Media Coverage and Analysis of Rand Paul’s Senate Filibuster

March 9th, 2013

Rand Paul's 12 hour and 52 minute filibuster was a clear success by most measures, raising the national profile of the outrageous drone strike policy and becoming a true leader for libertarian-conservatism. The Senator received high praise from prominent voices across the political spectrum, with the exception of the most partisan Obama supporters, MSNBC pundits, and those who are somehow interested in the power of the Presidency/national security state. The most remarkable shift has been on the conservative side of the aisle, as it seems that the right is becoming legitimately more concerned with civil liberties and the Bill of Rights. Of course, this irony isn't lost on the Democrats. Obviously, media coverage of the filibuster has been vast and everything aid cannot be posted. But I will post additional coverage as part of the Rand Paul Watch update. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Judge Napolitano on FNC's Your World: Obama Drone Policy Is Stalinistic. Video by YouTube User: BirtherReportDotCom. (3/6)

(2:29) Rand Paul's Filibuster of Brennan Confirmation Raises National Profile - Fox News' Bret Baier looks at senator's political strategy. (3/6)

(10:40) Is Rand Paul Wasting Valuable Time? CNN's Erin Burnett shills for the Obama admin. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (3/6)

(13:38) Charles Krauthammer on Rand Paul's Filibuster: 'A Stroke of Political Genius.' All-Star panel on Fox News' Special Report. (3/6)

(15:23) NYC Deputy Mayor Trashes Rand Paul’s Anti-Drone Crusade: Americans Are ‘Okay’ With Obama’s Drone Program. Video archived at (3/6)

(18:14) A good old fashioned filibuster on display in Senate - Sen. Mike Lee visits with FNC's Greta Van Susterein. (3/6)

(25:13) Randpage: The Aftermath (Be Ready for the Media Fallout)! Video compliments of YouTube User: TheJoshTolleyChannel. (3/7)

(36:43) #StandWithRand: Rand Paul, Barack Obama, Drones, and Presidential Kill Lists - Coverage by (3/7)

(39:29) Michelle Malkin: Did Rand Paul’s Filibuster Refurbish The Republican Party’s Tarnished Brand? Video archived at (3/7)

(44:56) The #StandwithRand Drones Filibuster - CATO Institute's Daily Podcast with Julian Sanchez. (3/7)

(53:44) MSNBC's Alex Wagner and panel discuss Rand Paul’s marathon and the nasty side effects of filibusters. (3/7)

(1:04:28) Rush Limbaugh: Rand's Stand Shakes Up Washington - Audio archived at The Daily Caller. (3/7)

(1:16:35) Van Jones Stands With Rand Paul? Video compliments of YouTube User: rebuildthedream. (3/7)

(1:23:24) Brian Doherty and TRNN's Paul Jay discuss the Senator's filibuster. (3/7)

(1:36:57) Rand Paul rebuked by (a couple establishment hacks in) his own party? MSNBC's Ed Schultz talks with James Carville. (3/7)

(1:42:25) Mark Levin defends Rand Paul and other conservatives for standing up to the Obama Administration, bashes McCain and Graham. Video by YouTube User: RestitututionLurker15. (3/7)

(1:53:27) TYT's Cenk Uygur: Rand Paul's Filibuster Angers Establishment - Video compliments of YouTube User: TheYoungTurks. (3/7)

(2:01:10) Why Rand Paul's filibuster matters - FNC's Sean Hannity and Juan Williams discuss. (3/7)

(2:12:06) Michael Steele on MSNBC's Morning Joe: Sens. Graham, McCain were insulting towards Rand Paul. (3/8)

(2:24:50) Newt Gingrich on CNN: I Am ‘Disappointed’ And ‘Saddened’ By John McCain ‘Lecturing The Next Generation.’ Video archived at (3/8)

(2:29:12) Filibuster Envy - Laura Ingraham provides the Talking Points Memo on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor. (3/8)

(2:32:14) Mike Church Interview With The American Conservative's Jordan Bloom On Rand Paul's Filibuster. (3/8)

(2:37:14) RNC Chair Reince Preibus: Rand Paul's filibuster was "completely awesome" - Video at Crooks & LIars. (3/8)

(2:42:55) Rand Paul's filibuster is drawing opposition from the 'Old Guard' GOP. Tom Woods hosts The Peter Schiff Show. (3/8)

(2:50:36) Does Fox News Want to Use Rand Paul for GOP Interests? TYT's Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and John Iadarola break it down. (3/8)

(2:56:09) Jim Pinkerton tells FNC's Jonathan Hunt why the liberal media attacked the Senator for his 13 hour drone filibuster. (3/8)

(3:02:02) Bill Maher Praises Rand Paul, But Defends Drone Strikes: ‘Some People Do Need Killing’. Video archived at (3/8)

(3:08:07) Fox News Watch Slams Mainstream Media ‘Hypocrisy’ On Rand Paul’s Filibuster, Obama’s Drone Program. Video archived at (3/9)

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…Oh, Say, Can You See (that Drone)

February 23rd, 2013

The last several weeks have seen unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) make there way back into the news, as an Obama administration policy white paper was leaked to the press detailing a sketchy legal argument for the use of drones against American citizens. Both Ron and Rand Paul have been vocal opponents of this policy, as you have heard in the previous updates. This controversy has only ramped up in recent days due to John Brennan's pending nomination to head up the CIA. In his first confirmation hearing, Brennan- the US government's own 'Mr. Drone'- failed to articulate whether or not he felt Americans could be killed via drone here in America. As a result, Senator Paul has put a hold on Brennan's nomination until he gets some answers. This file contains commentary and conversation of this debate, as it has evolved over the last few weeks. This is the first installment of topical news coverage from a libertarian perspective. I'll post more whenever the news is compelling and plentiful. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description; included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Obama & MIC Using Drone Strikes To Create An Enemy To Profiteer From War! Cenk Uygur and Robert Greenwald on CurrentTV. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (1/14)

(6:57) Columbia law professor and Harper’s Magazine journalist Scott Horton discusses the DOJ’s abbreviated explanation to Congress why the Obama administration has the right to assassinate US citizens on The Scott Horton Show. (2/5)

(26:59) Obama’s Drone War - The Cato Institute's Caleb Brown talks with Julian Sanchez. (2/6)

(34:27) Marcy Wheeler tells Scott Horton why the DOJ white paper doesn’t adequately explain the Obama administration’s legal justification for targeted killings. (2/6)

(1:03:15) Skygall - Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Rips the Obama Administration's Drone Strike Policy. (2/6)

(1:11:50) Obama's Kill List- WNOX News Talk 100.3's (Knoxville, TN) Patrick Riggins Show. (2/10)

(1:22:44) Great Debate and Discussion: AM750 News/Talk WSB's (Atlanta, GA) Monica Perez talks about US Drone Program. (2/10)

(2:36:41) Drone Pilots to Receive Combat Medals, Rand Paul to Hold Brennan Nomination - Big John Howell and Amy Jacobson on AM 560 WIND (Chicago, IL). (2/14)

(2:54:57) WXIX-TV's (Fox19 - Cincinatti, OH) Reality Check with Ben Swann's Reality Check Special on Drone Policy (Part 1 and Part 2). (2/15)


Gary Johnson: A Ron Paul Revolutionary?

October 13th, 2012

Like many of you, I have come to the conclusion that former Governor Gary Johnson is the best remaining candidate to vote for in the general election. In my state, write-in candidates are only counted if the candidate has declared for that election- and chances are, the Congressman has no intention of doing that. Luckily, Gov. Johnson has gone above and beyond in his effort to reach out and gain support from Ron Paul supporters. Once the RNC was over, the Governor participated in an online town hall meeting specifically for Ron Paul supporters in order to earn their support and go on the record for issues most important to the liberty movement. We know that Gary is with us on most all of the issues of most importance, and as you will hear in the audio, he has clearly made himself familiar with the good Doctor's talking points on various issues. But the two men have their differences, which could be an issue for the Christian conservatives and strict non-interventionists among us. You'll have to talk a listen for yourself! Video streaming was provided by Vokle.


