rand Paul And The Future Of The GOP With WGN Radio’s (Chicago, IL) Carol Roth. (3/15)

(3:27:33) Rand Paul, Rock Star: Libertarians Run the Show at CPAC - writes Michael Moynihan of The Daily Beast.(3/15)

(3:30:22) Ann Coulter: Rand Paul is too short to run for President in 2016 - Video compliments of YouTube User: Omarosa Morgan. (3/16)

(3:32:34) How Rand Paul converted Israeli conservatives to his side - CPAC panel discussion with The Washington Times' Ralph Hallow. Video by YouTube User: andrew yezen. (3/16)

(3:34:46) NRA President David Keene: GOP must embrace leaders like Rand Paul, or "it dies". Video compliments of YouTube User: CBSNewsOnline. (3/16)

(3:36:31) CPAC 2013 - Straw Poll Results read by Al Cardenas. Video compliments of YouTube User: The ACU. (3/16)

(3:49:50) Sen. Rand Paul narrowly wins CPAC poll - NECN News' Brian Mooar reports from the 2013 conservative conference. (3/16)

(3:51:20) Fox News: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll - Sarah Palin & Big Gulp. Video by YouTube User: Massteaparty. (3/17)

(3:52:10) HERE WE GO AGAIN: Rand Paul wants to legalize heroine! -former OK Gov. Frank Keating on Meet the Press. Video by YouTube User: madihah hadeen. (3/17)


Sen. Rand Paul speaks at CPAC 2013 (3/14/2013)

March 15th, 2013

On Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul spoke at the 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor,  MD. By all accounts, Dr. Paul was the star of the CPAC youth movement that paraded across the stage. Sen. Paul called for a new Republican Party in his speech, a rebuke to the previous speaker, who said the GOP did not need new ideas. In this writer's mind, CPAC 2013 has been the first sign that Sen. Paul just may be able to bridge the generation gap and appeal to all conservative-leaning activists and voters. Video compliments of YouTube User: The ACU.


Rand Paul 2016 Watch - March 4th thru March 10th

March 11th, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul had perhaps his most notorious week in the US Senate this week, making a national name for himself and becoming an early frontrunner for the 2016 Republican nomination with his 13 hour filibuster. I've already posted plenty of news coverage and commentary. Now, I will post Sen. Paul's interviews from throughout the week, interspersed with some additional analysis of the week's events. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Rand Paul on WABC Radio’s Aaron Klein Investigative Radio: Obama in guns-to-jihadists cover-up? (3/3)

(12:09) Sen. Rand Paul joins FNC's Neil Cavuto to discuss the future of economic growth. (3/5)

(14:48) Senator Paul Exposes Obama Drone Program on Fox News' Hannity. Video by YouTube User: R11110000. (3/5)

(21:32) Drone Issue Awakens Senate to Oversight Role - Sen. Ron Wyden talks with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. (3/6)

(39:07) Fox News contributor Herman Cain: Rand Paul filibuster 'refreshing.' (3/7)

(40:26) Glenn’s Beck's full post-filibuster interview with Senator Rand Paul. (3/7)

(55:28) Alex Jones: We're in for The Fight of Our Lives - Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (3/7)

(1:06:10) Sen. Rand Paul talks about impact of marathon filibuster on Fox News' America Live. (3/7)

(1:19:11) Sen. Paul appears on CNN's Newsroom with Dana Bash. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (3/7)

(1:36:39) WHAS11's (ABC - Louisville, KY) Joe Arnold exclusive phone interview with Rand Paul following filibuster. (3/7)

(1:45:49) Rand Paul on drones: POLITICO's Jonathan Allen and Lois Romano interview the Senator. (3/7)

(1:59:53) Fox Business' Lou Dobbs talks with Rand Paul about Filibuster, Brennan Confirmation. (3/7)

(2:07:05) Why Rand Paul's libertarianism could be powerful in a Republican primary - Video from MSNBC's Morning Joe. (3/8)

(2:14:46) Sen. Paul talks about Wednesday's filibuster on The Mike Huckabee Show. (3/8)

(2:24:15) Stand With Rand In 2016? HuffPost Senior Politics Reporter Sam Stein and Jacob Soboroff discuss. (3/8)

(2:30:14) John McCain ATTACKS Rand Paul's Filibuster - Rand Paul on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett. Video by YouTube User: R11110000. (3/8)

(2:38:31) Rand Paul Responds To Sen. McCain's Criticism Of His Filibuster - Hannity Radio. Video compliments of YouTube User: Eduardo89rp. (3/8)

(2:55:26) Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis and Republican strategist Joe Watkins talk with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin about Rand Paul and 2016. (3/9)

(3:03:25) Mike Huckabee: "Thank you, Rand Paul" - The Fox News contributor thanks Sen. Paul for promoting the Rule of Law. (3/9)

(3:07:01) News/Talk 98.7 WNOX-FM's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins on the Rand Paul Filibuster. Video by YouTube User: PatrickRigginsShow. (3/10)

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