Ron Paul Gives Farewell Address to the Nation on the House Floor (11/14/2012)

November 14th, 2012

On Wednesday, Congressman Ron Paul took to the floor of the House of Representatives to give his formal farewell address to the people of the United States. Dr. Paul spoke of his 23 years of experience serving the people of Texas, and noted the many disturbing changes that developed over the years. The Congressman warned of the pernicious onset of authoritarianism, the increasing levels of wealth redistribution, and the need for a broader intellectual awakening among the people. The 50 minute speech was a call for a return to common sense, self-reliance, and individual responsibility. Video of the speech is archived on C-Span.

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Congressman Ron Paul’s Speaks Against Iran Sanctions on House Floor (8/1/2012)

August 1st, 2012

Continuing his alliance with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Congressman Ron Paul took to the house floor to speak out against additional sanctions on the Iranian people. Dr. Paul decried this worst type of bipartisanship, and rightly labeled the legislation "The Obsession With Iran Act of 2012". Predictably, the House rubber-stamped the legislation, voting 421-6 in favor of punishing Iran for the US Congress' previous set of ineffective sanctions. Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Ron Paul Addresses the House in favor of Audit the Fed (7/24/2012)

July 25th, 2012

On Tuesday, Congressman Ron Paul took to the house floor during debate over H.R. 459: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2012. Dr. Paul took to the podium one more time to make his case before the House of Representatives. The House overwhelmingly passed the legislation- 327 to 98! Now, let's let our Senators know that they will do the same! Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Congressman Ron Paul urges Afghanistan Withdrawl on House Floor (7/18/2012)

July 18th, 2012

On Wednesday during the Defense Appropriations debate on the house floor, Congressman Ron Paul took to the podium and urged his colleagues to expedite US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Dr. Ron Paul Speaks to the House of Representatives (6/27/2012)

June 28th, 2012

Rep. Ron Paul returned to the house floor on Wednesday, to address his colleagues regarding the latest events in Syria and the military-industrial complex's push to intervene in the internal affairs of yet another sovereign nation. Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Ron Paul speaks about Syria Intervention on House Floor (6/19/2012)

June 19th, 2012

On Tuesday morning, Congressman Ron Paul addressed the House of Representatives with a floor speech regarding the propaganda being fed to the Congress regarding the Syrian government. It appears as if the decision has been made to go for regime change once again, as the US government uses militant Islamists by proxy to stir up trouble in Damascus. Why does the US government so hate secular Middle-Eastern regimes? Moreover, why won't the US government mind its own business? The Congressman's remarks are entitled "When Will We Attack Syria?", the written text of which can be found on Dr. Paul's congressional website. Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Ron Paul on the House Floor: Speech Against Raising the Debt Ceiling (1/18/2012)

January 18th, 2012

Making the most of his time back in Washington, Dr. Ron Paul took to the house floor once again to speak out against yet another raise in the national debt ceiling. The Congressman's statement was in favor of the Debt Ceiling Disapproval Resolution (H.J. Res. 98). Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Ron Paul on the House Floor: Repeal NDAA Section 1021 (1/18/2012)

January 18th, 2012

Dr. Ron Paul took to the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, to call on his colleagues to re-examine and overturn offensive sections of the National Defense Authorization Act- which was signed into law by the President with little fanfare over the New Years' holiday. Section 1021 essentially overturns Posse Comitatus, turns all of America into a virtual battlefield, and gives the Executive Branch unchecked authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists or their sympathizers. This outrageous assault on due process turns back centuries of legal progress- yet where are all the proud progressives in the media? But we mustn't blame President Obama alone- neoconservatives in the Senate were absolutely central to the passage of this legislation. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, and Carl Levin MUST GO! Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Ron Paul’s Floor Speech on the Debt Ceiling (7/19/2011)

July 19th, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul spoke during the house session on Tuesday, to express his displeasure towards the framing of the ongoing debate. Dr. Paul reminds his colleagues that the real default is ongoing, as the Treasury and the Federal Reserve buy their own debt, and in doing so devalues the American people's money! None of the currently offered proposals actually stops the accrual of new debt, and thus they aren't serious attempts at solving the problem. The Congressman also called on the body to address the endless spending on global militarism. Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM.