Ron Paul 2012: The Hail Mary - Plans C, D, and E

October 11th, 2012

Most of us have long ago had to accept the fact that Ron Paul will not be the 45th President of the United States. It's questionable if the man himself, ever wanted to win the office, as the campaign really stopped fighting back in March. We sought to win at the ballot box with the popular vote (without success), activists then infiltrated their state parties and picked up many delegate slots for a convention fight. But the Republican Party would not play fair, and the Paul contingent traveled home from Tampa with minimal gains. Yet several folks out there just won't give up, and have tried various other methods of promoting Ron Paul 2012 and laying the groundwork for the future. I probably should have posted the first two events sooner, but campaign coverage was much easier to come by at the time. The latest effort is for a national write-in campaign, which I'll continue to follow here on the podcast. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Richard Gilbert on Global Voice Radio 2012-Where Do We Go Next After the RNC? (9/4)

(1:25:59) Conference Call to get Ron Paul to run independent, or on the Libertarian ticket - with Evan "Alaska" Cutler. Video compliments of YouTube User: Barbara Struble. (9/2)

(3:25:11) Write-in Ron Paul REVOLUTION TeleConference Call! Featuring Dr. Cass Ingram and Jim Condit Jr. (10/10)


Senator Rand Paul Responds to Endorsement Critics

June 15th, 2012

Ron Paul still remains silent about the campaign and why things were done the way they were, but Rand Paul has come out swinging in defense of his decision to endorse Mitt Romney. The Senator has a bad habit of pointing out abhorrent behavior (or language on certain message boards) and smearing all of his critics with the actions of others. Dr. Paul's prickly response was perhaps not what the movement was interested in hearing, but in reality, the endorsement is one of the most ceremonial of gestures. Sen. Paul continues to stick his neck out for the cause of liberty on a constant basis, and the included interviews in this file remind us of some of the important work he is doing. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Schiff Radio Exclusive: Rand's Romney Strategy - Video compliments of YouTube User: SchiffReport. (6/12)

(16:58) Carol Paul Speaks about Rand's Endorsement of Romney and Ron Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: ALLRonPaul. (6/13)

(20:14) Rand Paul Answers the Critics ;  takes questions from host Kurt Wallace on The Daily Paul Interview. (6/12)

(37:09) Rand Paul On The Jerry Doyle Show - Drones, Lobbyists, Harry Reid Tricks and More. Video by YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (6/14)


Ron Paul Concedes Nomination, Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney - Supporters React

June 11th, 2012

We all knew that it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances for Ron Paul to become the next President of the Unites States, but it's a shame that the campaign has to end like this. I'm concerned that the way the campaign has operated in the last several months, and the subsequent endorsement of Mitt Romney by Rand Paul, could potentially undermine Dr. Paul's legacy (and our movement's cohesion)  in the future. All kinds of theories have been put forth over the last few days to try and explain how we got to this point. This audio file contains additional coverage of the Rand Paul endorsement and the current state of the movement, along with commentary from many different voices affiliated with the r3VOLution. Some are being way too harsh in their critique of the situation- using words like "sellout" or "betrayal." The situation is only exacerbated by Dr. Paul's virtual silence over the coarse of the last month, and the campaign's poor communication with their supporters. We all want answers, and I'll continue to update the podcast as long as financially possible. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) "The Nomination Is Now Done" Rand Paul Tells CNN's Don Lemon Why He's Endorsing Mitt Romney. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (6/9)

(5:28) Rand Paul speaks at CPAC Chicago 2012. Audio compliments of YouTube User: AM560WIND. (6/8)

(18:04) Rand Paul to RP delegate: "Think everybody is going to be mad at me?" Video compliments of YouTube User: 1776umphreys. (6/8)

(23:56) Rand Paul endorses Romney - Robert Vaughn and Paco Elijah talk with RTAmerica's Lucy Jafanov. (6/8)

(38:45) Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney On FOX News. Video compliments of YouTube User: matlarson10. (6/7)

(43:36) Why Rand Paul Endorsed Mitt Romney - Video compliments of YouTube User: matlarson10. (6/8)

(46:35) Brian Doherty comments on Rand's future with this r3VOLution on AM 620 KPOJ's (Portland, OR) Carl in the Morning Show. (6/8)

(49:52) Peter Schiff breaks down Rand Paul's decision to endorse Gov. Romney for President. (6/8) *Access to linked audio requires subscription.

(53:17) Ernie Hancock, of Freedom's Phoenix, reminds us not to count on politics for salvation on Declare Your Independence! (6/8)

(59:51) Adam Kokesh Voices Concern Over Direction of Paul Inc on Infowars Live. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (6/8)

(1:15:41) Anti-War Radio's Scott Horton reacts to Rand Paul's inevitable endorsement. Full audio archived at DissentRadio. (6/8)

(1:24:17) Rand Paul Throws Ron Under the Bus- Caller on Free Talk Live with Ian, Allie, and JJ. (6/8)

(1:28:22) Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney explained. Video compliments of YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (6/8)

(1:54:11) Paul Family Open Message from Alex Jones. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (6/9)

(2:07:45) Long time Paul advocate Gerald Celente comments, on Infowars Nightly News w/ Alex Jones - Video by YouTube User: GeraldCelenteChannel. (6/9)

(2:15:28) Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney. Video compliments of YouTube User: southernavenger. (6/9)

(2:24:11) RP Congressional Chief of Staff Jeff Deist and Al Korelin discuss Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. (6/9)

(2:29:52) Rand Paul 'happy' to back Romney. Video compliments of YouTube User: RTAmerica. (6/9)

(2:38:04) TMOT: Rand is not the race. We Are! Video compliments of YouTube User: tmotfga. (6/8)

(2:44:01) Ron Paul: Has He Sold Us Out? Video compliments of YouTube User: tmotofga. (6/9)

(2:50:33) Why Did Rand Paul Endorse Mitt Romney? Tom Mullen On The Robert Scott Bell Show. Video by YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (6/10)


Is the Campaign Throwing in the Towel?

May 15th, 2012

Hell no...or at least, not exactly. On Monday morning, Ron Paul sent out an email/press release stating that the campaign will not formally contest any of the 11 remaining primaries before the convention. The campaign will instead utilize its resources at the various Republican state conventions taking place across the country, in an effort to secure the maximum number of delegates possible. This announcement has the Paul community in a frenzy, as the decision has understandably disappointed many supporters and activists who were under the impression that the campaign would fight it out to the end. The media has predictably ran with many headlines inferring that Dr. Paul has ended his bid for the White House, but prominent spokesmen for the campaign (as heard in this file) assure us that the race is anything but over. Make up your own mind after listening. This writer is somewhat distraught over the announcement. We all knew the Congressman lacked the war-chest to compete in huge statewide races; but just a week ago Dr. Paul stated his intention to win as many Congressional districts in Texas and California as possible. Hopefully, those who took the time to register Republican will still show up to vote, but this will surely demotivate some. One hopes this isn't some reflexive reaction to the bad PR from the contentious conventions in Arizona and Oklahoma over the weekend. More coverage will be included in the weekly update on Saturday. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) MSNBC's Tamron Hall talks with Mark Murray: Ron Paul Suspends Active Campaigning. (5/14)

(1:31) Ron Paul to Cease Campaigning for GOP Presidential Nomination - Danny Yadron has details on The News Hub. Video by YouTube User: WSJDigitalNetwork. (5/14)

(4:59) Ron Paul Chief Strategist Jesse Benton on Conference Call with Reporters. Full audio posted by C-Span. (5/15)

(40:06) Jack Hunter: Ron Paul Has NOT Suspended His Campaign. Video compliments of YouTube User: southernavenger. (5/14)

(42:28) Doug Wead on Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace: “We are not out, We are Up!” The fight has just begun! (5/14)


Alex Jones Talks Vote Fraud and the Sinister Romney-Paul Alliance (MUUHAAHAA)

February 26th, 2012

Over the last couple of months, pundits (and the neocons in particular) have pushed a conspiracy theory that asserts some kind of nefarious back-room deal between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney- a quid-pro-quo, if you will. From the perspective of the neocons, this serves to undermine both men, in favor of Santorum and/or Gingrich. There has always been a lack of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney amongst the Republican electorate- demonstrated by the various GOP flavors-of-the-month. The challenge for the talk radio mafia is to crown a neoconservative/social-con alternative, thus demonstrating their collective power within the Republican Party. We all know that Ron Paul is not only an anathema to the neoconservative narrative- he challenges their fundamental worldview! Tying the two together (to the detriment of both) is sort of a stroke of genius, considering that this supposedly sinister "alliance" is based on a thread of truth. Dr. Paul and Gov. Romney do get along personally, and their campaigns coordinate when it is mutually beneficial. I think the so-called alliance ends there. Romney is a known quantity, an establishment favorite and a moderate New England former Governor. Ron Paul has always sought to be the last anti-Romney standing, so it is to his benefit to use his campaign's resources to expose the others (rather than Romney). The trouble comes in when our people buy into this propaganda- as if Dr. Paul is in the process of selling us out (and the articles are out there!). This line of thinking can accomplish more than the neocons could ever dream (while it is clearly their ultimate goal): to destroy the Congressman's legacy into the future. Alex Jones has been about the only one out there discussing these rumors, and in my opinion, doing a good job putting them to rest. He has also been out front exposing outright voter fraud and the many irregularities in the electoral process. This audio file contains a couple hours worth of discussion into these controversial issues. Make of the what you will. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Total Election Fraud Against Ron Paul Documented! Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (2/21)

(6:22) Election Scams Against Ron Paul Exposed! Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (2/22)

(11:25) Ron Paul Is Being Cheated Out of the Republican Nomination. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (2/22)

(33:46) Has Ron Paul Formed a Political Alliance With Mitt Romney? Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (2/23)

(1:08:31) Lew Rockwell Dispels Ron Paul Alliance Rumor as "Establishment Trick". Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (2/23)

(1:23:54) The Paul-Romney Alliance? Infowars Nightly News with Paul Joseph Watson. Video by YouTube User: TheAlexJonesShow. (2/23)


Arizona GOP Debate - Ron Paul Coverage Recap

February 24th, 2012

The Republican debate last Wednesday night was perhaps the final one of the 2012 primary cycle. Although all the standard questions have been asked in triplicate by this point, at least these forums are an opportunity to remind voters that Ron Paul is indeed still in this contest (the media would just assume black him out completely). And we all know that many Paulistas have found their champion only due to his participation in these very forums! Congressman Paul did us all proud in Mesa, calling out the newest Republican flavor of the month and distinguishing himself as the only game-changer in the group. This file includes remarks from Dr. Paul after the debate, his speech to supporters, and some other reaction from friendly media. Due to the large amount of relevant coverage available in the past week, I am splitting up the audio somewhat, based on topics. I will then put the remaining audio into the weekly update. Links to the original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Dr. Paul Briefly Speaks with CNN's John King for Post-Debate Interview. CNN Admits Ron Paul in 2nd place for delegates! Video by YouTube User: myliecyruscousinchad. (2/22)

(3:39) Ron Paul Joins Viewing Party, Speaks to Supporters After Debate  at the New Life Bible Church in Mesa. Video compliments of YouTube User: Adversary691. (2/22)

(12:20) Rep. Paul speaks to local media after Mesa Event, talks illegal immigration. Coverage compliments of KXNV ABC 15 (Phoenix, AZ). (2/22)

(15:57) Doug Wead shares his thoughts on RP's debate performance with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell (Mrs. Alan Greenspan). (2/23)

(20:11) Indecision 2012 - Comedy Central's Jon Stewart breaks down the GOP debate as only he can: "Three Men and a White-Haired Man-Baby." (2/23)

(27:53) 1370 WSPD's (Toledo, OH) Brian Wilson catches up with RP2012 official pollster Fritz Wenzel about last night’s debate and the GOP field. (2/23)

(46:06) Syndicated radio host Jerry Doyle talks with Nick Gillespie about the only real Republican alternative to Obama – Ron Paul! (2/23)

(1:00:50) Brian Wilson chats with Lew Rockwell about the campaign, the debate, and the Iranian/Bomb issue on News Talk 1370 WSPD. (2/23)

(1:19:23) Robert Scott Bell, of NaturalNews Radio, talk Ron Paul debate highlights and more. (2/24)


Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops! - Sounds from the Rally, March, and Afterparty

February 22nd, 2012

On Monday the 20th of February, Adam Kokesh, Nathan Cox,  and the grassroots Veterans for Ron Paul group held a rally and march in support of Ron Paul's campaign for President. At least 500 veterans and active duty soldiers traveled to the nation's capitol to visibly express their support for Dr. Paul- the Presidential candidate who far and away receives the most campaign donations from the active duty military (over 70%, including Pres. Obama). Many veterans and prominent liberty activists took to the stage at the rally to vocally support the Congressman, and express their displeasure at the bipartisan consensus that is the foreign policy of the United State government. An impressive sight, the battalion sized element then marched to the White House, stood in silence to honor all those who have died since Obama has taken office, and then turned "about face"- signifying their repudiation of the Nobel-laureate's militaristic policies. I have compiled a collection of audio from the day's events for your listening enjoyment, including: speeches, interviews, and music from the afterparty (posted in chronological order). Some of the audio at the rally is less than perfect (they seemed to struggle with feedback/distortion in the PA system at times). Of course, the national media largely ignored the gathering (save a few web articles and the like)- wouldn't want to upset the corporate narrative and the left-right paradigm. Links to the videos are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Veterans for Ron Paul March - Speakers - vol 1. Video compliments of YouTube User: ftsmallwood. (2/20)

(26:40) Veterans for Ron Paul March on The White House- Images and Interviews. Video by YouTube User: TheRevolutionPAC. (2/20)

(31:06) Veterans March to White House for Ron Paul - Short Interviews. Video coverage by The Daily Caller (imagine that). (2/20)

(32:22) Veterans for Ron Paul March - Pre Speakers w/Adam Kokesh. Video compliments of YouTube User: ftsmallwood. (2/20)

(1:30:48) Veterans for Ron Paul March - Brief Interview. Video compliments of YouTube User: ftsmallwood. (2/20)

(1:32:22) Veterans for Ron Paul March - Brief Interview. Video compliments of YouTube User: ftsmallwood. (2/20)

(1:34:54) RON PAUL IS THE CHOICE OF THE TROOPS- Kokesh Leads, They March! Video by YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (2/20)

(1:39:21) RT: Veterans For Ron Paul March On The White House Completely Ignored By MSM. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM.(2/20)

(1:42:20) Aimee Allen Making Liberty Sexy, Rocks the Afterparty! Video compliments of YouTube User: wvumarj. (2/20)

(1:46:16) Veterans for Ron Paul to march on the Republican National Convention in Tampa! Video by YouTube User: Adam Kokesh. (2/20)

(1:48:16) Jordan Page & Adam Kokesh Sing "Liberty" at Veterans March After Part. Video compliments of YouTube User: wvumarj. (2/20)


WTF Is Going on in Maine? Audio Update

February 17th, 2012

In case you haven't been following the controversy that exists in the aftermath of the Maine caucuses, I thought I would post some audio including the coverage of the irregularities that exist. The caucus- which was called for Romney last Saturday- reeks of some of the same shenanigans that came out after the contest in Iowa last month. As you may know, the caucusing in Washington County (which just happens to be home for Ron Paul's strongest support in the state) was cancelled due to a few inches of snow. Yet the election was called for Romney, despite the fact that less than 200 votes separated the two according to the Maine GOP's initial figures. Moreover, the published tallies for Waldo County inferred that noone had voted there at all! I have seen conflicting reports as to whether or not the Paul campaign continues to contest the results (Dr. Paul never conceded defeat last weekend)- but at this point, I would contest anything and everything! "Conservative" media has been silent on this issue- Fox News has essentially dropped all coverage of the Paul campaign. Ironically, it is MSNBC's Rachel Maddow who has covered the situation like a blanket on her evening program, along with WXIX-TV's Ben Swann. Due to the loud demands of Ron Paul supporters, Maine will apparently be recounting caucus-goer's votes (though Maine Republican Chairman Charlie Webster assures us that the outcome will be the same). We shall see! Links to the videos are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul Campaign says GOP should count all votes! Coverage by WLBZ Channel 2 (NBC - Bangor, ME). (2/13)

(2:08) AM 680 WRKO's Howie Carr talks with Maine GOP Chair Charles Webster about the state's caucus results. (2/13)

(9:47) TYT's Cenk Uygur: Ron Paul Campaign Questions Romney's Maine Victory. Video by YouTube User: TheYoungTurks. (2/13)

(12:07) Pressure mounting for GOP caucus reconsideration - WDEL Radio interview with Bangor Daily News' state house reporter Eric Russell. (2/14)

(15:02) MSNBC's Rachel Maddow talks with Doug Wead: Maine Caucus Yields Another Questionable Vote. (2/14)

(28:03) WXIX-TV (Fox19 - Cincinatti, OH) Ben Swann's Reality Check: GOP scrambles under allegations of rampant election fraud in Maine caucus. (2/14)

(34:41) Something fishy in the state of Maine - The Portland Press Herald's Bill Nemitz joins MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show. (2/15)

(51:06) Maine GOP releasing 'corrected' caucus numbers, why there may be a new winner Saturday! Reality Check with WXIX-TV's Ben Swann. (2/15)

(56:31) Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Garner talks about the rescheduled caucus and the party's election problems with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. (2/16)

(1:07:06) Radio Host and r3VOLution logo creator Ernest Hancock speaks at an Arizona Breakfast Club, lays out the rigged nature of the Republican caucus process. Video compliments of YouTube User: lost70s. (2/4)