Ron Paul Addresses House Session: Libya Resolution Debate (6/24/2011)

June 24th, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul took to the floor of the House of Representatives in Friday morning, to argue against authorizing the ongoing aggression against Libya. Several resolutions are floating around the Congress today, the most prominent of which contain the necessary loopholes for the President to continue as he pleases, while ostensibly doing so within the law. What do we have, a monarchy, with a vestigial Congress to rubber-stamp the dictator's decrees? Not if Dr. Paul has anything to say about it! Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul: "It Doesn't Talk About Special Forces, CIA Contractors, Or Unlimited Bombings." Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (9:02 AM ET)

(1:35) Ron Paul: "There's A Simple Solution To All This & That Is Obey The Constitution!" Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM.(9:27 AM ET)

(5:08) C-Span coverage of House Session Segment: Mr. Paul. (11:44 AM ET)

(9:06) Ron Paul: "This Bill Is A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing." Video by YouTube User: libertywriters.(1:04 PM ET)


Congressman Ron Paul Addresses the House of Reps (6/3/2011)

June 3rd, 2011

Dr. Ron Paul made his way to the podium to offer support to Rep. Dennis Kucinich's resolution, H.Con.Res.51, that would have (under authority of the War Powers Act) ordered the President to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya. The concurrent resolution failed, thanks largely to Republican speaker of the House John Boehner, who offered a watered-down, non-binding resolution that does nothing to dis-empower Obama. Video of the Congressman's remarks can be found via C-Span coverage.


Ron Paul House Floor Speech (5/25/2011)

May 25th, 2011

Ron Paul took to the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, to deliver his speech, entitled: The Last Nail. Will we simply discard the republic, and a limited government constrained by the Constitution? Ron Paul has had it, and so have I! The Congressman bemoans the Congress' willingness to accept a enhanced version of the Patriot Act, and to ignore their responsibility to enforce the War Powers provisions. Where is the media? They should ALL be calling Dr. Paul right about now! Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.

RP: "The last nail is being driven into the coffin of the American Republic. Yet, Congress remains in total denial as our liberties are rapidly fading before our eyes. The process is propelled by unwarranted fear and ignorance as to the true meaning of liberty. It is driven by economic myths, fallacies and irrational good intentions. The rule of law is constantly rejected and authoritarian answers are offered as panaceas for all our problems. Runaway welfarism is used to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class. Who would have ever thought that the current generation and Congress would stand idly by and watch such a rapid disintegration of the American Republic? Characteristic of this epic event is the casual acceptance by the people and political leaders of the unitary presidency, which is equivalent to granting dictatorial powers to the President...The saddest part of this tragedy is that all these horrible changes are being done in the name of patriotism and protecting freedom. They are justified by good intentions while believing the sacrifice of liberty is required for our safety. Nothing could be further from the truth. More sadly is the conviction that our enemies are driven to attack us for our freedoms and prosperity, and not because of our deeply flawed foreign policy that has generated justifiable grievances and has inspired the radical violence against us. Without this understanding our endless, unnamed, and undeclared wars will continue and our wonderful experience with liberty will end."


Ron Paul Floor Speech (5/4/2011)

May 4th, 2011

On Wednesday, Congressman Ron Paul took to the podium during the house session to discuss the death of Osama bin Laden and its implications for US policy in the Muslim world. Video compliments of YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Ron Paul Talks Afghanistan on House Floor (3/17/2011)

March 17th, 2011

Dr. Ron Paul rose in support of Rep. Dennis Kucinich's H.Con. Res. 28, a privileged resolution to bring our troops home from Afghanistan by Dec. 31, 2011. The Congressman spoke on the House floor on Thursday during the 2 hours of debate granted by the privileged resolution, under the War Powers Act. Debate was followed by a roll call vote. The resolution failed, 93-321-1 (one voting "present"). Video posted by YouTube User: stevenochoa3. (Improved Audio uploaded 3/20)


Dr. Ron Paul Floor Speech (3/10/2011)

March 10th, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul used the house session to strongly caution Congress against military involvement in Libya, including establishing a no-fly zone. Video available thanks to YouTube User: CongressmanRonPaul.


Dr. Paul on the House Floor (2/8/2011)

February 9th, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul spoke out during House Session today in opposition to extending the unconstitutional "PATRIOT" Act.  Unfortunately, he did not receive as much as time as originally scheduled, but the good news is that this is due to more speeches from increasing opposition. Due to the citizens calling their Representatives and voicing their opposition, the US House rejected extending three controversial provisions of the "PATRIOT Act" on Tuesday night.


RP Addresses the House on Foreign Policy (1/26/2011)

January 27th, 2011

Representative Ron Paul addressed the house session on Wednesday, to continue elaborating on the points he made last week regarding our 20 years in Iraq. With the new Congress now in session, the Congressman is re-telling the history of America's neo-colonial meddling in the Middle East in the post Cold War era. Dr. Paul exposes the way that former US ally Saddam Hussein was given the green light to invade Kuwait, by way of an expression of disinterest by then ambassador April Glaspie. In the absence of the Soviet Union, the neocons in the George HW Bush administration sought to create an enemy, from which to gain a foothold in the region. For the freshman Congresspeople and all Americans- these are the facts! YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM


Congressman Paul on House Floor (1/24/2011)

January 25th, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul returned to the floor of the house of representatives on Monday night, in response to the many Fed talking heads and lackeys who have been writing articles attempting to discredit the Good Doctor. Dr. Paul reminds us that it is the Federal Reserve who is responsible for inflation, the business cycle, as well as unemployment! Watch the speech at C-Span's archive or on youtube.