Audio Rewind: News & Coverage of the Maine Caucus

February 12th, 2012

Well, we all thought we would be putting the state of Maine in the 'W' column for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. Maybe Louisiana, Montana, or Oklahoma? This file contains a collection of interviews and other commentary from Saturday's coverage of the Maine caucus- which had been ongoing for over a week previously. Links to the videos are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Campaign Advisor Doug Wead appears on MSNBC's Weekends with Alex Witt, to talk about Ron Paul and the Maine caucus. Video compliments of YouTube User: Historylinks. (2/11)

(4:14) On Fox News' America's News HQ: Maine caucus shaping up to be race between Romney & Paul. (2/11)

(7:25) Ron Paul talks about his high hopes for Maine, with FNC's Umma Pemmaraju. (2/11)

(10:46) Ron Paul Addresses Voters at New Gloucester, Maine Caucus. Video compliments of YouTube User: livefreeordieaction. (2/11)

(18:12) "Ron Paul Is Definitely The Favorite In Maine!" Paul Westcott Radio Talk Show Host In Maine on CNN. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (2/11)

(21:56) MSNBC Coverage- GOP Headquarters Declares Mitt Romney The Winner In Maine 2012 Caucus. Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (2/11)

(28:49) "If We Counted ALL The Votes It Wouldn't Make Any Difference" Maine GOP Chair. Video compliments of YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (2/11)

(33:21) Dr. Ron Paul interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer after Maine Caucus. Video compliments of YouTube User: xxxAMurderofCrowsxxx. (2/11)


Audio Rewind: News & Coverage of the Nevada Caucus

February 6th, 2012

The Nevada caucus took place across the Silver State on Saturday, yet the relatively small number of statewide votes have still not been counted in entirely at the time of this posting! Can anyone say, incompetence (Iowa all over again)? Something tells me the Nevada caucus will be in the news for awhile. One thing is for certain- Mitt Romney came away with yet another convincing victory in the race for the GOP nomination. At this time, Dr. Ron Paul trails Newt Gingrich by about 700 votes for second place  (with 90% of the state reporting). Current caucus tallies can be accessed through Google. This audio montage is a compilation of caucus coverage, including news from the campaign trail, sounds from caucus night, and interviews with Congressman Paul (and surrogates). Controversy abound and CNN executed yet another hit job against Ron Paul supporters. Links to the videos are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul's GOP Nomination Race Far From Over: Headed to Nevada and Maine. Video compliments of YouTube User: slatenewschannel. (1/31)

(1:05) Ron Paul speaks in Elko, NV day before caucus primary. Reported by Fox 13 News' (Salt Lake City, UT) Aaron Vaughn. (2/2)

(3:22) KTVN Channel 2's (CBS - Reno, NV) Adam Rasmussen Reports: Ron Paul Hosts Rally in Reno. (2/2)

(9:56) GOP Candidates Rally on Caucus Eve - Paul in Pahrump. Coverage by KVVU-TV (Fox5 - Las Vegas). (2/4)

(12:48) Ron Paul ventures into Pahrump, where he’s a rock star! Las Vegas Sun/KSNV coverage of Ron Paul campaigning around Southern Nevada. (2/4)

(14:16) KTNV ABC Channel 13 (Las Vegas): Ron Paul to meet with gun owners and Flipino veterans on Friday. (2/3)

(16:27) CBS vs. PBS Ron Paul coverage on eve of 2012 Nevada Caucus. Video by YouTube User: evmazu. (2/3)

(20:06) Republicans Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul Compete in Nevada Caucus. NV Election Preview by ABC News. (2/4)

(22:07) Mormons for...Ron Paul?! Video compliments of YouTube User: ReasonTV. (2/4)

(26:26) RP2012 Senior Advisor Doug Wead Returns to MSNBC's Weekends with Alex Witt. Video by YouTube User: RonPaul2008dotcom. (2/4)

(31:03) Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton talks Caucus Strategy on Fox News' America's News HQ. (2/4)

(36:14) Ron Paul talks Nevada, path to nomination on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier. (2/4)

(40:38) CNN political correspondents go inside various caucus sites in Nevada as the voting begins. (2/4)

(42:22) Nevada Republican Caucus at Billinghurst Middle School has strong showing. Video by Vimeo User: kysisson. (2/4)

(44:21) More CNN deception: "Paul supporter brawls outside caucus" (*Note: No Brawling, Heavily edited footage). (2/4)

(45:54) CNN airs video from Nevada Special Late Caucus (the Gingrich/Sheldon Adelson Zionist Caucus) - not what they expected! Video by YouTube User: deardeveloper. (2/4)

(1:01:10) Clark County, Nevada Late Vote Count. Video compliments of YouTube User: RonPaulFriends2. (2/4)

(1:03:38) 58% Landslide! Ron Paul Wins Adelson Late-Hour Caucus (the only live, televised vote count in the state). Video by YouTube User: DianaVogel1. (2/4)

(1:05:13) Ron Paul Finishes 2nd or Close 3rd in Nevada, talks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Video by YouTube User: DianaVogel1. (2/4)

(1:12:17) Congressman Paul remains optimistic, talks with MSNBC's campaign embed, Anthony Terrell for Hardball. (2/4)

(1:16:19) MSNBC Panel Discusses Ron Paul and the Youth Vote: "Paul makes effort to appeal to young voters." (2/4)

(1:18:50) FOX NEWS: RON PAUL STILL HAS A CHANCE FOR 2nd PLACE IN NEVADA! NOT OVER YET! Video by YouTube User: MsMamiRosa. (2/5)

(1:21:40) Here we go again - FNC's Jon Roberts: "Excess Ballots Were Counted In Clark County, Nevada." Video by YouTube User: RonPaulFriends2. (2/5)

(1:23:15) Nevada caucuses suffer low turnout, surly confrontations. Fox News Reports. (2/5)


Rand Paul Detained by TSA, Speaks Out Against Federal Goon Force

January 27th, 2012

I just had to post some of coverage of this week's public altercation between Sen. Rand Paul and the TSA. On Monday, it was reported that the Senator was detained by agents of the Transportation Security Administration at the Nashville International Airport. An "anomaly" was supposedly spotted on the Senator's person when he went through the naked body scanner, at which time TSA agents insisted on a full patdown. Dr. Paul denied permission for the intrusive search, which began a 90-minute stand-off between the Senator and the TSA. Rand eventually made it on another flight, but not without speaking to the media about his displeasure with the attitude and tactics of the belligerent federal agency. For their part, the Obama administration supported the actions of their agents in Nashville, and the TSA attempted to characterize Rand as irate, and somehow unreasonable (leaked security video contradicts this claim). This file contains media reports of the story, interviews with the Senator himself, and some commentary on the issues raised by the offensive methods employed by TSA. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul Stopped by Tenn. Airport Security. Video compliments of YouTube User: AssociatedPress. (1/23)

(1:21) Rand Paul Detained by TSA - As Reported by MSNBC's Kelly O'Donnell. Video by YouTube User: LibertarianPaulicy. (1/23)

(3:57) Rand Paul Refuses TSA Pat-Down. Video compliments of YouTube User: ABCNews. (1/23)

(6:16) Rush Limbaugh (the bloated windbag) Compares Ron Paul to Islamic Terrorist. Video by YouTube User: Conservative1001BG. (1/23)

(6:57) Sen. Rand Paul talks about his encounter with the TSA On the Record with FNC's Great Van Susteren. (1/23)

(13:27) Rand Paul on CNN's OutFront: TSA Agents Threatened To Do A Full Body Pat-Down On Him For Using His Cell Phon. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (1/23)

(19:54) Rand Paul talks to Sean Hannity about being detained by the TSA. Video by YouTube User: bxtidre7. (1/23)

(33:09) Rand Paul joins the Judge on FBN's Freedom Watch after he says he was detained at the airport in Nashville for refusing a pat-down. (1/23)

(40:12) TSA too intrusive? Dr. Paul talks with Fox News' Megyn Kelly about being detained by airport security. (1/24)

(46:20) Rand Paul Reveals TSA Theory to Glenn Beck: Scanners Go Off to Justify ‘Random’ Patdowns. (1/24)

(57:21) Rand Paul Held by TSA at Nashville Airport, report by Alex Jones on Infowars Nightly News. (1/24)

(1:03:57) New TSA legislation coming from Sen. Paul? Rand on Fox News' Hannity. (1/24)

(1:10:11) Rand Paul to CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "TSA compromising dignity." (1/24)

(1:20:34) The Plain Truth with FBN's Judge Napolitano: Why The TSA Is Unconstitutional. Video by YouTube User: JudgeNapolitanoFTW. (1/25)

(1:25:59) TSA Abuses the Hallmark of a Police State? Reason Magazine-Editor-in Chief Matt Welch on Fox Business' Freedom Watch. (1/25)

(1:29:47) TribLive: TX State Rep. David Simpson on Rand Paul and TSA Groping. Video by YouTube User: thetexastribune. (1/26).


Audio Rewind: News & Coverage of the South Carolina Primary

January 24th, 2012

This audio file recaps the last few days of media coverage- leading up to, on the day of, and in the aftermath of the South Carolina primary. I like to include surrogates speaking to the media on behalf of the Paul campaign, various clips illustrating the kind of grassroots efforts taking place on the ground, news packages by local affiliates and national networks, and even some previously unposted audio with Dr. Paul, himself. The media rarely covers Dr. Paul even when he does well at the ballot box- they had even less to say on Saturday night. By the numbers, the Congressman received around 77k votes from SC voters- a huge increase over four years ago in a somewhat hostile state. Unfortunately, the disappointing showing was enhanced by the fact that the candidates certain to finish behind him dropped out prior to primary day. But most outlets recognize that our campaign will push forward for the foreseeable future, collecting delegates as we go. I want to say that regardless of the results, the activists and supporters in South Carolina should be very proud of themselves! Waking up Americans, particularly those in the deep south who have their traditional faith and patriotism manipulated by the GOP for political gain, is no simple task. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul Local TV Coverage on WIS News 10 (NBC - Columbia, SC): Ron Paul meets with supporters at airport hangar. (1/11)

(1:53) Paul Supporters Meet Occupy Myrtle Beach! Video compliments of Spring Valley Patch. (1/16)

(2:46) Ron Paul Campaigns In Spartanburg. Reported by WYFF4 (NBC - Greenville, SC). (1/17)

(4:44) Ron Paul Supporters signbomb in SC at Pro-Life Forum. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheRevolutionPAC. (1/18)

(8:53) Ross Ramsey talks about Paul's appeal and his chances of winning the nomination. Video by YouTube User: thetexastribune. (1/19)

(11:08) NBC's Tom Brokaw hangs out with RP supporters during SC debate watch party- reports for NBC Nightly News. (1/19)

(13:53) Daniel McCarthy, the Editor-in-Chief of The American Conservative, compares Dr. Paul's run with the 1964 Goldwater campaign on Fox Business' Freedom Watch. (1/20)

(17:39) WYFF-TV (NBC - Greenville, SC): Ron Paul Talks Veterans, Primary Predictions In Greenville. (1/20)

(19:24) Ron Paul Stumps at Final Whistle Stop rally in Columbia, S. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheRevolutionPAC. (1/20)

(27:44) Ron Paul supporters stand by his side Friday in North Myrtle Beach. As reported by WBTW News 13 (CBS - Myrtle Beach, SC). (1/20)

(31:07) Voice of America's Suzanne Presto reports: Ron Paul Attracts Varied Support in South Carolina Primary. (1/20)

(33:16) Senior Advisor Doug Wead talks SC primary and the caucus strategy on MSNBC's Weekends with Alex Witt. Video by YouTube User: RonPaulFriends2. (1/21)

(38:38) Fox News' Molly Henneberg speaks with Doug Wead about the South Carolina Primary. Video by YouTube User: RonPaulFriends2. (1/21)

(42:38) Ron Paul talks about his chances in South Carolina on Fox News' The Cost of Freedom with Neil Cavuto. (1/21)

(45:34) What's Ron Paul's appeal to young Americans? Paul supporters explain on FNC's Fox & Friends Weekend. (1/21)

(49:43) Ron Paul Callers on CSPAN's Road to the White House during SC primary. Video compliments of YouTube User: RonPaulFriends2. ( 1/21)

(52:23) South Carolina Iraq War Veteran Will Vote for Ron Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheRevolutionPAC. (1/21)

(57:24) Exit Polling Report from Columbia, South Carolin. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheRevolutionPAC. (1/21)

(59:06) Ron Paul comes in 4th in SC Primary. Video coverage by WCBD-TV (NBC - Charleston, SC). (1/21)

(1:00:25) WLTX News19's (CBS - Columbia, SC)  Tony Santaella Reports: Ron Paul Gears Up for the Long Haul. (1/21)

(1:01:23) Rep. Paul pop onto CNN's AC360 SC after concession speech. Video compliments of YouTube User: RonPaul2008dotcom. (1/21)

(1:04:23) Ron Paul tells CNN's Joe Johns "he's on the hunt for convention delegates." (1/22)

(1:07:38) SC Senator Tom Davis talks about RP, the Primary on Fox News' America's News HQ with Eric Shawn. Video by YouTube User: RonPaulFriends2. (1/22)

(1:12:20) Man drives 20 hours to support Ron Paul in SC! Coverage via WRDW-TV News 12 (CBS - Augusta, GA) . (1/22)

(1:14:50) NPR's Don Gonyea reports on the "also-rans" in Saturday's South Carolina primary, for Weekend Edition Sunday. (1/22)

(1:18:09) Mike Church on the SC Primary results: "Gingrich Has Poisoned the Term 'Conservative'." (1/23)

(1:23:08) SC Primary Results and Gingrich's "American Values" - The Robert Scott Bell Show. Video by YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (1/23)

(1:34:48) News Talk 1370 WSPD's Brian Wilson and Ron Paul pollster Fritz Wenzel discuss the SC primary and the (seemingly) 192nd Republican debate this evening. (1/23)


Audio Rewind: News & Coverage of the New Hampshire Primary

January 11th, 2012

Well, primary day in New Hampshire largely went off as expected, with Dr. Ron Paul placing a strong 2nd place gaining upwards of 24% of the statewide vote. What happened to that 10% ceiling all the "experts" predicted? Congressman Paul remains in position to be the true tea party, grassroots alternative to Mitt Romney- if we can keep it close and steal a few going forward! This audio file contains a media sampling of coverage, in case you had been hiding under a rock somewhere on Tuesday (or had a life to tend to). My two favorite developments from the NH primary? 1.) The Santorum Surge appears to be in the rearview mirror (thank goodness- there's no other proudly anti-liberty candidate in recent memory). 2.) Despite his nastiest efforts, Jon Huntsman finished behind Dr. Paul despite wagering his entire candidacy on the Granite State. This file includes news from the campaign trail, reports from the ground in NH, interviews with Dr. Paul and his surrogates, and media commentary- all within the 48 hours or so before the polls closed. As it should be- our movement is finally starting to receive some recognition for it's unmatched dedication, unique enthusiasm, and defiant nature. Don't mess with us- it's not worth your trouble! Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) News Talk 1370 WSPD's Brian Wilson talks with RP2012 official pollster Fritz Wenzel about the New Hampshire Primary. (1/10)

(20:09) Video Postcard: Primary Day For Ron Paul In New Hampshire. Video compliments of YouTube User: thetexastribune. (1/10)

(22:43) Ron Paul Flees From Rabid Reporters but Not Before Bret Baier Scores an Interview. Baier talks with FNC's Neil Cavuto. (1/9)

(26:37) Ron Paul takes in New Hampshire, draws big crowds. CNN's Dana Bash reports for The Situation Room. (1/9)

(29:32) Sen. Rand Paul with WNTK's Jim MacKay NH Primary Coverage. Video compliments of YouTube User: WNTK997. (1/9)

(37:33) The Ron Paul party - Eager Supporters Flock to New Hampshire. Video via The Washington Post. (1/10)

(41:52) Ron Paul talks to James Hohmann of POLITICO. (1/10)

(45:09)'s Chris Stirewalt talks Paul fiscal policy with Juan Williams and Elizabeth Ossoff. (1/10)

(49:07) Senior Advisor Bruce Fein joins's Jonathan Hunt on campaign 2012. (1/10)

(53:06) New Hampshire Primary Voting Begins! Video compliments of YouTube User: KSTPTVTwinCities. (1/10)

(54:48) Ron Paul visits polling places to greet voters. Video reports comes via's Politcal Intelligence column. (1/10)

(56:02) Franklin HS teacher defends young ‘political tourists’ in Ron Paul flap at Manchester diner. Video by (1/10)

(56:46) CBS Evening News' John Dickerson reports: Paul is expecting "a nice, comfortable second" place finish. Video by YouTube User: CBSNewsOnline. (1/10)

(58:02) WLS-TV (ABC7 - Chicago) Reports: Park Ridge, IL Man Travels to NH to Support Ron Paul! (1/10)