RP on House Floor: War & Bankruptcy (1/20/2011)

January 21st, 2011

On the twentieth anniversary of Operation Desert Storm, Congressman Paul took to the floor of the House of Representatives to deliver a speech, entitled: Perpetual War is Expensive. The Congressman points out how America's wars, with imprecise goals and enemies, tend to drag on at immense cost to the US taxpayer. Dr. Paul explains how the Pentagon essentially founded and enabled the Afghan Mujaheddin during the Cold War. That Afghan resistance evolved into the Islamist terror threat that menaces policy makers today! Should we keep fighting and occupying Muslim nations in total disregard of our impending bankruptcy? Video of the Congressman's remarks can be seen at the C-Span video library.


Ron Paul on House Floor: On the Constitution (1/19/2011)

January 20th, 2011

Congressman Paul took to the House floor Wednesday night to ask: with all this renewed interest in the Constitution, will Congress reassess all our unconstitutional policies? Only through true fidelity to the Constitution as the rule of law can we reclaim the republic. Dr. Paul's talk was entitled "On Renewed Interest in the Constitution".


RP Talks WikiLeaks on House Floor (12/9/2010)

December 10th, 2010

Congressman Ron Paul took to the House floor Thursday night to defend those who speak (or print) truth to power, and to ask some important question regarding WikiLeaks to his fellow Representatives. He rebuked politicians and the media for blaming the messenger, as opposed to questioning the policies of the government. Moreover, Dr. Paul reminded the body: "Lying is not patriotic!" We should all be proud of the Congressman- taking an extremely unpopular position, virtually alone in the public eye. It's safe to say, from a populist perspective, the secrets of this government are of minimal risk to the security of the American people. Most likely, leaks will only show the corruption and dysfunctionality of the Pentagon and State Department. Beware the persecution of the whistle-blower!


RP to House: “Enough is Enough” (11/17/2010)

November 18th, 2010

In the midst of rising public outcry, Congressman Ron Paul took to the house floor on Wednesday night to decry the widespread abuses of the TSA against the dignity of the American people. Dr. Paul introduced the "American Traveler Dignity Act" in response to overreaching regulatory measures taken by the Transportation Safety Administration to implement potentially dangerous X-Ray screening procedures or invasive "pat-downs" by TSA officials. Campaign for Liberty has released a written statement opposing this regulatory overreach by the TSA. Some highlights from the address (quotes):

"I rise this evening to announce that I've introduced some legislation today dealing with the calamity that we have found at our airports, with TSA. Something has to be done. Everybody's fed up. The people are fed up. The pilots are fed up. I'm fed up!" (:06)

"We have to realize that the real problem is that the American people have been too submissive! We have been too submissive. It's been going on for a long time! This was to be expected, even from the beginning of the TSA. And it's deeply flawed. Private property should be protected by private individuals -- not bureaucrats!" (1:26)

"I see that what has happened to the American people is: we have accepted the notion that we should be treated like cattle. Make us safe. Make us secure. Put us in the barbed wire. Feed us. Fatten us up... and then they'll eat us." (4:54)


House Floor: The Fair Sentencing Act (7/28/2010)

July 30th, 2010

Here Dr. Paul talks on the House floor about the horribly unjust and inequitable drug war, and an effort to stem some of the greatest sentencing abuses. It's a good start, but does not go far enough, Paul concludes.


House Floor: Paul and Kucinich (7/27/2010)

July 28th, 2010

Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul took to the House Floor to argue against the apparent escalation in hostilities going on across the Afghan border into Pakistan, which has been brought to light as of a result of the release of the 92,000 classified Wiki-Leaks documents. Dr. Paul chastised  the "schizophrenic" nature of US foreign policy, exemplified by evidence that suggests the Taliban receive funding from money given to the Pakistani government by Washington (anyone else thinking C-I-A)! Dr. Paul spoke on three different occasions on Tuesday. The clips were edited together for ease of listening.


RP to House: Afghan Policy Unsustainable (7/2/2010)

July 5th, 2010

Congressman Paul spoke on the House floor concerning the war in Afghanistan and the need for a new foreign policy. America is not threatened by a nation with virtually no navy, air force! Yet another emergency supplemental by an irresponsible government! This file was updated (7/7) to include Dr. Paul's initial 2-minute statement on the supplemental, followed by a broader 5-minute piece on foreign policy.

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