(1:01:11) KVUE-TV (ABC - Austin, TX) Reports: Ron Paul supporters wrap up long week of campaigning in New Hampshire. (1/10)

(1:03:07) ABC Projects Mitt Romney Will Win New Hampshire Primary- Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman will finish 2nd, 3rd respectively. Video by YouTube User: ABCNews. (1/10)

(1:06:05) Paul: 2nd place in NH shows support. Video by WFXT-TV (FOX25 - Boston, MA)/posted at ClipSyndicate. (1/10)

(1:08:11) PolySci Prof. David Schultz: Ron Paul is Romney's Threat! Video by KMSP-TV (FOX9 - Minneapolis)/posted at ClipSyndicate. (1/10)

(1:11:39) Stunning Second Place Victory for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!Ron Paul with CNN's Dana Bash, again. Video by YouTube User: RonPaul2008dotcom. (1/10)

(1:13:35) MSNBC's Rachel (LunchCounters) Maddow: "Paul is a 'catalyzing force' for young people." (1/10)

(1:15:25) Whats Next for Ron Paul? Campaign Advisor & Spokesman Doug Wead with MSNBC's Chris Matthews. (1/10)

(1:20:28) Jesse Benton with CNN's Piers Morgan: "Ron Paul Is the Best Choice for the American People." Video by YouTube User: RonPaul2008dotcom. (1/10)

(1:24:55) CNN NH Vote Analysis with Erin Burnett: The New Hampshire vote by income. (1/10)

(1:27:42) CNN NH Vote Analysis with Erin Burnett: Who voted in the New Hampshire primary? (1/10)


Rick Santorum: The Smiling Authoritarian

January 9th, 2012

The 2012 campaign for the Republican nomination for President has surely been an insane whirlwind tour through the several flavors of the month. Dr. Ron Paul aside, the average GOP voter has changed their mind over and over again- and in this writer's opinion, for the worse! Michele Bachmann was, at least, a legitimate tea party candidate in opposition to the expansion of the federal government. Of course, Rick Perry is an archetypal Texas cowboy (always appealing to conservatives) who touted his tea party inspired manifesto, "Fed Up." Herman Cain portrayed himself as an outsider and something of a populist (of which he was actually neither). Those three could at least claim to be representative of the tea party, but the last couple months of the campaign have been troubling  from the perspective of a limited government conservative. Newt Gingrich is no advocate of free markets and limited government; but at least he showed well in the debates and could impress voters with his professor-esque insights. What can we say about Rick Sanitorium? He's an odd little man, who essentially played point-man for all the Bush administration's big government initiatives. More troubling, a Sanctimonium-led America would be both socially oppressive at home and unapologetically militant abroad. Luckily, I think it's safe to say that Santorum is truly the most unelectable candidate- he would probably lose a general election against President Obama by a 70% to 30% margin.  But the man must be exposed, nonetheless! Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Ad - "Betrayal". Video compliments of YouTube User: ronpaul. (1/6)

(1:01) Rick Santorum’s Big Government Problem. CATO’s David Boaz on Fox Business Freedom Watch with the Judge. (1/4)

(4:18) Mike Church discusses fallout from "Santorum Surge" after the Iowa caucus on The Post Show Show. (1/5)

(8:57) Ron Paul v Rick Santorum- MSNBC's (generally worthless) Rachel Maddow does an interesting job comparing the odd dichotomy within the GOP, significant factions within supporting these two very different candidates. Video compliments of YouTube User: WeTheSerfs. (1/5)

(23:12) Jerry Doyle: 'Rick Santorum (the "social issues suckup") is NOT a Conservative'. Video compliments of YouTube User: silverissound. (1/6)

(35:54) 'Heil' Santorum: Lew Rockwell talks with WSPD's Brian Wilson the neocon fascist Santorum vs. the libertarian Ron Paul, and fears about irregularities in Iowa. (1/7)

(52:42) FBN's Andrew Napolitano on the Bipartisan Bird of Prey: "What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul?" (1/6)

(57:36) Rick Santorum on the Sean Hannity Show: "Ron Paul is Knowledgeable and Experienced on Foreign Policy." When did he become "disgusting"? Video by YouTube User: LiveFreeorDieReport. (10/23)

(59:01) Santorum in Post-Debate Spin-Room. Does this man sound conservative to you? Contrast him with Obama's speech on Libya. Video coverage via CSPAN. (9/7)

(1:00:02) Rick Santorum, Why did you endorse Arlen Specter?Video compliments of YouTube User: TheRevolutionPAC. (1/4)

(1:00:25) Rick Santorum on the Freedom to Impose Your Values. Video compliments of YouTube User: ReasonTV. (1/4)

(1:02:58) Rick Santorum Defends Revolving Door in N.H. Parking Lot. Video compliments of YouTube User: jchopwood. (1/6)

(1:09:09) Rick Santorum: The Anti Internet Candidate. Video compliments of YouTube User: mabusmojo66. (1/8)


Iowa Gov. Branstad’s Proverbial ‘Turd in the Caucus Punchbowl’

December 20th, 2011

For months, tens of thousands of activists, donors, and campaign officials have worked to win the Iowa caucus' for Ron Paul. After the incredible rise and fall of the GOP hopefuls, it seems that a plurality of Iowa conservatives are opting for Ron Paul. For the past week (starting with Fox News' Chris Wallace), we have heard the talking point that a Ron Paul victory in Iowa would discredit the first in the nation caucus, itself. Keep in mind that no other candidate (perhaps ever) has ever been treated in this fashion by the press, and even by his own party. In an astonishing turn of events, Iowa's top Republican- Gov. Terry Branstad- has had the nerve to tell the media to disregard a Ron Paul victory: "Rick Santorum could win 2nd or 3rd- that would be the story" (to paraphrase)! Cable news outlets and talk radio have been describing Dr. Paul's rise in terms of a "spoiler"- as if a first place finish is utterly irrelevant. Radio host Alex Jones' expressed incredulity in response, and does a great job capturing the sentiments of many of us- who have had to work much harder than activists for a more conventional candidate. Branstad is speaking for all the GOP power brokers, and the special interests they represent. This election is about the people, and reforming a system that is morally and fiscally bankrupt. Let's hope that Iowa voters can withstand the media's attacks on the Congressman, and those who would support him. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) New polls show Ron Paul surging: John Avlon weighs in on Ron Paul's chances of winning the Iowa caucus on CNN's American Morning. Note the NYT polling data! (12/20)

(5:09) Why Are Establishment Republicans AND Democrats SO AFRAID Of Doctor Ron Paul? CNN's Gloria Borger speaks with Iowa's governor about what would happen if Ron Paul wins- OUTRAGEOUS! Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M.(12/20)

(11:54) Iowa Governor Whines Like A Little Girl Over Ron Paul Passing Newt in Latest Poll. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel (Part 1 and Part 2). (12/20)


AYFKM, GOP? Newt Gingrich Exposed

December 12th, 2011

To this writer's astonishment, it appears that Newt Gingrich is now the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Can this GOP, whose members would even consider a man like Gingrich as their nominee for President, be capable of selecting an individual with the character and dedication to principle like Ron Paul? Only time will tell, but this development puts into question the viability of the tea party movement going forward- what, with the supposed alternative to Mitt Romney being a technocrat and consummate insider like the former Speaker. The attached two hours of audio reveals the truth about a man who presents his undeniably progressive philosophy using familiar conservative rhetoric. The eclectic cast of broadcasting personalities included in this file have spoken out against Gingrich in the last couple of weeks- and the accusations go far beyond what you may have heard on cable news or talk radio. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Gingrich: Government Should Allow Terror Attacks To Remind People How Much We Need Them. Bizarre statement- note that the audience laughs, but Newt doesn't. Scary stuff (LIHOP). Video compliments of YouTube User: LiveFreeorDieReport. (2008)

(1:53) Jan Helfeld talks about govt wealth redistribution with Gingrich spokesman Allen Olson- note the double-standard. Video compliments of YouTube User: janhelfeld. (11/26)

(4:10) Jerry Doyle Exposes The Republican Talk Radio Cheerleaders - Limbaugh Hannity and Levin. Video compliments of YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (11/18)

(15:21) Church Doctrine-When Historians Advise Mortgage Brokers. Mike Church on Newt's $30k/hr advice. (11/21)

(18:00) Newt World Order: Alex Jones exposes the ultimate RINO globalist on Infowars Nightly News. The truth about the Speaker's anti-sovereignty, pro-open borders, NAFTA/GATT advocacy, not to mention global government. Video by YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (11/28)

(29:09) Jerry Doyle Exposes The REAL Newt Gingrich - He Co-Sponsored The Fairness Doctrine! Also, JD reveals Newt's bizarre futurism (as in Toffler's '3rd Wave'). Video compliments of YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (12/2)

(42:41) Will Newt Gingrich’s Lead in the Polls Last? FBN’s Cheryl Casone, Sirius XM radio host Mike Church and radio talk host Joe Madison on FBN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. (12/2)

(48:18) Mike Church Show: Gingrich DID Promote Taxing Carbon! No biggie, just the biggest SOCIAL ENGINEERING program, ever! (12/5)

(53:05) Is Newt Gingrich trustworthy? Do you know much about his family life? Molotov Mitchell illuminates. Video compliments of YouTube User: illuminatitv. (12/7)

(56:15) The GinGrinch Who Stole Conservatism. Mike Church asks "Has Newt Changed?" LOL. (12/7)

(1:01:16) Rand Paul on CNN's Situation Room: "Newt Gingrich Is Part of the Washington Establishment I Was Sent to Fight!" Video by YouTube User: RonPaul2008dotcom. (12/9)

(1:09:51) Rand Paul rips Gingrich to pieces on the Neal Boortz Show. Video compliments of YouTube User: bluesc11. (12/9)

(1:17:58) The Young Turk's Cenk Uygur: Ron Paul Destroys Newt Gingrich In New Ad. Video comes via Vimeo User: Uyghur. (12/9)

(1:20:32) Glenn Beck talks to FBN's Judge Andrew Napolitano about his radio discussion with Newt Gingrich, and his strange admiration for Theodore Roosevelt. (12/9)

(1:24:44) Comprehensive presentation on "The Real Newt Gingrich" by John McManus of JBS- Newt actually campaigned personally against Ron Paul in 1996!  Video by Vimeo User: Frank. (1996, 2009)


Ron Paul and Donald Trump’s Debate Circus

December 10th, 2011

Donald Trump is widely known as one of America's most arrogant, pompous a-holes, and he has once again inserted himself into the Republican nomination process.  You may remember that "The Donald" flirted with the Republican nomination, himself, back last spring. Is the man a conservative? Is he even a Republican? Most likely, he is just a shameless self-promoter- but all of the other GOP contenders have pathetically sought Trump's endorsement. Now, the reality TV star has gotten a gig as moderator of the December 27th Newsmax/ION TV gig, and Dr. Paul would have no part in this circus. A war of words ensued, as Trump proved his inability to accept a single word of criticism without lashing out in a verbal tantrum. Since Rep. Paul opted out of the debate, all of the other contenders have followed in-kind- save for Trump's arrogant pal Gingrich, and Rick Santorum. Trump has truly made himself look like a petulant fool, trying to play kingmaker while leaving open a 3rd party run (should his candidate for the GOP nomination fall). Take a listen to this audio as the Ron Paul reacts and responds to the Trump debacle, with some help from some like-minded fiends. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Trump Qualified to Moderate Debate? ABCNews reports Ron Paul and John Huntsman and shun debate over Trump's involvement. Video by YouTube User: ABCNews. (12/4)

(2:00) Ron Paul Turns Down Donald Trump's Debate Invitation. Fox News' cackling panel of sycophants chime in (the only all pro-Trump panel in TV  news). (12/4)

(4:42) Ron Paul & Jon Huntsman Reject Donald Trump Debate Invitation, reported by Dave Briggs of Fox & Friends Weekend. Video by YouTube User: VoteRonPaul12. (12/4)

(7:01) OMG- Karl Rove agrees with Ron Paul (first time ever?). Video compliments of YouTube User: MrSUB4SUB999. (12/5)

(7:44) "Ron Paul Doesn't Even Think In Terms Of Israel"- Donald Trump on NBC's Today Show with Matt Lauer. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (12/5)

(13:09) Newt meets Trump in NYC, Ron Paul ain't havin it! The crew of MSNBC's Morning Joe has some fun at the Donald's expense. (12/6)

(16:45) Trump slams Jon Huntsman, Karl Rove, Krauthammer, Ron a big frickin' baby. Video compliments of YouTube User: MrGogmofo. (12/6)

(19:58) The Church Doctrine: If The Donald Hosts a Debate, Make Room For CeLo Green. Mike Church sets caller straight. (12/5)

(25:03) Ron Paul Vs Donald Trump (Running as an Independent?). TYT's Cenk Uygur on the feud. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheYoungTurks. (12/5)

(28:07) Jerry Doyle Talks About Donald Trump vs. Ron Paul. Video compliments of YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (12/5)

(40:21) The Robert Scott Bell Show - If You Attend The Trump Debate, You Are A Political Whore. Video by YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (12/6)

(45:07) "I LOVE RON PAUL!" -Jack Cafferty on Trump's ridiculous antics, CNN's The Situation Room. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (12/6)

(49:07) Jerry Doyle Blasts Donald Trump And His Self Promoting Debate. Video by YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (12/6)

(52:24) Bias Bash: Trump's Debate Debacle. Are media to blame? Rich Lowry gives his perspective on Fox News. (12/7)

(1:05:02) Michele Bachmann Declines Debate Hosted By Donald Trump! And Then There Were TWO! MSNBC's Ed Schultz. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tC0M. (12/8)

(1:13:35) Jerry Doyle Reveals The Connection Between ION TV, The Apprentice and Goldman Sachs. Video compliments of YouTube User: GuyFawkes2009. (12/9)

(1:18:25) Trump spills his sour grapes on FBN's Don Imus in the Morning. Video compliments of The Daily Caller. (12/9)

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Indefinite Detention

November 29th, 2011

Since he was elected to the US Senate, Rand Paul has on occasion made statements or strategic decisions that has raised questions in the minds of his father's supporters. But on issues of the most critical importance, the Senator has shown himself a steadfast champion of limited government and the US Constitution. On Tuesday, Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to fight against provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act- specifically sections that would give the President the power to detain citizens domestically without trial, allowing the US military to act as law enforcement over their own civilians. The Senate ultimately rejected the move to strip the divisive provisions, by a vote of 60-38. These dangerous provisions will essentially codify the end of Posse Comitatus, and would put in place long sought authorities desired by the national security state that failed previously in the Enemy Belligerents Act. The US government knows that we are on the cusp on civil unrest, and they intend to crack down on dissent! In line with the administration's stated intent, the Senator also offered an amendment that would have formally ended the authority for using force in Iraq (and to help return war-making authority to the Congress). That vote failed 67-30. (*SiGh*) No matter the outcome of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, the Senators who voted with the majority on these issues must be replaced! The following audio chronologically follows Tuesday's events, and Sen. Paul's actions in the Senate. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul and the old troll Sen. McCain speak on Detainees on Senate Floor. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (11/29)

(1:01) Senate Quorum Call: Rand Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor on Defense Authorization Act. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (11/29)

(14:43) Dr. Rand Paul Defends American Citizens Against Indefinite Detainment. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (11/29)

(23:44) Sen. Rand Paul Urges the Senate to Vote to Formally End the Iraq War. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (11/29)


NO to Torture! YES to a Foreign Policy of Reason!

November 23rd, 2011

The CBS/CNN Republican National Security debates were indeed an embarrassment of riches. As Ron Paul calmly made the case for reason, the rule of law, and the values that untold numbers of American soldiers have given their lives to protect, the other GOP hopefuls took turns desperately trying to outdo one another, and get "to the right" of an unapologetically militant President. Gingrich made the case for enhancing the powers of the Orwellian Patriot Act, Cain and Bachmann sang the virtues of enhanced interrogation (aka torture), Romney and the rest demonstrated their knowledge of the most contemporary works of propaganda. Have we learned nothing since the Bush administration, only a few years ago, manipulated the American people into supporting regime change in Iraq- by admitted falsehoods and strategic deception? Study the timeline of US foreign policy over the last 100 years- war is just a racket! In retrospect, the legacy of the Bush years returned briefly to the headlines as a result of these debates, and some worthwhile commentary was offered in recent days. The truth is terrible- do you have the courage to face it? Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Ex-CIA Agent: America creates its own enemies. Historian Michael Scheuer supports Ron Paul's plan. Video compliments of YouTube User: RussiaToday. (11/13)

(4:16) Barack Obama, Ron Paul Agree: Waterboarding Is Torture (2 points for the President! First 2?). Video compliments of YouTube User: CBSNewsOnline. (11/14)

(6:06) Senator McCain, Ron Paul Agree: Waterboarding Is Torture. Video compliments of YouTube User: CNN.(11/14)

(8:42) "We Should Commend Ron Paul For Standing Up & Saying This Isn't What America Is About!" MSNBC's Al Sharpton (sorry) and PoliticsNation panel discuss the GOP's tortured logic. (11/14)

(18:01) MSM: GOP Candidates Endorse Torture. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlyonaShow. (11/14)

(23:00) GOP Candidates Scary on Foreign Policy! Lawrence Korb (Senior Fellow at CAP) and RTAmerica's Alyona Minkovski discuss. Video by YouTube User: TheAlyonaShow. (11/14)

(32:59) Iranian War Is Imminent. A Brief History lesson on Us-Iranian relations. Powerful video compliments of YouTube User: TrueLeaks.

(42:48) Conservative Radio Host Mike Slater, of 760 KFMB AM (San Diego, CA), gives a crash course in US-Iranian relations: "We destroyed democracy in the Middle East." (11/15)


My Government Did What? Sen. Paul and Gov. Ventura Speak Out

November 8th, 2011

Do the American people have any clue what Ron Paul is talking about when he warns them that their liberties are threatened most not by a shadowy foreign threat, but by their own federal government? If they had any idea what kind of rogue activity this government was involved in, they would vote Ron Paul in 2012! Senator Rand Paul held his own hearing last month on regulatory overreach, and the harm done by overzealous bureaucrats, entitled: "Property Wrongs: A discussion with victims of the US government's Assault on Private Property." Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura also fought for the dignity of the American people, unsuccessfully suing the TSA for their outrageous groping procedures at the nation's airports. The republic that America's founders envisaged in their revolution looks more like the King's England in 2011, as our federal government ironically claims many of the same powers that they rebelled against. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Sen. Rand Paul makes an opening statement at PROPERTY WRONGS: A Discussion With The Victims of the U.S. Government's Assault on Private Property. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (10/12)

(3:34) Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz testifies at PROPERTY WRONGS. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (10/12)

(11:23) Mike and Chantell Sackett of Idaho testify at PROPERTY WRONGS. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (10/12)

(17:15) John and Judy Dollarhite testify at PROPERTY WRONGS. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (10/12)

(20:01) Sen. Rand Paul's closing statement at PROPERTY WRONGS. Video compliments of YouTube User: SenatorRandPaul. (10/12)

(22:55) Jesse Ventura full press conference, after district court judge refuses to give the former Governor standing, citing "national security." The Gov has had it with the Fascist States of America, and this former Navy Seal and great patriot denounces any allegiance to the US government. The TSA is coming to the streets and highways- and is coming your way! Video compliments of YouTube User: how2findtruth. (11/4)


Halloween Horrors: The Creature from Jekyll Island

October 31st, 2011

On this Halloween, I wanted to post a most terrifying tale, as told by the great author and researcher- G. Edward Griffin. It's a tale of the economic vampires who sought to create the ultimate monopoly by controlling the people's money. Many wise and well-studied leaders of this nation rejected the creation of the central bank, but the great money trust (through crisis creation and strategic deception) saddled the people with the Federal Reserve system. The creation of the Fed was indeed a conspiracy- never let anyone tell you differently! In this lecture, which was recorded in Los Angeles in 1994, Griffin reveals the process by which the Federal Reserve was dreamed up and enacted by representatives of the richest men on earth. To this day, we live in a kind of bankocracy, where the big 6 banks that make up the banking cartel (JPMorgan-Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo) never lose. They have stolen 98% of the value of the people's money since the FRA was enacted in 1913- a colossal failure by any measure. This writer has never heard anyone challenge G. Edward's findings- it's just a matter of informing our fellow citizens. This is what Ron Paul knows! This speech was posted by the Independent American Party. The Roots of Your Financial Enslavement and the Cause of the Coming Economic Collapse:  The Story of the Federal Reserve


Ron Paul, The Liberty Movement, and Occupy Wall Street

October 17th, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement has meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but one thing is for certain- the marginalization of the movement's goals and credibility has been promoted by the corporate media in a nearly identical way that was done to the tea-party! The media jumps on any populist movement, and then characterizes the group as fringe- so that other curious and angry citizens decide that they wouldn't be welcome at such demonstrations. The organizers (on behalf of the powers-that-be) then swoop in to co-opt the movement, to steer it in a very status-quo, partisan manner. Any thinking person should realize that Barack Obama needs such a movement to stand a chance at re-election. Nevertheless, the Ron Paul movement has attempted to coalesce, educate, and stand together with OWS. This file traces the last month of protest, through the eyes of liberty activists and prominent figures in the patriot movement. Includes lots of raw audio from the streets; discussions and debates ensue along the way. Hasn't history proven that the people, as a collective, never actually take ownership of the government they seek? The bureaucrats always become a privileged class, and tyranny ensues. Links to original media sources are included in the file description, included audio can be heard in the order listed below:

(0:00) Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak about corporatism and Occupy Wall Street in video montage. Video compliments of YouTube User: BobAkimbo. (10/2)

(3:16) Michael Moore Says End Capitalism Not The Fed, Peter Schiff Rebuttal at Ron Paul Rally. Video compliments of YouTube User: wearechange. (9/29)

(5:28) Russia Today's Max Keiser talks with Roseanne Barr about banker solutions and #occupywallstreet on the Keiser Report. (10/1)

(6:50) Roseanne Barr tells Alex Jones she is pro 2nd Amendment, likes Ron Paul (and the brilliant things he says). Video by YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (10/5)

(8:24) More Roseanne: talks with WAC's Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall St. Video compliments of YouTube user: wearechange. (9/20)

(10:19) MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan on The Federal Reserve, Media Censorship, Bilderberg @ #occupywallstreet. Video compliments of YouTube User: wearechange. (10/3)

(25:19) Chris the Constitutionalist vents about the Federal Reserve, fractional banking system and FIAT currency! Video by YouTube User: small1124. (10/1)

(33:48) Occupy DC invades Newseum, hates on Ron Paul & libertarianism. Video compliments of YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (10/5)

(43:49) Can left & right unite? Judge Nap asks libertarian activist Dustin Reid and Tea Party Express hack Sal Russo on FBN's Freedom Watch. (10/6)

(47:40) "Everyone I Spoke To At The Occupy DC Protest Said They Were Voting For Ron Paul!" Fox Business' Andrew Napolitano talks to Reporter Michelle Fields. (10/7)

(51:49) Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones Join Occupy Wall Street And Tells It How It Is. Video compliments of YouTube User: OwenIVX. (10/8)

(1:00:07) "Surprise! You might be a Ron Paul supporter!" Adam Kokesh speaks with random protestor after the protest in DC. Video by YouTube User: AdamKokesh. (10/8)

(1:08:09) "Ron Paul Seems To Be The Only One Talking About The Occupy Wall Street Protest." CNN's Fredericka Winfield talks with Americablog's John Aravosis and GOP strategist Doug Heye. Video by YouTube User: MOXNEWSd0tCOM. (10/9)

(1:13:20) Leftist Cult Group Blocks Adams Kokesh from Filming at OWS! Kokesh talks with Infowars Live's Alex Jones. Video compliments of YouTube User: TheAlexJonesChannel. (10/11)

(1:28:21) Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine visits Occupy Wall Street and finds himself amongst- (gasp!) Ron Paul fans- friends. Video via (10/11)

(1:31:57) Michael Moore Take 2: Redemption on the Federal Reserve? @ #occupywallstreet. Video compliments of YouTube User: wearechange. (10/13)

(1:34:21) Infowars' Rob Jacobson Told to Leave #OWS demonstration for Wearing Ron Paul T-Shirt: Nightly News Street Report. Video by YouTube User: TheAlexJonesShow. (10/13)

(1:47:57) We Are Change documents co-opting attempt by a few (media-connected) individuals at #OCCUPYWALLSTREET. Video by YouTube User: wearechange. (10/16)

(1:49:22) An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street. Words of advice and warning from Fox Business' Judge Andrew Napolitano. (10/13)

(1:54:40) A Conservative Republican argues with a liberterian Ron Paul supporter at the Occupy Wall Street (Day 29) rally at Times Square. Video by YouTube User: NewYorkRawVideos. (10/15)

(1:55:26) Berkshire Hathaway CEO and the Fed Chairman sympathize with Wall St. protesters- AYFKM?? I'm sure Goldman Sachs sends their best wishes, as well! Video by YouTube User: CNNMoney. (10/5)

(1:56:57) Pres. Obama predictably invokes the Occupy Wall St. movement, and the 99% against the 1%. The Center for Economic and Policy Research's Dean Baker discusses the mega-banks funding going into Romney/Perry's coffers on RT's Alyona Show. Video by YouTube User: TheAlyonaShow. (10/17)

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